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  1. shooternick

    Spuhr 30mm one piece mount

    Spuhr picatinny mount ring size 30 mm 20.6 moa Height 38mm unused and in box selling due to ordering wrong one but box opened. Cost £280.00 £250.00
  2. shooternick

    Scope question

    Can I export a scope to Spain or is it not allowed
  3. shooternick

    Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18x56

  4. shooternick

    Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18x56

    As new in box with ballistic turret flex added, no marks whatsoever this top of range Swarovski has to go as I am getting a longbow NV. Purchased in August 2018 it has a 4Ai reticle which can be illuminated if required. The ballistic turret was purchased a couple of weeks later and I have the box and paperwork for it. Looking for £2200.00 for scope and ballistic turret or 2050 for scope on its own. More pictures available
  5. shooternick

    Meopta Artemis 2000 3-12x50

    Meopta Artemis 2000 for sale 4B reticle I think with windage marks. Great scope and very clear usual ring marks and scuffs but holds zero well been on .223 and no movement. Rings and lamp rail will be removed. bargain at £280.00 Another picture
  6. shooternick

    Howa green hogue stock

    Stock now sold
  7. shooternick

    Howa green hogue stock

    Send me your details address etc by pm and i will get it posted
  8. shooternick

    Howa green hogue stock

    Postage for the stock will be £5 it’s still a bargain at £55 inc postage first to say yes to the cost inc postage gets the stock
  9. shooternick

    Howa green hogue stock

    Where are you based please
  10. shooternick

    Obtaining an FAC with past convictions

    I used to be in north Yorkshire and when I applied they told me a juvenile conviction I had from 12 years previous didn't warrant anything to worry about regarding my shotgun application. I was told so long as you are and have been seen to be a good boy I cant envisage any problems with your application. There wasn't and now I also hold FAC too Don't worry too much and get your application in.
  11. shooternick

    Howa green hogue stock

    This stock came off my .223 short action Howa I replaced it with a GRS stock. It’s in very good condition and is a lot better than the black synthetic Howa stock as they tend to flex and twist . £50 Another picture
  12. shooternick

    Which disposable razor?

    has anyone a link to the last shaving thread
  13. shooternick

    mossberg hushpower 410

    I have one for sale in excellent condition wooden stock version. £400 near huddersfield
  14. shooternick

    FAC shotgun

    I have been informed if I use it and get caught its a 5 year sentence don't know how true that is ?
  15. shooternick

    FAC shotgun

    Can I use my 12 shot FAC shotgun for clay shooting if I only put 2 cartridges in it, I usually use it for avian pest control and vermin control but my old side by side has broken so just wanted to know if its ok.