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    Jo Brand

    Anybody in the last 25 years?
  3. Well I've just printed GL34 and GL36,loaded up my shooting wagon and on my way to farm,to shoot some of the thousands of corvids,that's been left to flourish over the last couple of months, HAPPY DAYS
  4. taken from another site have a read at this. .https://www.countryside-alliance.org/news/2018/7/chris-packham-takes-cash-for-bbc-access?fbclid=Iw
  5. The 2Z ammo for the Sterling SMG used to make the Browning P35 dance about a bit, loads came on to the general market late 70s early 80s.
  6. ditchman

    Jo Brand

    Dave Allen ?
  7. I think a better comparison would be our situation regarding bass. Recreational shore anglers are heavily restricted to preserve stocks, while commercial fishing boats are catching them by the ton. Doesn't take a genius to work out which has the most detrimental effect on fish stocks
  8. scutt


    When I had my testing station the words I dreaded to hear was CAN YOU SERVICE AND MOT MY CAR .in the end always advised MOT first then repairs if required then service but informing the of cost at each stage . Agree minimum standard but many motorists still would dispute even this standard and would prefer to drive a death trap.
  9. hello, ah your right, i would join the UK airgun forum and contact a chap called cloverleaf, or put a post on asking if there is anyone around Reading that can help,
  10. NSP bought Falcon years back, they later bought Air Arms. NSP owned them both, but Falcon is no more of course.
  11. Yes Sir!!!! ( Touches forelock obediently )
  12. My partner and I both work decent jobs, paid for our house, mortgage, cars. We couldn’t afford to have kids atm, it’s damn expensive. People who don’t work can bang out 6 kids and not need to worry about childcare because they’re paid to sit at home all day not working. It reminds me of the movie idiocracy.
  13. hello, i am sure they are now a part of Air Arms in Sussex ? i maybe wrong ? mind you i had dealings with NSP (never again !!!!)
  14. Perhaps all the shore anglers need to write to your governors protesting this decision! If you all get together and line the shores with lines and sinkers in the water “no hooks” your not fishing, but it may be enough for them to get the authorities to be sent out. When they say no arrests were made, point this out as a similarity of what fish are taken! As opposed to the decimation the trawlers are causing. I have seen trawlers here in the UK leave the estuary just past the pier heads in Sunderland and start their sweeps with the nets too. But then our waters are raped by the french and Spanish trawlers now anyway!
  15. I've fixed and binned stuff depending on cost and my ability to fix. The dishwasher has been repaired twice now the first time it would fill then empty and fill then empty etc. I forget the name of the part but it monitors how much water was going in and this one wasn't so it would over fill then dump the water. Second time it was flooding the kitchen every now and again and after a wash it would still have water in the bottom, but it was clean water. After a sudden AH moment I realised it was working ok but it was slowly refilling because the water cut off was weeping and filling the dish washer up. I replaced that and it is still going the only problem is the trays are starting to get a bit rusty. The gtech hoover ended up as spares for my mum and the inlaws hoovers. There is a clutch assembly in the gtech and you cannot get it from gtech so you have to get them from ebay or similar but they are **** and it failed again in hours. I've just fixed the ice dispenser in the fridge freezer, I took the gearbox off and striped it (against the label saying don't ) I put the spring back in place and plugged the motor back in and it went through the motions ok and then I suddenly went ****** it will try to fill the tray now! It then proceeded to spray a trays worth of water over the kitchen floor! oops. When I put it all back together it worked ok but only once I then realised all the condensation that had formed on it whilst I was tinkering had frozen it all up. So out again let it all dry properly and put it back. Still working now and almost a full bucket of ice in it. I've rescued a laptop from a skip it needed about £45 quid of parts as the screen had been broken when chucked in the skip but it works fine to run the diag software for my car. Fixed a couple of laptops with the baking in the oven method but after further research it seems it is not the solder that is the problem but the chips ( usually graphics)At best it is a tempfix and both machines that I have done this on eventually died again in a similar way. Although they did both get at lest another year out of them. A mate hardly ever chucks anything out but his dad is worse. they have about 13 pedal bikes hinging from the garage ceiling, they only ride motor cycles lol
  16. Hi Discobob, Asking on behalf of a friend who is not a pigeon watch me ever, is the slip still for sale and if it is would you accept 35? Cheers Steve Who is not a pigeonwatch member.
  17. Agreed but there is a flip side to that - our breeding age youth have not had enough kids to cover the growing cost of pensions/care etc. I read that as one of the reasons wee need so many migrants...
  18. Not yet, thinking of calling NSP (previous owners) and asking them for ideas!
  19. I don't know! But for years girls have been having children as a lifestyle choice, and using them as a means of getting benefits, social housing etc, the more children they have the more benefits they get! All paid for by us, the taxpayers!........Genuine cases are judged by these feckless, workshy parasites!
  20. Don’t be miserable ☹️. Enjoy it as it’s once a year. I guess being a split parent I appreciate it a bit more( not saying you don’t ) Having 4 kids it gets a busy life but with no regrets . Funny thing is since having my own kids I realise you can’t beat a hug off them so I make sure to give mine a hug every day at work.
  21. My sister was 2 days after me and dad a few days after that . i know it’s not the same but it’s close
  22. While on duty Friday night my wife spotted 4 lots of homeless people in our town sleeping rough. That’s homeless. my mum buys the one a sandwich when she she’s her. I’ve told her don’t give them money tho. Homeless is sleeping in a doorway .
  23. Prochrono digital chronograph only used a couple of times & a hama alpha 60 tripod new in box £120 posted
  24. Today
  25. I had an afternoon during the week which was the same , I put well over 100 pigeons off a Pea field after it had stopped raining , the conditions were still dark with a bit of drizzle and the ones that did come back just didn't want to know and didn't pay the slightest bit of attention to the decoy set up , I put this down to everywhere being really wet and dreary , mind you , I recon if it had been the man in the photo just above me you would have now been looking at a photo with him crouching down with a bit bag of pigeons laid out all neat and tidy with a big smile on his face
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