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  1. Will J , I think the clay shoot near Toddington closed 3-4 years ago ,I didn't know there was one in Hockliffe
  2. duncan

    Fox attack

    something needs to be done ,we are getting to many urban foxes .The woman next door leaves the dogs food on the patio and my security lights are on and of all night , she said to me,,,, Dunc your lights keep coming on , I replied , its foxes eating your dogs food , now she waits up to watch them and puts out even more food ,
  3. Any man that understands a women should be carrying a handbag himself
  4. Just been watching this program and its about firearms licensing and shotgun certificates ,has any PW members had to pay their doctor to verify you are safe to have a licence
  5. Once every leap year would do me , no doubt there will there will be chocolate Easter bunnies in Tescos on boxing day
  6. This morning there was a tragic accident on the M1 near Milton Keynes, 2 lorries and a mini bus ,8 dead and 2 men arrested for causing death by dangerous driving , will driverless lorries make it safer
  7. a bit late but Welcome Supersport
  8. Brady and Hindley were the most evil of beings ,so why would some tabloids want to print an eight page pull out , these #######s should R.I.H. and not forgetting that misguided idiot ,Lord Longford who campaigned for years to get them parole ,, sorry Lads rant over
  9. I have an iceberg lettuce , so start your bidding PW people
  10. We have a similar club in Bedfordshire, well worth it and plenty of land to shoot on , now that I`m retired I get out 2-3 times a week , before I joined the club I was finding it hard to find somewhere to shoot even though I did a lot of beating on pheasant shoots , so I think its better to join a club
  11. there is quite a bit of shooting in Bedfordshire ,so put on your best suit and knock on a few doors and you might get something
  12. The jockey Walter Swinburn died age 55 ,he rode Shergar and won numerous classic races .R.I.P.
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