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  1. Hi guys ticket has just dropped on the mat at home. im looking for a cheap reliable .22lr pref with a mod as well. if anyone knows of anything please let me know. thanks john
  2. Thanks bruno i can tell you are a man that has had a blast playing with the loaders. Its so differant to shooting a "normal" shotgun. Andy it is a 1979 gun i believe according to the marks. Thanks guys
  3. I had read that the brain shot is not the best of idears, and miss witha 308 and hit the jaw, that thing is not going to have the best time i supose. I saw a video of digweed shooting them and he said that he shoots them in the head or neck? The cutting the neck would be a bit terrifying i bet but it woul help with bleeding out also. I plan on hunting one eventually so hearing how others do and dont do is a good insight.
  4. I still dont think i would trust it!
  5. I work for a small british car company
  6. Thats exactly my thought haha
  7. Would a RF in the head have enougth penitration to kill one?
  8. have you looked into the kits? i have never done it but i have heard some good things
  9. i bet, i would have been on my toes haha
  10. welsh that is crazy. i bet the back passage started to go a little ehh?? i wouldn't want to stare one down like that.
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