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  2. Common problem with all public authorities but also now necessary for clubs as well. If the examples are not what you need let me know, I may have one from the old shoot.
  3. Because if I'm also correct, they were/are "rifled" so fibre would have been essential.
  4. out of my local 4, 2 support the ban (Labour and Plaid), 1 against (UKIP) and 1 not on the list (Conservative).
  5. Here are a few off the internet health__safety_guidance-2017.pdf risk-assessment-form.docx shootingriskassessment.doc Good luck with the perm. I hope these help
  6. Used for one trip Green micarta scales Some light sharpening marks that would polish out £120
  7. Used for any hour so as new £120 collect cm12
  8. Not to sure but basc or some of the other orgs may have something , worth a look
  9. As above metal not plastic fully working,£15 posted.
  10. As above metal not plastic fully working,£15 posted.
  11. Gentlemen The original Beretta Mobil chokes were made in 5 constrictions; ***** Cylinder **** 1/4 *** 1/2 ** 3/4 * Full and were flush fitting, I am not aware of a 3/8 or Light Modified other than possibly the Briley's and they would probably be extended. Good luck
  12. one of my farmers rents some land from the national trust and they require a risk assessment proof of insurance and gun licence before we pigeon shoot does any body have any experience with the risk assessment part
  13. cut a couple of slices off the old blackwood....then put them on the linisher to flattern them.....then abraded the metal and cleaned both with adhesive cleaner to melt and get rid of any residue to stop the epoxy working...........then glued and clamped them to the scales....only clamped them on the ends as there are press lines in the middle to bow the metal slightly to allow the internals to move...........so i will leave those to go hard until tomorrow.......... and have started work on dead eyes knife doing the brass work and cutting the blade slot..(which is the most difficult bit...)
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  15. In many (most?) cultures around the world having a large family is what gives you financial security for the future, it affords all kinds of other protection in countries where there is no other form of assistance.
  16. Chris_S

    Beretta Mobil Choke

    Did you find one? I'm looking for one too...
  17. shot the barley again today seed has been a bit here today gone tomorrow lateley and there was still 200 down on it. Decided to get real birds out of freezer and thaw them, after shooting it yesterday we thought they would be too wary for shells.i started to put the pattern out 12 dead birds and found they were still frozen solid my ex mate had forgot to get them out the night before, ,they were all shapes and sizes luckily i brought 2 fresh from my bait fridge for the rotary. Not ideal with wind in our face and poor deeks we started. My mates o/u 20g kept getting carts jammed yesterday so he brought his 3 shot singing its praises about how well he shot with it. Our hide was right at the end of a hedge and we sat facing the barley with most of the birds coming from behind either side of our hedge most came from my mates side on the right with the 3 shot,1st 9 birds in 8 flew out again so it was walk back to the car and change guns and a crafty fag for him, to be honest i never shot much better with birds suddenly appearing from behind and lots more skirting the deeks at 60yds it dried up by 3.30 and we packed with 12 in the bag and 4 unpickable could have, should have been a lot better.
  18. Rewulf

    Kids shotgun

    Give me a day mate, just make sure the kids are actually going to use it, but the price is spot on.

    Heads up

    Yes quite right and the "bloke" gets to pay! That is called "LIFE" by those of us who've already been there - done that!
  20. Jaymo

    Heads up

    Nope- shopping is the domain of her ‘ladyship’, I popped in to collect kids shoes as they go through a pair every couple of months at school ( come in kids, pick your feet up and no kicking footballs- doesn’t help youngest used his shoe as a brake in his scooter instead of the actual brake) ...
  21. Brenneke were fibre! If my memory is correct it was a firm called Buck, Ball and Slug or Buck and Slug.
  22. Experienced gun seeks opening for this season - Carmarthenshire, Cardigan, Ceredigion areas please pm details
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