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  1. Exactly. Now that I have probably said enough without causing myself or anyone any distress either legal or not, and having had some assurance that it is possible for the rifle to fire if it was dropped I'll leave it there. I appreciate those who offered something to assist. Thank you, it has helped.
  2. That has yet to be determined but is very much a factor. In normal cases it would be easy to find out but this is more complicated. By the way, I agree with you, any accidental discharge always has a reason, I appreciate that.
  3. It's very sensitive, only just recently happened, very personal and police are involved. I can't say any more. I don't need you to understand, just answer my question if you know, if you don't please accept I will not be able to elaborate. Can it go off if dropped, yes or no was what i was really looking for. It seems it can, so question answered. Sorry to be blunt but it is not the right time to have to explain everything.
  4. It is a recent local event that is in the early stages so can't comment further but it is not my gun, it is a friends. I wish I could give full details but I really cannot. My intention is to try to figure out how it could happen and IF it could happen, I just need answers to try to be ahead of any enquiry or investigation.
  5. Without analysis I believe the trigger may have been adjusted but not changed, if that makes sense. It was a well used gun so light trigger added to wear may have been a factor. My knowledge of the trigger is limited but it seems to stand to reason the lighter the trigger pull the more chance of it firing. Thank you.
  6. I already said I can't give full details at this stage, I would have thought it would be understood why.... the rifle fired after it was dropped, my question is to anyone who would know the answer - is this possible or not from the mechanics of the mechanism. I have a genuine reason to enquire, it's not just a random question to annoy you. There are plenty of other threads please don't feel you have to waste time with mine. This is what I thought, appreciate your input.
  7. Any gunsmiths or members more knowledgeable than me help me with a question? Is it possible that a loaded, ready to fire with the safety OFF Sako Finnfire .22LR would accidentally discharge if it was dropped? If so any idea what type of impact? I understand from some internet research that modern pistols have a form of fail safe against this which means the firing pin will only engage if the trigger is pulled. This goes on to say, however, that this safety 'mechanism' is less frequently fitted to rifles. I have an exceptionally good reason for asking and I can't go into detail now, but if anyone knows for sure it would help me greatly. Thank you in advance.
  8. https://leasing.com/ is the one I use - has all the best deals from all the dealers. Just takes a while to get used to the search function.
  9. I was looking for my usual Winchester Lazers but the Mini Mags were the only HV's they had in stock.
  10. As the title says really, picked up some CCI Mini Mag from the shop today and on closer inspection I've just realised thay are solid point 40grain rather than the 36grain hollow point I thought I was getting. They are for rabbits, should I take them back and try to change them or will they be OK to use?
  11. Oh dear - this is worth a read! http://www.somersetcountygazette.co.uk/news/14958219.Forgetful_MP_launches_angry_tirade_against_police_gun_permit_delay_after_failing_to_renew_his_firearm_licence/
  12. After weeks of research and reading as many reviews I could find I decided to go for a Harkila Pro Hunter X. A huge amount of money for a coat but I tend to keep stuff for years and if it is as hardwearing as people say and it holds it's waterproof then I think it's an investment. First impressions are that it is incredibly comfortable, it fits in all the right places and allows all the movement I need. It will be interesting to see how it performs in the field.
  13. £30 on a bottle of whisky and a box of biscuits for the wife. Been doing the same for last 20 years on my permissions - and have never lost one. Small price to pay to access all that land whenever I want. I know it works as I have heard on more than one occasion that approaches and all sorts of offers and promises are made by others desperate to get on the land but it is always a definite no.
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