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  2. I had a Winchester 1897 with a twenty inch barrel. Ex-RIC. Back when these things, pump action shotguns with barrels under twenty-four inches, were s1 and not s5. Before Thatcher decided we weren't to be trusted. It was quite an interesting toy.
  3. Ours is only 2ton . It’s hardly used and I’m so strict after seeing some of the things on the internet. funny I didn’t see the rock I slipped on 6 years ago that caused my leg to snap in half
  4. Jos


    Sold sold sold
  5. mad1

    Farewell and Adieu

    Smile you son of a....
  6. Today
  7. You lot been on the Rum?
  8. This seems like the man who was shipwrecked and smashed a lifeboat up to build a raft.
  9. Not a bad shout. Iv got about 3 simmons kicking about so i really don’t need a scope, so its only the mounts.
  10. He can't stay down with three barrels on him ... not with three, he can't!
  11. You said you don't want to spend £500 on an airgun. The HW99 costs about £220 as I can see online, then you have to buy a scope, and scope rings to mount it, by the time you've done that you'll be looking at £300-350 ... I was suggesting that you look for a decent HW97 or similar second hand, where you could most likely pick up a decent second hand rifle with scope etc all included not similar money
  12. let me guess, you're tired and you wanna go to bed?
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Ladies
  14. it was used in swallows and amazons..................
  15. mad1

    Farewell and Adieu

    You watching jaws .....😁
  16. Fairwell and Adieu to you fair spanish ladies ... fairwell and adieu you ladies of Spain. For we've received order for to sail back to Boston ... and soon nevermore shall we see you again. What a classic ... anyone name its source?
  17. Bang on. People get it into their heads they their older dog will "teach" their younger dog. Dogs learn things from experience, they don't communicate and school one another, it's far far easier for a dog to learn bad habits off your other dog than it is good ones. As Dave says, there's a reason good trainers train them on their own.
  18. you shoot under the terms of the licence, you dont apply for one. bit like driving to the highway code, a set of rules you need to follow to stay legal
  19. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/woodpigeons-licence-to-kill-or-take-them-to-prevent-serious-damage-to-crops-gl31
  20. No, and it never has been, read the general licences.
  21. you comin to cornwall anytime soon??
  22. brocolli or cauliflower maybe..?
  23. Hi, not shot pigeons for a while as farmer retired and new farmer had his own people to take care of them, a local farmer has asked if I can do some pest control round his farm, now as iv not done it for a while I never really took much notice of the new law where you had to get a license to shoot pigeons and the like, is this still the case? thanks. lucas.
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