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  1. MISSING DOG @ MIDLAND GAME FAIR Owner has put a post on the above
  2. Fantastic, best bit of news

    Sign this

    done, but we will drop our trousers and bend over to get shafted again.as usual.
  4. Here is the list,great wee cars ,bucktooth esther rantzen had a lot to do with its downfall ,kept on for months on her prog how much of a fire hazard they were,reliant also had the most sections of owners clubs in the country,loved them 7cwt, 10cwt 1935–1939 8cwt, 10cwt, 12cwt 1946-1950 Regent 1950–1956 Regal 1953–1973 and Supervan III Sabre 1961–1964 Scimitar GT 1964–1970 Rebel 1964–1974 FW5 1966–1975 TW9 1967–1987 Scimitar GTE/GTC 1968–1986 Robin 1973–1982, 1989–2002 Kitten 1975–1982 FW11 1977 Rialto 1982–1997 Fox 1982–1990 Scimitar SS1/SST 1984–1992 Scimitar Sabre 1992–1995
  5. barrel length 28 inches ,4 chokes,choke key,sling swivels,spare shims in benelli case,in very good condition no rfd though.


    Yep my DMW had a box section frame but for the life of me cannot remember the model,re the lambretta ,due to an accident on a b31 I had a plate put in to my wrist so had been to the hospital and had 23 stitches taken out and a new stuky fitted so my pal gave me a run in to leith on his lambretta on the way along ferry road a brand new triumph polis car drove out of a side street across the road and a polisman jumped out and tried to wave us down ,no chance we skelped in to triumph just behind his rear wheel and i went over the boot and landed on the road about 7 feet past the car stuky in bits and a gashed leg,police ran me back to the same hospital that had just taken out the stitches on my wrist,hospital wanted to put another 5 stitches in my leg ,refused the stitches so they refused to redo stuky or even put a plaster on my leg and told me to go, had a few choice words with the polis but never went on a lambretta again.


    . Did you ever see a DMW with the 2stroke 250t villiers (spelling) trailing link front forks as far as i remember ,i had one when i was 16 and was good bike WHEN it ran on the 2 cylinders. Aother queer one that uses the 250t engine was a scooter called i think a dayton abatross ,very fast for a scooter but **** looking ,my pal owned that , the wifes brother had 1952 bantam and i was sitting behind him on my b33 at lights.let his engine revs drop till it nearly cut out but gave it a rev ,lights changed and he put it in gear and the bantam shot back just missing me , engine had reversed itself,never seen it before or after. waffled on a bit there,
  8. i have a L/H semi auto 2003 cami benelli M1 super 90 3 inch chamber with case and chokes £450.
  9. I use a dash cam and did not realise how much i swear when driving
  10. Update.now insured with ESURE (£245) £20 more than direct line's renewal ,windows not fitted yet as panels still need to be painted,that's the next job. thanks for all your suggestions .
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