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  2. Mike Sadler

    Garbi Black Sable Deluxe 12 gauge

    is this still available if so please let me know
  3. figgy

    Dented rib

    I've done a few with thin fox wedges or a tapered wide blade screwdriver. I used a bit of tape on the barrel so didn't damage the finish. You only bending back a soft piece of steel, if it was tough steel.it wouldn't have been so easy.
  4. Is the Beretta urika2 a 3 1/2"gun if so it's asking too much to cycle subs. If you get a lightweight Semi auto they will cycle lower lowered carts. You can sometimes buy lower rated springs to shoot lighter carts.
  5. ditchman

    Jag Land rover Classic video tour

    love the first of the range rovers...my mate had one and used to lend it to me.................i loved driving it...and it was a 100% girly magnet....bloody good heater as well ...you could keep your coffee hot on the screen vent................
  6. novice cushie shooter

    Stove fan

    Heads up aldi stove fans are in stock again. In edinburgh anyway
  7. JohnfromUK

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    More on the Osamor case https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6616889/Disgraced-Labour-MP-Kate-Osamor-begs-judge-beautiful-son-jail.html
  8. figgy


    I've noticed the term thundersnow in a weather forecast. When it came it was a one heck of a thunderstorm with lots of sleet and snow. Can't remember ever seeing one in the past.
  9. Mark G. Allen

    BSA  BSA Sportsman 5 Magazine only .22 LR

    Is the BSA Sportsman 5 magazine still available??
  10. guzzicat

    Countryfile next week

    The article was expressing concern over spread of African Swine fever to farmed pigs via wild boar, the person was quite serious over a plan to fence of F.O.D. to prevent this.
  11. Ultrastu

    DISAPPOINTMENT,new 12g hushpower moderator problems

    Clearly the problem here isnt the moderator or even the gun . Its the weak loaded carts . The carts wont cycle your semi auto with or without the moderator screwed on the end. Take the carts back and swap em for a normal load and enjoy your shooting( without ear defenders )
  12. Good watch to see all the originals restored to modern driving or totally original spec. Link https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DETReBP9TITI&ved=0ahUKEwiKlIXAm4HgAhWuTxUIHXHwBpkQo7QBCDYwCA&usg=AOvVaw1EoT4FfFIH1jvTnIvVPNbr
  13. silent assassin

    Pulsar Digisight Ultra N355

    Pulsar Digisight Ultra N355.Purchased October 2018 from Scott Country with 3 years warranty.Only used a handful of times and in as new condition with all the accesssories and instruction Booklet With case and the receipt.Genuine reason for sale I find it to intricate to get my head round at my age.Will sent photos by email as they are to large to upload on here. Will take a Bushnell 4200 as a p/x. £900 Posted First Class.
  14. Old Boggy

    Hearing loss- anyone suffer?

    I agree, selective hearing can be a wonderful thing.
  15. Lord v

    Can anyone crack this code???

    First: Conversation with Mason. Tryim(n) g fresh method. Gave prescription for douch. Advised lysol dettol etc harmful. Second: H came for ham. Left without it after stayinj(g) to billiards and light refreshments. (full stops and spelling correction mine)
  16. Yellow Bear

    Countryfile next week

    I am amazed that some people think the FoD is small and wild enough to fence, and cannot see that restricting the area would increase the need for a cull not remove it - lacs all over again.
  17. Today
  18. Lord v

    Can anyone crack this code???

    I'm just doing the same... Poor Mason!
  19. Cheesefiend

    Can anyone crack this code???

    I’ve worked it out - there is one typo in each entry I think. The first one seems to be about an intimate hygiene problem!
  20. Vince Green


    Years ago I was travelling on a bus which was full of kids going to the local sixth form college. One particularly gobby individual was proudly telling the whole bus how he orders lots of stuff on ebay and then says it never arrived etc
  21. JohnfromUK

    Countryfile next week

    One of my regular walks is along the River Avon - and there is an old iron bridge carrying water pipes over the river. A few years ago, I started to see a solitary cormorant fitting on the bridge regularly. Now the other day there were six. The downside is that I used to see a kingfisher occasionally, but not for some time now. Not sure if these tow changes are connected?
  22. guzzicat

    Countryfile next week

    I was amused on Sunday, at a man suggesting they fenced in the forest of dean to avoid needing to cull the wild boar population. Donald Trump would have been proud!
  23. ditchman

    ditchies wine quaffing club

    For once....i have first thought of writing a reply to a post , before writing it (makes a change).......... the answer is a simple one........something which many people on here are caperble of... "little acts of kindness" thats all i have just recieved a loverly letter a hand made stick and sheckles toboot...from old boggy...i really enjoyed rebuilding his opinel #7 knife.... the stik has a 60 million year old sharks tooth set in aspic in the antler handle and finished off with a brass ferrul...needless to say im am well chuffed with it..
  24. figgy

    Countryfile next week

    Look forward to it.
  25. sabel25

    Countryfile next week

    Then just to fill a bit of air space they keep going back to the Dales for catch up on the famer and his wife with loads of kids " Boring" Not that i watch it very often but when i do these always seem to be on which is possibly why They did one around here shown over Xmas which i missed But most of the so called regulars at the local on the programme are the very ones you never see at the pub normally
  26. krugerandsmith

    Hearing loss- anyone suffer?

    Of course he is.
  27. dodgy dave

    When mini diggers go bad...

    prison na just a slap on the wrist or is that just for rapists and muggers?
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