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  1. Unusual for me to reply to topics like this but your skill as an artist is as said above SUPERB
  2. Old town Edinburgh buildings ,black due to smoke from coal fires hence Edinburgh was nicknamed Auld Reekie long before traffic pollution but in saying that its still a **** house that caters for bikes, pedestrians, trams, buses, and lastly cars,, mostly ethnic beggars and pipers who cannie play the pipes
  3. Edinburgh ,,,,Its a **** house run by **** holes
  4. 100% not police hater but we pay for their service so is it wrong for us to express our opinion ,,, my opinion is personable interaction with the police ,re your malicious allegations thats when your phone camera and police camera should come in to action , we the public are accountable for our actions AND so should the police contrary to what many of them think ,gone is the day when ordered to bend over we were expected to say how far SIR

    The Scots

    We normally wait till the teams get beat and the fans turf them ,we then get them for free.
  6. My observation of the police are ,whatever they say is perfectly legal and you must obey their commands/instructions ,they are so accustomed to the public complying that they feel they can say any **** they want as many of them dont know the law and get away with it. Watch the TV progs on them ,made out to be the knights of the road who can spot bad uns at a mile away,more like a comedy of errors and bad ,really bad farcical commentary of men in so called rag tag uniform ,some even wearing the defaced union flag, God help us as that lot are there to serve and protect us
  7. You got it half right but probably the wrong half for you 😁
  8. Strangely a few years ago the threads on my parker hale mod (fitted to my old air rifle) were getting worn so advertised in the wanted section on here for just the outer tube,month or thereabouts later this appeared in the wanted section rules Only FAC (on licence) moderators can be advertised as "Wanted" in this section. Just to add since the introduction of the air weapon licence up here only licence holders can buy a mod

    D Day

    Nothing but the utmost respect for the service men/woman who fought for our countries freedom ,wonder what they would think if they could see it now being taken over from within.
  10. not a question whether people who misuse airguns would get a licence ,actions like this is one of the reasons the snp introduced the licence to add to the severity of the legal proceedings on unlicenced airgun owner or any misuse and hopefully keep airguns in responsible licenced users hands,and out of reach of non licence holders not every airgun user/owner knows it can be a firearms offence but after going through the licence procedure they will know not that i 100% agree with it as it impacts on the youngster learning shooting but can see it being introduced to england and wales (they are on fac in norn ireland as far as i am aware)
  11. He and people like him are one of the reasons why we have the airgun licence up here now.
  12. I had thought someone else took over the site , it was a handy site i got two or three manuals there, cheers guys
  13. The gun manuals posted by mikky in 2012 pinned near the top of the Guns & Equipment section , used it many years ago free ,then it went to a subscription which i never joined, now if i click on the site it shows my ip addy is barred ,anyone tried to use it now?
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