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  1. Perfectly true but I bet another member will be along shortly to deny this.
  2. These also have risks of choking and stomach blockage, particularly the cheaper ones. Frozen carrots are good for pups and sea jerky twists for teeth cleaning.
  3. Make a jam with plums, apples, and pears in equal quantities with some cinnamon. look up High Dumpsideary Jam.
  4. If you are going to play this one "I did not vote Labour in 1997 and got stung for more than £100 per month on a much lower salary and with a 15% lower population"
  5. Civil Servants with agendas? and a lot more people "scrounging" off the state.
  6. Yellow Bear

    Big Ben

    The price would be double (at least) what it is and it would have taken at least 3 times as long. That is if it ever got completed.
  7. That's good to hear, I feared they might be the NZ badger as a bit of reading gives them as one of the main reservoirs of BTB.
  8. Off topic I know but are possums on the prey list?
  9. I think is just she ran out of legal avenues. May have done so sooner had not covid shut/slowed things down for 18 months. I now hope the rest of her beasts are on regular test.
  10. IIRC there has been a 4 year court case.
  11. There is also the problem that many properties have at best a 60 amp supply and running a 32 amp supply to a charging point (minimum 6mm but more likely 10mm cable to allow for volt drop) may prove extremely difficult if not impossible at an affordable cost. (this is based on the recommended 7kw charger)
  12. We will start with releasing them in Epping Forest as a trial🤣
  13. Hopefully yes, in the interest of Equality
  14. Catton registered 100 bird advertised for Monday 30th - don't know if you still have to pre book.
  15. This totally sums it up but it is not what those seeking attention want to hear or admit to.
  16. WRT lessons I would recommend (locally) Joe Neville at Tansley
  17. What have the Tibetans done to disserve that.
  18. Sounds like a card down - does it have a headphone outlet, if this still works it will narrow down problem.
  19. I see Starmer is already jumping on this band waggon.
  20. SGC yes but maybe not a licence for that gun: BBC reports pump action but police will say no more others report multiple fast shots perhaps indicating section 1.
  21. And I suspect another Iranian proxy war.
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