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Does it work? My boots were previously water proof in that my feet didn't get wet, however the leather was beginning to soak with water and my feet would be damp at the end of the day. There are many leather care options on the market but these old recipes work. Many products are good for your boots, but do not provide lasting protection, spray on types are heavily thinned to allow the product to pass the nozzle and I have never found them to be good, leather cleaners and conditioners will clean your boots without damaging them but will not provide lasting protection, wax polishes will provide some protection but will not work deep enough into the leather to provide lasting protection. This mixture will keep your boots water proof and keep boot leather supple. Look after your boots and they will last, I have had a handful of years out of even cheap boots ( sub £100 ) looking after them this way, the benefit with higher price boots is that often the insoles will wear before the leather or stitching goes and replacement insoles can be had from the supplier #rituals #gameshooting #shooting #leathercare #shootingboots #waterproofing #waterproofingleather #bootcare #meindl

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