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  2. besty57

    For sale

    Hi I have 150 ELEY super game 32g no 6 ,70 mm cartridges for sale £35 collection only ,from gateshead, Pm if interested Al
  3. That’s awesome, what a cotton real tank?
  4. ditchman

    Kids ey !

    speaking to my grandaughter last week....she thinks im an idoit ..(in a nice sort of way).......we were talking about what i did as a young boy.....and the conversation got around to toys we had........... i said "we used to make our own toys"....she larfed in disblief.........so 15 mins later ...i had made her a "cotton reel tank"....then i made her a matchbox gun.....she was in awe.....anyway that was a week ago...phoned her mum last night....and i asked her if her daughter was messing about on skyp with here mates ...and she said no.....she was still messing about with the cotton reel tank well there's a surprise........
  5. To be fair Shottingham isnt what it used to be , we havent had a random street shooting for at least 4 months now 😃 https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/nottingham-shooting-woman-not-target-2181454
  6. Modern cars are brilliant. Climate, sound system, satnav etc. etc. but they aren't any fun. Now, that Lotus Cortina that I had from '70 to '76... That was fun and I really, really wish I still had it because it would be worth £100K today.
  7. Yea, 20 in guns are dead over hear. Back in 2004 the assault weapons ban lapses and they became legal to own again. So police agencies dumped the old 20inchers on the market. I bought them to eventually switch them to 14.5in carbine barrels and collapsible stocks but that never happened.
  8. To be fair, you live in Shottingham, so you’re not far off!
  9. Oh well, if the map you've seen only shows UK constituencies, I must be making it up and you must be correct. Or, possibly you didn't look properly and are answering based on assumption, rather than facts. Go to the bottom of the petition and click the link that says "Get petition data" and you will see votes from all sorts of places. Not everything you disagree with is twaddle, nor is everyone stupid.
  10. Awesome ! You forgot about 9 ARs in the shed I want to live over there !
  11. I had a .410/22 and it is a "put food on the table gun" but sold it in preference for the .222/12g which gives better range plus makes small deer available? Currently I'm trying hard not to buy a drilling from Germany - double 12g 3" over .308 but I'm weakening far too quickly 😞
  12. I was hoping to mince and fill the freezer lol
  13. Over 17 million U.K. Citizens voted to leave the EU, in the biggest turnout to vote the U.K. has seen! That constitutes a majority of the whole population of the UK, who took the opportunity and turned out to vote, voted to Leave the EU!....... purely as an exercise, if you were to separate areas/regions out of the whole country of the United Kingdom only Scotland, NI, Gibraltar and London voted, not unanimously but by a majority to remain.......which means apart from the foregoing, the majority of the rest of UK, voted overwhelmingly.........to leave the EU! How could that be a "misunderstanding"?
  14. Surely if the terms were unfavourable, we wouldnt actually rejoin ? The terms of the WA are unfavourable, are we getting a vote on that ? Are we getting a vote on a delay, whether we want no deal ? Parliament courted the idea of a peoples vote, until they realised the appetite for having remain as one of the options wasnt popular, so that got dropped. Labour screamed for a general election 'To let the people have their say' until they found that they would get destroyed in one, so that got dropped. Yeah , youve got to love British 'democracy' 😂 But this is the problem, its not British, this is EU style democracy, you can have a vote, but only when we know youre going to vote for what outcome WE want.
  15. True, I was in the barn the other day and found a blanket roll that I had forgot about. Guns are stacked deep here. You could outlaw them but for every store bought one in the US there is a homemade one without serial numbers. We can own a non serialized gun as long as we made it for personal use.
  16. Yes Beretta A301. To be fair, Fenn Tiger is just using his browning by way of comparison (I think) and I think the Browning & Beretta semi-auto's of that vintage are very similar. I'm coming to the conclusion that the problem must be the actual carrier lever/ramp itself & the pin that holds it into the trigger mech block, because it's definitely moving to the side as it slides up when the cartridge is loaded, and there is some side to side movement caused by a bit of slack in the two holes at the sides & maybe the pin. 2nd photo down in this set of pictures. I think on the later Beretta semi-autos there is some history of bending of that carrier plate/ramp itself Thx Mat
  17. Talk about absolute twaddle! The vote was democratically held , and just like a democratically held election the result has to stand. People change their minds about election results and express their views and opinions also, but what they don't do ( and rightly so ) is attempt to overturn that democratically arrived at result. Let's have another referendum then; and if the vote is remain, do we honour that result ( after all, it's the result the establishment expected to get ) but it has to be asked, why on earth should it be honoured anymore than the initial result? It would be supremely arrogant to suggest it should be honoured because it is what people really wanted in the first place, but then the arrogance of some of those who oppose the result is staggering at times. Or do we then have 'best out of three'? What if the result was leave; would remainers then accept THAT result, or do we keep on going until all those who lost the original vote get the decision they want? I can't prove it of course, but if the original vote had been to stay, I reckon the leavers would have accepted it ( I know I would ); not happily of course, but it would have been accepted. We would no doubt, still have campaigned against the EU, but I genuinely doubt we would have been trying to subvert and overturn the democratic process. We would have been ridiculed and slapped down hard by those who had won. The establishment ridiculed the leave campaign from the very outset; Farage and his sympathisers from the very outset, all those years ago. What really hurts I suspect, is that the 'plebs' won, and it's a hurt they can't accept. The establishment will win; they always do, but hopefully it will come at price they can ill afford.
  18. ist one this year from my 5 acre wood, total 549
  19. Spot on! Thanks for posting.
  20. Receipe for Canada goose, Marinate, rest ontop of brick, cook at 200 for half an hour, throw goose away, eat brick. Personally never had a problem eating goose if cooked right...
  21. Hi there had the same thing with my a400 I know different model but perhaps things haven’t changed that much cant remember what pin they changed but when I get home will try to find the paperwork
  22. +1 This type of thread always seems to elicit the same responses, but you have to get it down to base level, the 'gun' whatever type, didnt kill those people, the person holding it did. The killer or killers never once thought to themselves, I cant possibly commit mass murder unless I have a particular firearm. Are we saying that if semi auto CFs had already been banned in NZ , that the perps wouldnt have bothered with the attacks ? Are we saying that if the US didnt have the 2nd A. and had banned handguns and anything above bolt actions and shotguns, there wouldnt be mass shootings ? Its all very well saying , 'But they shoot quicker, have bigger magazines, are more lethal' it just comes back to the mind of the killer, in this country they use vehicles and knives. Like Scully said, you can load an O/U very quickly with practice, I can put 40 aimed shells down range in 2 minutes on a flush with my semi auto without breaking a sweat. I have friend with a lever release action SBR 9mm , who can empty the 20 round mag in 7 seconds, 10 rounds out in 10 seconds out a .357 lever action Henry ? Does a semi auto gun really make that much difference ? Legally held firearms are used mercifully scarcely in mass shootings, or any murder in this country. Even in 'Gun country' America, legal firearms account for a very small percentage of illegal gun homicide. Blame the gun, but its the people who shouldnt have them that commit the crime, ban them instead.
  23. it is a proper "put food on the table gun"........
  24. Countries? The map I've seen only shows UK constituencies... Err, you seem to be taking notice of it and so will Parliament. Gotta love good old democracy.
  25. But this isn't an American issue! There would be no point banning firearms in a nation which is awash with them. Bans only effect the law abiding.
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