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  2. McSpredder

    1/4 unc bolts

    Might be easier to find 1/4" BSW. Same thread pitch as 1/4" UNC (both 20TPI). Slightly different thread shape, but will probably fit OK.
  3. Thanks for all the replies guys. Shame to hear about the galling, nearly had my mind made up
  4. Today
  5. Mice!

    New gun day

    Another new gun, is it standard left handed action? I like the idea of that, right hand on the trigger left cocking, if you can keep it on target.
  6. Newbie to this - thanks for the advice - see below. Still missing side panels and rad scoops. Bit of tidying with wiring and fuel tap, plus clutch and tick over sorting. Less than a day's work - hopefully - only taken six months.
  7. stumfelter

    1/4 unc bolts

    I think camera tripod threads are 1/4 unc.
  8. Yeah I messed up there 😂. I used a metal thread bar but it’s a bit loose now
  9. snipper

    New gun day

    If your going to get some more mags personally I prefer the originals ....... eagle vision do some nice ally ones but a pain as you really need a probe to load the mag or they fall out even after a good tap
  10. Taking isolation to extreme.
  11. If so , dont forget to drill hole first for the pin , before you cut your angled joint.....😉
  12. Thats a long way out to sea. Were you on a boat ?
  13. Ultrastu

    Choice of two

    Bsa ultras are pretty good .😉
  14. My mate said it’s stronger and if you think about it it’s got a bigger area for glue .
  15. The best threads are the ones on PW!
  16. I agree that is a nice stick for his daughter who I'm sure will be delighted. However, I did not know that an angled jointed is easier to do than a straight one, so will try that on my next stick. OB
  17. Mice!

    1/4 unc bolts

    Did you get a bible out? http://theoreticalmachinist.com/Threads_UnifiedImperial.aspx I find this very useful, especially for random strange threads. But why were you trying to explain threads to your son? Genuine question I'm not having a pop, most folk probably only know metric maybe BSP or Gas as some call them.
  18. Looking into it further I’d probably get 112 as it’s much smaller..
  19. Jos


    Pard 019 for sale. £175 plus postage ovno
  20. saw a Q7 get stuck on flat wet grass at a shoot last year.ok for tesco's car park-owner later turned up in a LR110 to save further blushes. consider- lc120 d4 I'd love to say subaru but I think they are dying species. or a 4x4 pick up? f.
  21. That’s often down to the tyres they come with from the factory designed to minimise co2 and maximise mpg....not grip or fitted with budget ditch finders put decent tyres on and makes a big difference.... add the XC90 to the mix not the street cred of the audi but the D5 5 pot motor is great and the later haldex system works well might be surprised with what you can get for your budget.....
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