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  1. Shed and Buried

    its his born again hippie ,,,yeh man that makes me cringe. johnnie
  2. SACS festive message

    Guns, Cheap Booze and Fast Cars Got your attention! It is nearing the festive season (yay) and it is time for socialising and enlivening the long winter nights. Without spoiling your fun, please remember that as a certificate holder you are expected to not just stay within the law, but to be seen to behave responsibly and with courtesy. Good ideas as seen through ‘beer goggles’ often look rather foolish in the light of the following day when your guns are being lifted pending a suitability assessment. Drink driving is a no no - period. In Scotland the drink driving blood level is much lower than England and Wales, but wherever you are in the UK, if you are charged with drink driving then you most likely face revocation as well and potentially for quite a long time. Nominated drivers are a good idea and there are ‘mocktail’ options tastier than just Irn-Bru or Coke. Heavy drinking at shoot lunches is a risk in so many other ways. If you see someone going too far, do please have a word with your shoot captain or organiser. Whilst accidents do happen, they are usually entirely avoidable and alcohol can be a contributory factor. So a word of caution from the SACS firearms team: This is your life – there are no rehearsals so enjoy it to the maximum. If shooting is a big part of your life, please don’t do something silly you may live long to regret. Stay safe and stay sensible, which should get you more shooting invites and permissions anyway. johnnie
  3. Worthwhile Petition

    good post
  4. Guy Martin WW1 Tank

    I do hope that was directed at the police force and not at me? johnnie
  5. Is vaping bad for you

    Now that was nice of you 7diaw i thank you from the bottom of my stent filled heart
  6. Is vaping bad for you

    Just started vaping 3 weeks ago after a heart attack, 50 GV roll up fags a day ,been smoking it for 54 years and don't even want to tot up what i have spent on them,every photo in my album i have a fag in my mouth and thats what i miss, a fag in my mouth lit or not even tried to take a draw on a pencil i had in my hand today,sad old bass,,,,,, edit to add they are **** at keeping the midgies at bay unlike golden virginia they never came near me . johnnie
  7. Guy Martin WW1 Tank

    Thought they said It was the police that blocked it ,busiest day of the year for shoppers ? johnnie
  8. It takes 5 minutes.

    Pretty poor response, they only received 984 responses. johnnie
  9. Facebook /UKIP Manchester branch

    Now that is lowlife johnnie
  10. Imminent Forum Software Update

    Seems fine but it will take a wee while to get used to it. johnnie
  11. Many thanks ed,,,good to meet you. johnnie
  12. Proper Cartridges - Stone dead

    give him a ring and ask. 07714 323909 johnnie
  13. Lanber 12G - Edinburgh

    Edinburgh Angling Centre granton is a RFD. Johnnie
  14. It takes 5 minutes.

    Filled out the form, hopefully it will do some good. johnnie edit to add did mention the doctors reaction to police letter does appear to differ from the english forces ie no action from doctor in scotland no certificate ,english forces seem to regard no response means no problem and licence issued