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  1. SOLD to johnytheboy nice meeting you john ,thanks again sent you a pm. johnnie
  2. Sold to the man above,thanks mick. johnnie
  3. Yes still for sale.,bit far from the borders though
  4. AYE but he is in ireland i think
  5. Standard beneli semi auto case ,good condition ,pick up only in edinburgh £25
  6. Just to point out prefer face to face so buyer can try function and condition to their satisfaction ,sorry.
  7. Had 4 about 10 years ago 3 350s and one 500 ,kept this one as the first owner for 4 years was a woman i bought it at 4 years old in 2004 only done 10500 in its life , uncomplicated bike ,fix it with very basic tools
  8. Will get ma bum felt if i put price on this section,needs a clean and polish first,vet bill just after i bought another car as per usual
  9. Due to an impending vet bill will have to sell my indian enfield bullit and 2 or 3 shotguns,anyway bike is on sorn for 8/9 year ,last started 4 years ago so cover off dusty as hell gave her 4 of 5 kicks to move the oil and connected my rottary battery ,2nd kick she fired up ,bit smokey as they do tend to wet sump anyway but within two minutes she was ticking over fine, 9 year old petrol lot to be said for old style engineering even if its made in india
  10. The two commentators blethering a load of drivel spoiled watching the game for me
  11. AULD YIN

    The War

    Be good if they also had a day for the D Day Dodgers, my faither was one of them and i am bloody proud of him.
  12. Any thoughts on what its going to cost the country if 25,000 plus, sign on the dole?
  13. AULD YIN


    Been in the same dark place , its bloody heartbreaking
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