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  1. Apparently the Froggies insisted that all sub's must have a reverse gear .( just in case ).
  2. We had this argument at work ,so i asked the guy's who operate the bridge . Straight from the horses mouth. Good afternoon Gerard, Certain winds cause the hangers to oscillate (wobble). The items you have identified are dampeners to reduce this. We hope this helps settle the argument between you and your work colleagues. Kind regards Karyn
  3. Good luck with this mate, hope the little lady gets to front of the queue soon.
  4. Jega


    The actual " triple lock " increase in pensions that is being argued about amounts to round about ................................£7 a week . So that's the Caribbean ruled out for all the rich greedy pensioners then .
  5. Awful news,a genuine chap who went out of his way to offer advice and help to those of us less experienced. R. I.P. sir .
  6. Hi ,a really good ground nearish to you is Pinewood near Gainsborough ,nice friendly atmosphere with a good selection of stands / targets for all abilities .Doesn't cost a fortune either .
  7. Rare as hens teeth i know but as per title ,looking for a Ginb stock for my HW100 sporter . Thanks
  8. Have a look on here mate ,it's surprising how straight forward and easy how some repairs are . As well as all the spares you may need they also have a pretty good "How to " videos in the advice centre . Even if you don't use it this time it's well worth bookmarking for future reference . https://www.espares.co.uk/
  9. Bloody ugly whatever it is ..................
  10. Best remove your driving license off the ad mate, enough information there for a fraudster to have a field day. Full name ( including middle name) Full postal address. Date of birth . Drivers licence number. Picture. Sample signature.
  11. Regardless of the why's and wherefore's of this little lot ,the main conclusion that i have come to is that Dominic Cummings is without doubt the most horrible odious little piece of garbage i have seen in many many years . He has got a face you would never ever tire of punching .
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