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  1. Have you tried covering the crates to make the liken a cave?
  2. You still need to change it at 70.
  3. And he will be spinning at high speed in his grave with what his own party has become.
  4. Sadly here in lies the rub - most of them do not want to work, let alone hard.
  5. She was also the person that tried to thwart the brexit verdict of the majority by constant court cases trying to bend the law. Who paid for that then?
  6. First air gun was a smooth bore rifle like a large pop gun where the pellet (177) went into a small section that screwed in to the end of the barrel in '57 for my 8th birthday. First shotgun at 11 and using a punt gun at 13, just before the fowling rules changed. Fac in '77.
  7. I note his "friends" in the remain stream media are playing it "VERY" low key - oh what a surprise. Tory MP, 1 misdemeanour, banner headlines.
  8. And they want paying more
  9. Yellow Bear


    This is not unusual for us also - both the front and side entrances have number plate size and style house names but is not unusual for the phone to ring with the driver asking where we are, whist parked 20 m away on the other side of the road.
  10. Yes and I remember a certain "socialist" government saying this not long after they had made a massive raid on private pension funds
  11. There have been massive changes in that area - for descriptions of how it was get hold of a book called "A Song for all Seasons" by Bob Copper
  12. Exactly this^^^^^ Also this ^^^^ and ban hot tubs
  13. A clamp down on fishing boats should do for a start.
  14. IIRC they were going to build a big underground one in north Wales but this was vetoed by the Welsh assembly (aided by the green lobby) on so called safety grounds.
  15. Ah, the Italian model - all sweetness and light one day then one set throws it's toys out of the pram and hey-ho back to elections. The betting is that a coalition would be very left leaning with rampant green influence that would hammer the working majority with it's loony policies. You may not have, but I have experience a lib dem/green council and their policies were such that it made life for people working/shopping in the town difficult to say the least.
  16. Sadly it is difficult to book with a named GP (the practice has IIRC 5 partners, 6 salaried, and often 2/3 juniors on rotation) but if I strike lucky again I will ask.
  17. The GP in question is our practice lead and as a GP first rate IMHO. All he is doing is playing the police at their own backside covering game and know of no one who has been refused on the practice's say so. The only complaint I have is what he charges.
  18. I use this one https://www.lightningmaps.org/?lang=en
  19. Alegedly - however if you or I had said/done some of the things they are reportedly to have said/done the world of "Wokedom" would be falling on our heads.
  20. Yellow Bear

    Mo Farah

    Similarly although not quite as bad as you (severe bloating and stomach cramps). Funnily enough I get a similar reaction to Raw/semi raw green leafy veg (lettuce, cabbage and brassicas)
  21. Yellow Bear

    Mo Farah

    just naturally processed in a green manner with waste recycled😉
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