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  1. anything by the cheeky girls,nearest my telly ever came to having a boot through it
  2. The Corries - Ae Fond Kiss The Corries Lads among Heather! The Corries --- Nancy Whisky The Corries - The Wild Mountain Thyme Joe Brown - I'll SeeYou In My Dreams
  3. Exactly what i need but a tad too far for me, good price as well. johnnie
  4. dont know 'if its already posted on here if so mods please delete IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ BELOW AND ADD YOUR WEIGHT The Scottish Green Party is proposing to ban all fox, hare and potentially other wild mammal control in Scotland by making them protected species. Wherever you are in the UK, this ideological madness is not isolated to Scotland. The Greens are UK-wide, increasing their support base and we all face the potential for a General Election before the end of the year and further regional and national political uncertainty. We need to stand together - please put your shoulder to the shield with us. More information and action via the link below. FOX CONTROL BAN - SACS GUIDANCE AND CONSULTATION LINK SACS
  5. Only ever phoned 101 once and that was for a silly **** of a woman walked round the field with her dug to ask what we were shooting ,after unloading the guns i told her pigeons ,she looked at the decoys and rotary and started calling us effin baskets enticing them in so we could shoot them so after 10 mins of this i phoned 101 and got glasgow call centre (i was shooting in edinburgh outskirts ) i told them of the stramash just in case said lady phoned to say we were a threat to her safety or such drivel ,anyway took our details and said he would pass them on to edinburgh polis and they would contact me , that was 2 months ago ,still waiting. Wonder what would the response would have been if she had phoned.
  6. this is a modern version of the old pipers dirk with knife and fork,no bottle opener though so here is the bottle opener

    The War

    murrow,s deid, adolf's deid, lord haw haw's deid ,goebbels deid, so not worth trying to contact them for an explanation, and like ma faither said he fought against the germans,italians , not nazi's or fascists

    The War

    i think most just take it for granted if they say england that means GB , britain, united kingdom?

    The War

    Well i will not try to alter your thinking ,all i will say is watch the progs now that it has been brought to your attention you may just notice it.
  10. AULD YIN

    The War

    If you watch any american wartime newsreels of the war 90% of the time it was england who was at war, even the german newsreels said england (bombers song etc), modern progs are not any better that was my point ,nowhere did i imply it was a members response ,i said most people
  11. AULD YIN

    The War

    Why is it that most people keep saying it was the nazi's we fought 39/45 ,britain (UK) declared war on germany not the nazi's ,it was and is a get out clause for most germans saying me/my father/grandfather were not nazi's but fought in the 39/45 war against britain (notice i said britain (UK)and not england)
  12. AULD YIN

    The War

    WW1 irish vets prior to the separation were not treated well when they came home either and it did not get any better after separation
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