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  1. Always take 2 paper forms to Fettes (only 5 mins away), one for them and other stamped by them for my records
  2. Sadly I will miss the service at Wipers and my visit to McCraes battalion cairn at Contalmaison this year so bought a lorry size poppy for my defender from Lady Haig's poppy factory in Edinburgh to show my support for the disabled veterans who work in the factory
  3. Would imagine that the piper IS a member of the public,rather think your terminology of the bagpipes should be referred to yourself
  4. So pointing out your mistake/interpretation of walkers post makes me a condoner of law breaking, police as well as the public should be accountable for their actions
  5. hopefully your not a serving officer
  6. Also note that the piper was playing so had the mouthpiece in his mouth ,could have caused serious damage to the piper if he had fallen on his pipes
  7. Seems you have reversed Walkers statement on his post ,so yes i would agree you need your eyes tested and some reading lessons
  8. overreaction from the police was out of order , situation could have been dealt with without resorting to assault condoned by their fellow officers
  9. certainly the worst i have watched
  10. Depends on his name ,unless he had a very unusual name ,or an unusual place name he lived, highly unlikely you/they could pinpoint his service records ,if he died in service it would be easier with a ww2 soldiers died disc ,you can check name and town then you can sieve through the names and hopefully come up with the correct name/place,
  11. not a problem. As a collector of medals and militeria i wanted replacement for my fathers medals (brother lost them all) so asked MOD army medal service what he was entitled to and the cost of replacements (1980) £36.65pence for the 39/45 star africa star italy star france germany star 39/45 war medal so purchased them ,22 years later i purchased his service record (£25 i think) ,on checking this i found his defence medal was HELD so had a conversation on the phone with the medal office who declared it was a clerical error and would send the forms for my siblings to sign givng me permiss
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