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  1. Unless the law has changed In Scotland one may shoot from a highway, but an offence is committed under common law if anyone is disturbed or inconvenienced
  2. As above looking for a good condition second hand .22 magazine.
  3. RE SACS insurance The insurance also includes full legal defence cover for relevant and approved liability claims. Just checked on the internet

    Radio Scanner

    Got a 240 volt realistic base station 300 channel pro am fm direct entry programmable scanning receiver if thats any good to you
  5. its the indexing lever at the bottom of the magazine,would have thought it was pawl but the parts diagram on internet states spawl spring and spawl lever ,checked that site out and if i cannot get part or S/H mag on here will think about them,there is a couple on fleabay but dont like using them. jm
  6. The air ranger old style magazine screw came loose and i damaged the spawl indexing lever,anyone know where i can get one as daystate have no parts for them,failing that anyone got a secondhand magazine for sale ? j m
  7. SOLD to the gentleman above,,,kenneth nice to meet you ,a perfect gentleman .. johnnie
  8. they have been on ebay since 2016 good feedback only i item for sale on ebay just now the defender tdci bonnet expensive grill and light surround 6 seats rock sliders private plate ?? 62 thousand ,miles tallies with mot reg number on dvla matches description and is taxed ,mot matches date given my opinion ,,,far far to cheap that year they average around the 10 thou mark if nothing drastic wrong with it,,, last change in log book 2018 only last two years of mots listed on dvla would be very WARY on this one just sounds and looks to good to be TRUE, but i could be wrong it could be a steal at that price Saying that just found another same year for 4 1/2 thousand on ebay but a lot of fails over the years .never seen so many advisories on a motor
  9. My 05 defender had the landrover radio cassette ,took it out to find wires connected to a large square plug not compatible to the new unit so needed an adaptor plug (ebay has them ) but i found , the same male /female plug in engine bay of mini at the scrapper so cut them of the loom and followed the wiring plan on old and new radios,worked fine,,,if you only have the two speakers in the front it still may be fitted with the speaker wire to the rear .found the plug for the rear speakers sticking out of loom under bonnet offside in front of bulkhead, and by the way with the state of the roads and the defenders hard suspension i never use the cd but use the usb stick
  10. They have closed the fac office in Fettes to the public but you can still phone or email them,
  11. not getting cranky either, but certainly concerned
  12. You or your posts don't bother me ,maybe you should just switch of the attack mode
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