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  1. So sorry I missed your message, see private message. This case has now been sold
  2. Genuine Browning Fitted Hard Gun Case for under/over shotguns Made from strong plastic with fitted bottom and foam egg shell lined top for extra protection Secured by four slide catches with holes each end to fit locks if required Although made by Browning most other over and under guns will fit in this case. ( Tested with Miroku and Winchester guns) Spaces for stock, barrels with forend attached, choke tubes, accessories etc. Maximum barrel length 33” Dimensions 38” x 11” x 3.5” Weight: about 5 lbs The case is virtually as new, only some very light surface marks on the ends from storage. No signs of any wear inside. PRICE : £50.00 collected from Paignton, Devon area. Can deliver to UK mainland at cost of about £6, payment by cheque or bank transfer required before sending by courier.
  3. Do you still have this case?
  4. Yes, is it right or left handed? Can you post some pictures and where are you?
  5. Yes, very ugly, an American fad especially for rifles. I was once foolish enough to let one of these guys put an inlay in a Miroku stock for me. Hated it and sold the gun! OK for the back of a chair but forget it on any gun you want to keep!
  6. Is this gun still available? I sent email but no reply. Please advise
  7. I recently lived in Carmarthen and used to Shoot at Telpyn Shooting ground near Amroth. They are open all week and have several skeet and trap layouts. Contact details are: Telpyn Shooting Ground Amroth Narberth, Dyfed SA67 8NR 01994 453 633 From Carmarthen follow A470, take A477 at St Clears, turn off at Red Roses to Pendine, take coast road towards Amroth, you will find Telpyn on this road on left. Hope this helps.
  8. It seems that you have difficulty reading! The point made was that Professional gun fitting in my view is a waste of money. In other more simple words don't pay the earth for simple modifications when you can do much yourself. You also misunderstand point of aim. Trap guns are set to shoot high to give automatic lead for rising clays, they shoot considerably higher than point of aim. Such guns would not suit most people for sporting clays.
  9. I am inclined to agree that professional gun fitting is probably a waste of money. A gun should feel comfortable to aim, length of pull is critical, you don't want to stretch to reach the trigger, neither do you want your thumb up your nose if it is too short. Stock length can be altered quite cheaply, greater length can be achieved by adding a thicker recoil pad, shortening has to involve cutting the stock and fitting a new recoil pad or butt plate. I have mofified length of pull many times over the years and never had a problem. Cast is less often a problem, most guns off the peg usually have sufficient cast to line up middle and fore sight properly. Too much cast can be adjusted by adding a cheek piece, a cheap option is to use a strap on leather pad as a cheek piece. Not enough cast, ie a "straight" gun is more difficult to sort out. Either adjust mounting if not too bad and hang your head more over the stock, if too severe then professional stock bending is the only proper cure but risky and expensive. Best answer is don't buy a gun with impossible cast! I have also seen before a left handed gun being used by a right handed shooter with no idea why he was missing! Next issue is height, for all my shooting I prefer a "flat" shooting gun which shoots to point of aim. Dedicated trap shooters prefer guns to shoot high to give them automatic lead on rising clays. The sight picture being a figure of eight formed by the front sight being higher than the mid sight. This may well be better for some people shooting DTL, Ball Trap etc but the same gun would not be suited to sporting or skeet clays. One gun for all in my opinion should shoot to point of aim. Height can be adjusted by adding comb risers to shoot higher if needed, lowering combs again means bending or cutting. Provided that the gun is a reasonable fit, there will always be compromises, greater attention should be given to technique. Proper gun mounting through constant dry shooting practise is needed and many hours of practise on challenging clays! Happy Shooting!
  10. Hi all you clay shooters. I have recently moved to Devon, near Paignton and have found a great ground at Ashcombe Adventure Centre.You can find their website easily on Google which gives all details. I am semi retired now and can shoot almost any time but need to go with other shooters for company and to push the buttons! This ground has compact sporting, ordinary sporting, English Skeet and Down the Line at very good prices. About £5.50 for 25 clays, I use my own cartridges which I buy in bulk from Sportsmans Gun Centre, Exeter, also good prices. I enjoy all types of clays and have guns to suit each discipline. If there is anybody interested in joining me then please send a message. Many thanks, David
  11. This gun has now been sold Thanks to all my readers
  12. Quite right Fluke, am only selling this as I am now doing more skeet and game shooting these days. I have had many trap guns in my time but this one really is something special. Got my first 50 straight at ball trap with this gun! Must go to make room in my cabinet. More pictures available if anybody interested.
  13. Winchester Diamond Grade Trap Gun 30" barrels single trigger ejector Chokes: Bottom Barrel Multi Top Barrel Full Length of of pull 14.5" : weight 8.5 lbs This is a high grade Winchester second only to the Grand European in absolutely mint condition. Highly figured oiled walnut stock and forend, raised rib, and a beautiful gun. Easy opening action, very low recoil and a pleasure to shoot. Selling to make room for sporting/skeet guns. Priced at just £675 Can send to local RFD at cost or face to face Devon
  14. I found that RC Sipe 32g in 5 shot on game shooting last season were the best shells I have ever used. We were literally folding high pheasants consistently at ranges few would even attempt. Very satisfying! I don't bother driving around all the dealers just buy them on line delivered to your door. Try ClayshootingRus or justcartridges, works for me
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