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  1. Just been having a quick gander at our local PCC website ( Humberside ) ,bloody hell fire where do these jobs come from,four engagement officers ( nope me neither ) with their own engagement and communications manager. The cheif honcho is on a very nice £ 90,000 a year for what i'm not sure ,anyway here's a breakdown of his office and staff, bloody legalised theft if you ask me when we are all desperately short of front line officers . https://www.humberside-pcc.gov.uk/Document-Library/Working-for-You/Transparency/Who-we-are-and-what-we-do/OPCC-Staff-Structure-March-2021.pdf
  2. The news report was ever so slightly wrong in saying " Former Royal Marine " sorry guy's but once a Royal Marine "ALWAYS" a Royal Marine . Happy to donate for one of the good guy's who wouldn't think twice about laying his life down for us .
  3. While this country is still turning out remarkable young men of this calibre all is well in our green and pleasant land.
  4. Yep simple is best ,pancakes with maple syrup and bacon grilled until you can snap it .
  5. Welcome to the forum mate ,from the poor part of Lincy land ,Scunny 😄
  6. Now while i have every sympathy with nurses doctors etc ,lets just remember that they knew full well what they were signing up for when they started in the health profession . Surely they knew that they would be dealing with all manner of illnesses and diseases some of which are a sight more dangerous and contagious then covid. For instance if i ring the doctors for an appointment he will have little if any idea of whats wrong with me until he has examined me and asked a few questions could be a simple illness or something more sinister that's easily transmitted and deadly , so why the
  7. Jega


    From one of my old mentors during the early days of my apprenticeship ,advice on machine usage . " Never put your fingers where you wouldn't put your knob "
  8. So very sorry to hear of your untimely loss ,condolences to you and all Andrews family an friends .
  9. Panic not fellow P.W.ers ,i have just come into about £47 million from a business deal i have with prince in Nigeria .I'm just waiting for the money to go into my bank ,shouldn't take long as i gave him all my banking /personal details last Tuesday.
  10. Yep we went there a couple of years ago to " Mr i only use fresh fish " for fish and chips in the warehouse type shed thing .Bloody expensive and not that good either ,as for fresh ingredients chips straight out of the freezer bag ,fish the same maybe he means freshly frozen . Chippy across the road from us half the price and it IS fresh you can see her putting the spuds(grown locally ) in the peeler machine then the chip making device into a big bucket .Fish from Grimsby all in all it leaves Steins offerings standing .
  11. Tonight we stood outside our home Applauding one who's name's well known He did his best and then some more Through days of peace and some of war One hundred years of tears and smiles With others always on his mind At Heavens gates one things for sure They'll clap and say " Well done Tom Moore ".
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