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    off road driving, constantly improving my shooting skills both in stalking sniping and target practice. working hard to build my business skills,securing my early retirement plans hopefully back in cornwall.
  1. Thought I would just up date on my lr3 saga. Landrover found the fault that left me three days over christmas with out a vehicle, fault, transmisson failure, air suspention failure, traction control failure.ebd failure. cause. Bit of corrosion on one of the rear brake light builbs.
  2. I use a panasonic s26 with 70x zoom check out my vids on youtube all vary long and close up vids (thealpha0116) hope this helps.
  3. Fleabag


    I hope so but we have had normal deliveries ok.
  4. Fleabag


    This is getting out of hand now. Royal mail have lost our recorded next day delivery.posted wednesday, included in that were two sia licenses all my renewal docks for my new fac . this is the third time now royal mail have lost my items. the nightmere now begins to get copies of all these, but will have to wait incase they turn up some where in the mean time my license started on the 4th of jan 2010, better report that missing asap me thinks. November I had an opened parcell delivered by royal mail with a rock in it instead of the goods I ordered, that wasent signed for and went back with the
  5. Dont bother buying one if you are a busy person, see my recent post, my LR3 is off the road in the garage more then on it, all electrical faults.Glad to see the back of mine. Very costly mistake buying that.
  6. Fleabag


    Not even worth contemplating. its still got its seven seats and seat belts so could sell it as normal or commercial. Realistically £27000 ish
  7. Fleabag


    Well the decision has been made with the last malfuntion of my disco. on Thursday my dash went mad with lights dingdongs, my air suspention failed and droped on the bumpstops, the ride was orrible. my rear brake lights failed. my transmission went in to failure, and limphome mode took over. the customer service came to my home and after an inspection found the brake pedel switch had failed causing all the other malfunctions. cant get a replacement till tuesday next week. well stuffed. so if any body wants a black hse 2008 touch screen tv model facelifted(2010)commercial with 21500 miles its go
  8. Just looking at some tracks in the snow on friday and had a thought. do any other animals share the same methord of moving forward. and I wonder if a rabbit can walk/hop backwards. Any thoughts
  9. Of course the question also needs to be asked how come this person could walk in to a police station carring a bin liner with a shot gun in it, wait in reception untill the inspector became free.and allowed to walk to his office. extream lack of security at that station I think. How would they have printed it if said man was allowed to sit in the police station reception for ten mins then is escorted to inspectors office where he calmly removes said shotgun dispating said inspector. unbelivable
  10. Fleabag

    SIA Licence

    I have been in the security business for 17 years. took the level 2 door supervisor course and can confirm the course taught me nothing at all about general security issues outside the license premises enviroment. if its purly door work you want you may learn something.But nowhere near as much as you will learn from doing the job with some good blokes. the sia is another means of revenue for the gov and thats it. Good luck chap.
  11. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/...at-Taliban.html
  12. Thats correct nosler air on the safe loads, I use nosler 55g ballistic tip with 26.1 g of varget with a coal of 2268. best to start with 24/25 and work up to what suits your rifle. max safe is 27.
  13. If its as accurate as mine out the box, you will have tremendous fun with it, it took some time to find the right food for it though,
  14. Thats a fair range plinker, man after me own hart,
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