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  2. His brother is completely different, the sort of guy you would like to chat to, as for Jeremy, well he's a complete ***** so can't be Jewish!
  3. The GL was exactly that - `General` - and has effectively been used as a vehicle to justify all manner of shooting, even if not actually fully justifiable (with regard to the specifics of the GL). I'm sure that we have all used it to justify `pest control`, when we have in fact been undertaking sporting shooting and not within scope of the GL. The fact that so many shooters won't know about it will be balanced out by the number of Police etc who won't know either and/or care. In 30 years of shooting I've never been challenged by anyone quoting the GL, so I hope there won't be a sudden growth of over zealous enforcement. As has been pointed out, the sad thing is that a lot of shooters don't actually understand the basis of the GL, why it exists and what falls within its scope. NE have relied too heavily on the catch-all vagueness of it and now we are in this sorry state. Hopefully we can all jump on-line - enter the relevant information and have separate licenses for each form of pest/vermin control that we undertake. It's a bit of a bind but I have no issue doing that if it protects/justifies what we/I do. The biggest issue will probably be shooters having to justify what they shoot, as so many of them probably didn't fall under the scope of the old GL anyway. Interesting times ahead.
  4. Me neither! He said yesterday that he’s been beaten up only twice; I find that hard to believe. 😃
  5. Register here; https://www.gov.uk/guidance/protected-species-licences-register-to-apply-for-and-manage-licences-online
  6. has anyone been able to find the application for the personal license that the article says will be on gov.uk website if so please put the link up as iv,e tried to find it but to no avail
  7. Good grief I can't stand the Pillock, guess I will just have to ring in and tell him!
  8. Try here; https://www.gov.uk/guidance/protected-species-licences-register-to-apply-for-and-manage-licences-online


    Floor sweepings!
  10. Blackbriar


    Can any of PW's cofficianados answer a question that's been bugging me for a while ? In the Kenco "cofficianados" ad, it says it's made with 15% whole beans.............what's the other 85% ?
  11. It’s going to be on the Vine show on R2 sometime after 12 noon. Get set for all manner of misinformation.
  12. Anybody thinking of some sort of booby trap. I can guarantee, you will at some time set it off yourself...……...Don't ask me how I know.
  13. Have you a link to the registration. Found loads of info on their website but nothing that fits the bill.
  14. Thanks to all for your ideas. I an going to drill into the metal frame. The old caster studs are too small for the new casters.
  15. we need update..................have you sorted it ...and how ?
  16. The Parties are getting ready to have to take part mainly because Mrs May's record is very poor so far and we may well still be in this mess for quite some time!
  17. i will be drawn no further on this subject...
  18. Hi Debbie, These forms, will they need filling out for each farm you shoot at, or will one cover all?
  19. I think I'm going to move over to the CA, in terms of dealing with everything else (GPs letters on renewals) they appear to be far more proactive with a greater lobbying ability in Parliament. Slightly disappointed in my current organisation, they have been on the back foot with regards to everything other than game shooting related issues for some time, and not terribly representative of rifle shooting disciplines, which form the majority of my shooting.
  20. Yes, this fiasco has shown just how few people actually understand the terms of the general licence. To be honest, this has just been a very clever ploy by WJ to expose the loophole and NE had no choice but to revoke the licences to protect people from further, unknowingly breaking the law. I am relatively hopeful that new licences will be in place soon that see us back to a similar position as we were. Monday is most likely optimistic as NE have been through a number of draft licences since WJ made their intentions known last month but have not reached a legally sound one yet, but at some stage we will get there imo. New licences will be more specific covering specific species and scenarios, eg wood pigeons causing economic damage to crops
  21. Today
  22. Where has it been announced that we will definitely be taking part in the EU elections? Many political parties (from both sides) seem to be getting ready to go into election mode, but I've not heard any official announcement! Aled
  23. I broke my scaphoid twice, the most recent being 12 years ago. Being young, stupid and wanting to keep competing I decided the best course was to tubigrip it and take nurofen and after 12 weeks it was healed ish. I'd didn't hurt too much, I had full grip strength and 85% flexion. Back in March I landed on it and knew its was bad news. An xray the next day showed my DIY fix had left me with two scaphoid bones instead of one which were held together with scar tissue, bone callus and arthritis. I had opted for surgery to remove a couple of the bones and stick some scaffolding into it. But if that didn't work it would be a wrist replacement or a wrist fusion both of which would really be quite unpleasant. I've decided to have steroid injections and hope they numb the pain and slow the arthritic changes for a while and consider surgery in the future. I've got a high pain threshold and I've spent years coping and if I can get the pain levels down to pre March levels I can cope with that. Moral of the story dont rise horses for a living.
  24. Thanks Debbie, I reckon the queue for the licences will be long and the wait will be drawn out. Loads of us have registered so far.
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