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  1. Jega

    Gun Slip

    Yep i'll take this please . P.M. sent
  2. Give it six month's top's and the his running mate the lady of colour will moved up from vice president and into the big chair, while Grandpa Joe will be safely esconced in his nursing home dribbling soup inbetween nap's . Methinks this was always the master plan anyway .
  3. Most to do with him playing doctors and nurses with the young nurses then 😉😉
  4. Yaaaaaaaaayh he's back, welcome back buddy.😃😃
  5. Multi shot ,simply because i can get a second shot off quickly if the first only wounds what ever i'm shooting .
  6. Now sold ,thank you for all the interest gents .
  7. Or that parasite Andrew of the house of Windsor .
  8. SOLD SOLD SOLD ,Thank you .
  9. Hi , the label says "2xl " thats all i have to go on .
  10. Hi ,it is a large fitting vest the two pockets at the front are both expanding singles with press stud fasteners ,also has shoulder pocket inserts for recoil reduction pads (not included) .
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