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  2. You could always get a black one cerakoted to as colour you like for the marsh. It won't rust then and the costing is tough. I looked at the sbe 2 and 3 the 2 is the better gun to hold the three is off a little and not as nice to mount. Some great features though bigger trigger guard and bolt release and as mudpatten states the bolt stays in battery even if you bang the stock doiwn.
  3. You didnt seriously expect justice in an american court when its an american vs a brit did you?
  4. I had a quick look on the tinterwebz and if he has done what I think he did then it's not that bad. I think at the time the crime was a relatively new one assuming I am not barking up the wrong tree. .
  5. Arron that gun looks so much like a FX in the pics, with bottle and shroud. Looks a good bit of kit the butt hook. Seen a few impacts with them on.
  6. Today
  7. Yeah I did the same thing at Ivythorn too before they let me get any cf, hopefully they means they'll open my ticket. Thanks so much for mentioning that otherwise I would've forgotten to put it in.
  8. He is working on a 37 or 38 gram pure fibre. That is all he has told me, i think he is popping in next week to see me. After shooting with someone today who was using RC4 40/4 pure fibre (these are a special commissioned load before people question the authenticity) I think he might be on to something with 37g. 40g are slow bot deliver a hell of a thank at range. Look forward to trying Georges this week if he can get them to me 😉 this week!
  9. He’s got it all back now and they have paid his legal fees but there have been many of these over the years. He must bear some responsibility as it was he that gave the wrong numbers, that said it is bizarre they still aren’t checking the name of the account matches which would prevent most of these going through
  10. Montana does have great hunting. I’m planning a fly fishing trip as soon I learn to fly fish.
  11. Hope to god its not legal https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/dec/07/i-lost-my-193000-inheritance-with-one-wrong-digit-on-my-sort-code
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  13. The one with JRM in the same pose is far more apt.
  14. I had to do the awareness course, did it at ivythorn in Street. Now they've not opened my ticket. Hey ho, it is what it is
  15. A little update to say eventually i was paid back in full for the car, they have also let me keep their courtesy car for the time being as a gesture of goodwill which I think is the least they could do. As a side note, i was repaid by BCA or the British Car Auctions. I think this must mean that Sw car supermarket doesn’t actually own any of their stock and are simply selling cars on behalf of the auctioneers before they even get to auction. i can only advise anyone on here to steer well clear of them in the future!!
  16. Thanks for your time in replying with comments. Just reinforced what I thought.
  17. As I already mentioned, they are very cleaver in their sales technique, they arrange a handover day with an appointment with their handover team, after being told on the phone it 100% ready and looking like new. They have a very glitzy showroom with hundreds of expensive very clean polished cars and that is how i expected mine to be after all why wouldn’t it? You get sat at a nice desk and asked nicely to pay the balance so they can present you with your new car, obviously that’s not always what you get!!
  18. Haha. I dont hunt with it like that.its a bench setup for target work. Lad a know has the same setup with the Imoact mk2 and it helped loads.
  19. This is a huge showroom with best part of 1000 cars over two sites, not really a back street dealer
  20. Christ on a bike - I couldn't hunt with that contraption on my Cat - it would get caught in my tights on the mount and snag my bra strap on the way down - not for me I'm afraid.
  21. I totally agree and hope that the bad PR costs him £100's millions.
  22. “Richard” son round action.........it won’t let us write the name of the male appendage! 😎
  23. Raja Clavata

    Elon Musk

    Distinct lack of class, I hope and believe Tesla will crash and burn in the long run but have to admit Space X is amazing. Reinforced my decision not to buy or rent a Tesla, albeit not for the reasons I’d originally envisaged.
  24. would be nice if you could put some pics up of the Lee Enfield......
  25. Fair play to Joshua, true grit and class of a real champion. The result we wanted but didn’t take it for granted.
  26. This is my 3rd season on there and this year alone we’ve had 5 geese , 20+ ducks . you know what they say about people. Treat them how they treat you. You couldn’t of looked after me more and it’s appreciated nev . hs2 goes straight through the middle and I’ve already lost 5 farms to it. It’s upsetting to think it goes through my mates ashes .
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