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  1. Yaaaaaaaaayh he's back, welcome back buddy.😃😃
  2. Multi shot ,simply because i can get a second shot off quickly if the first only wounds what ever i'm shooting .
  3. Now sold ,thank you for all the interest gents .
  4. Or that parasite Andrew of the house of Windsor .
  5. SOLD SOLD SOLD ,Thank you .
  6. Hi , the label says "2xl " thats all i have to go on .
  7. Hi ,it is a large fitting vest the two pockets at the front are both expanding singles with press stud fasteners ,also has shoulder pocket inserts for recoil reduction pads (not included) .
  8. New unused Browning mesh type skeet vest ,size 2xl £30 posted .
  9. Jega

    Paul's Birthday

    Nice one mate ,how much tea did that lot get through.😄😄
  10. Pinewood 35p per clay.
  11. Jega

    New coat.

    Verney carron for me .
  12. Thanks for that Gordon ,title now amended .
  13. As per thread title . https://www.indeed.co.uk/viewjob?from=appsharedroid&jk=a36325580af0356b&fbclid=IwAR1oda-U2gJ10ZhvAj_Api42H8oT9-8qVseQiQ-s0k2kSRgXbSvG-KDiaa4
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