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  2. telf

    Cz stock

    Brand new in box CZ 455 synthetic stock £100 posted
  3. Belle cement mixer; needed a belt.
  4. Talking to a Guy at the local club today, reckons he is getting S & B's around £180/1000. Obviously the 'current' version. He tells me they absolutely mince clays and with normal recoil. I think I will be sticking with my 24 gram Cheddite though.
  5. The pigeons need the grit to help digest the barley grains.
  6. well in not really............my mate was doing some plumbing at the flat...and he knew my toilet had a crack in it...and rang me up to say "if you want a plain white loo theres one in my skip next to the chemist"............so i driv up there and had the whole suite....jobs a gooden i thought........ not a professional skip diver tho...(tooo embarassing if someone sees me)
  7. If not sold I will take please.
  8. Didn’t have you down as the local skip jockey simon . What’s your area ,cantly to Thorpe ,or do you go into the city harnset
  9. For those asking it will fit any sako 75 action iii rifle. The barrel channel is standard for the grs stock and has not been modified
  10. Yea , they are all one big happy family , they do believe in building up there fat reserves during the warmer months to keep out the cold Easterly winds which we are renown for during the Winter time . most of them are clever people who are mainly in banking , no I don't mean Nat West or one of the high street banks, the one you will see them on a daily basis is the Sally Army food bank
  11. Specsavers for you bud, believe she flew in from South African home to act like a child alongside Packham and Williams. More gesturing and hand movements than Chimps at tea time?
  12. I have a Harris SL Bipod 9-13”. £65 posted
  13. I would be very concerned if you were starting them any younger. Carry on boss. 👍
  14. I’d love roe around here David . It’s only the last 5 years really that we have them but it’s still big gaps between them
  15. Start them young 14 months is ok isn’t it 😂
  16. Today
  17. I rarely agree with @lloyd90 about anything, but he is spot on this time @Retsdon and anyone else needs to read Dr Em's recent work. Start here: https://medium.com/@doctorEm/the-trojan-unicorn-queer-theory-and-paedophilia-part-i-a0cf30ef7bfa .
  18. Our backyard slabs come from a skip 20 of them coz a neighbour changed the colour of his to yellow and just binned a set of 1 year old grey ones ,thanks very much And my mate has a full set of Dormer hss taps and dies as some one had a paddy when his worker just left and threw the lot upto 20mm in the scrap bin in a fit of pique
  19. Got a Honda izy mower out of skip about a month ago... no blade but £14 off eBay! it starts and runs lovely... amazing what folk throw away...
  20. Not what I was expecting from you tbh, thought along the lines of industrial tools or sex toys 😂 Its gold when you need it
  21. Not particularly valuable, but when I was laying the concrete floor for my workshop, I was pleased to see a skip a street away filled with hardcore, together with a half bag of cement.


    Loads of starling round here , often see a huge murmuration in winter coming down the A1 ...
  23. complete bathroom suite............bath...sink....toilet...cistern...........all the right size and lenghth and the right colour...came out of a flat in brundall next to the chemist...just power washed the suite ...wiped it over with acid...washed agin....fitted.....looked brand new....and it came at the right time....well chuffed
  24. TT that looks delicious 👍. Pity we don’t have any around here. Maybe some day 🤔 Just have to make do with the Roe 🙄
  25. Well done Bumpy. Had a call from a farmer yesterday asking to have a look out for a fox as he lost a few of his ducks the previous night. Had a quick look with the light but saw nothing , bed at 1am and back out again at 3.30 am Arrived at farm 3.45 am and spotted a fox in front field , a quick crawl through some long grass and shot a tiny vixen ragging on an old deer skin from my bait station. I then continued stalking in search of a good buck I had seen , no sign of him but I spied this youngster coming up a hedgerow towards me , up on sticks and let him come , neck shot at 20yds What a great start to Fathers Day , a fox and a buck within 30 mins .....
  26. My post by the Songbird Survival org proved him wrong and was written by respected conservationists .. Found out in a lie. he now needs to be pushed by as many as possible..... [what else is he lying about ?]
  27. Why not give kids a miss ???? Who would want to bring kids into this world atm ?
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