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  1. I have pigeon magnet for sale the green one will need wiring up with proper connector and switch. There are two flappers both have stands that go into ground these will need the same wiring as above. There is also a pecker with electric motor . You will need to make sure the voltage is compatible. I would like £50 for the magnet I would like £20 each for the flappers and £20 for the pecking thingy. I will do deal on the lot. Pm me with your number and we can try to do a deal... Thanks for looking
  2. My wife "entered " comp to win IPHONE for just £1.00 but did not read small print and had signed up to Need4Fun at £17.99 per month. Cost her £38.00 for nothing. Not a CON but sharp trading And follow the link above and save yourself some money.
  3. Mods please remove if you think this is not appropriate ... My wife had £1.00 taken from her account then two lots of £17.99 . She did not subscribe and seems they will not refund her money. Just wondered if anyone else has had the same situation as we fine our selfs in some £37.97 out of pocket and no emails to say log in to view. Please pm me if you have concerns I will be contacting Trading standars and my MP if there is good responce. Thanks for looking Mods please remove if you think this is against any rules.
  4. Thanks for advice I have tried to find superman but search did not give any results ....but I am not very good at tech stuff..
  5. We will need the following trades person( wasn't that politically correct!! ) Builder....Roofer with fibreglass experience....Concrete floor layer.....Double glazer/Double glazing firm....Painter.....odd job person strong type!! Patio layer. All the above must be able to work unsupervised and under supervision without getting uptight, a sense of humour is a must and be willing to stop to get the job done if needed. We are moving and will need two concrete bases putting down with some pipe work for toilet/washroom. One base is for workshop the other is for conservatory we will need conservatory putting up and supplying as well. The roof will be fibreglass and will need making good with existing fibre glass roof. We also will need builder to knock out some brickwork make good and help/ or complete some loft flooring. Knock out window to make doorway and fit UPVC double doors. There will be some paving slabs to be laid and other ground work with wood and common sense a must. Assistance with building workshop and fencing will be needed good knowledge of how to work . General odd jobs include painting and putting up battens for insulating boards and finishing with plywood boarding. You will be working with me, I am very laid back but will not put up with slackers or anyone who wants to run the job instead of helping get the job done. We are happy to pay in cash daily or by bank transfer weekly or as lump sum when the work is finished. You will be fed well and have tea/coffee/soft drinks as often as you need. We will buy/hire any equipment needed or happy to pay for your equipment if you have the right gear. If we do not get on you will be asked not to come again and of course paid in full. If you prefer to give quote for work that's fine, if you prefer daywork that is also fine. I have put this up as I do not know anyone in the area and fellow shooters should look after each other. The work will commence when we move and that is looking like Mid May to Mid June but who knows when solicitors are involved!!
  6. Think it was Kent 200 miles from me!
  7. We are moving house around last weeks in April as far as I can guess. I have decided to sell my Chester Cub. Really good lathe running on invertor 440 volt but runs great. You can not go into reverse without complete stop but that has never worried me at all. It has DRO and has screw cutting capacity. Solid chuck with bolt on jaws six cam locking system. 40mm bore . Has quick change tool post with four holders. Few drills and reamers tail stock chuck and live centre. Turning tools HHS and some carbide. Boring bars and selection of home made collets and holding parts. I can not be without her until mid April as I have small order to prepare for one of my oldest customers. 99% of my turning has been with aluminium and brass and Acetal . All my work is small not putting any strain of the machine. This came from collage so not done hardly any work at all(bit like the brother in law but cleaner) I have engine hoist this end so can pick up and load on trailer. You need to bring straps and car big enough to tow 750kg load. Please pm me your interest and I will do whatsapp call so you can see what it looks like. Thanks for looking and dont put your number on this thread. So sorry forgot price £2500
  8. Thanks for the heads up...how far away are you? I should get moved in couple of months then I will start to sort out some farms that would let the ground for few years for syndicate..
  9. An idea of your rough location would help. I am planning new syndicate in Lincolnshire this is start up that I hope to get underway this year C19 is the only hold up.
  10. Thanks all now sold. I may have few more when I get back of cupboard
  11. As tital I have one thousand 12 gauge cartridges for sale mixed 5s 6 s and 7s and all are lead shot. We are moving and I can not see me shooting for coming few months so best to sell not carry about and store. They are mostly boxes few loose mixed shot sizes and mixed makes. Most are 5 shot and 6 shot. £160 for the lot Must be picked up from south east of Hull HU12 area Thanks for looking pm me with your contact number to arrange times to suit. Could meet you in Hull to do deal.
  12. We now have six potential members thanks to all that have replied We do need couple more.
  13. Bores are in very good condition but the barrels wer worn that is why they are sleeved. Not sure how to put up photos,,
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