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  1. Wow what a coincidence ,about 4 weeks ago i was assigned a new apprentice to work with ,nothing new in that i've had plenty over the years . The coincidence is with the theme of this thread .............................his dad was also my apprentice 20 odd years ago ,instant aging syndrome .🤕
  2. Yes sold to Michael. Nope sorry i dont understand ,i did originally put the price on , as a buyer had said he would have it i then removed the price and left the on hold pending funds note .Hope this clears it all up .Thanks
  3. Having a bit of a clear out and am selling an unused brand new Beretta branded cartridge bag holds 250 cartridges ,O.H.P.F.Thanks
  4. Jega


    This any help mate .. https://www.gunspares.co.uk/showcatimage.asp?id=24562
  5. All Honda's in our house , i have a .C.R.V. real work horse ,good lady has a Jazz, and my weekend toy Fireblade. I can honestly say we have never had a moments bother with any of them
  6. Thanks for that Gordon.
  7. Has Allan sold up ,if so who are the new owners.
  8. Jega

    Roy Hudd

    Lovely funny man .R.I.P. Sir.
  9. Jega

    Clearing out shed

    Long held and cherished memories of my old mans shed, and many many old Golden Virginia or Old Holborn tobacco tins containing all manner of screws and odds and ends.
  10. Can recall many years ago a daytime t.v. programme about property development ,the lady presenter asked an old country boy in Norfolk how he could be so sure of making a profit on a development of holiday homes he was building given the large outlay . He bent down ,picked up a handful of soil ,stood up and while he was letting the soil slowly fall to the ground said " They don't make this anymore missy " Good luck with your future plans sir .
  11. Jega


    Looks like some thing that could be made on a 3d printer. Here's a company not too far from you ,cant hurt to ask as they do free quotes. https://3dfolkes.co.uk/3d-printing/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIx7jIjMW95wIVQbTtCh2k-gQBEAAYBCAAEgIrrvD_BwE
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