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    As I said in an earlier post I got a tooth out , went to the desk to pay . They said no charge at the moment due to the covid virus ., I said oh could you fit me in for a few gold teeth , she just laughed. You must have it , to spend it .
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    oil tanker

    Was just thinking the same John, but please before they dock😀😀😀
  3. Because lot dont know how to cook a meal .
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    I was at the dentist a couple of weeks ago to get a tooth out . There are less appointments due to having to scrub the place out for want of a better between appointments, Different procedure require different forms of safety gear. Your not allowed the water thing to wash your mouth out . Lots of other things , plus they are only on 80% of there wage .
  5. Not a good idea if you wanting to shoot a incoming clay from the trap .
  6. Your most welcome , do you have any local clayground to you . Maybe they may have a secondhand one .
  7. Jamie think it would help if you put your location up . You could have a look on Ebay seen a few on there from time to time .
  8. I have been to a couple and heard others talk about no steel . Haimwood and one near Dorset a few years ago .
  9. I may get shot down here , but if you have a gun fitted , then logically what ever your wearing on the day of fitting you should wear the same everytime your out . Gunfit does not take into consideration the seasons were you may wear more or less clothing.
  10. So what do you think will happen at these clay grounds were steel is banned for reasons of ricochet.
  11. Yes made me feel a little older 😀 five years ago I had mine , I did realy enjoy it at the time , all the same .
  12. On the ball there , well done.
  13. Konor, I asked those question for one main reason . You don't know , because you have not been told what those costs would be why do you think that is so . I have nothing against you personally , you are supporting the independence but you have not been told the truth. Is it not natural to know what the implications are before you commit yourself to something and its outcome . Are all politicians not called names , if someone who you belive is going to do damage to something you hold dear to your heart a country you love and hate the idea of it being destroyed your bo
  14. Can you cost these basic things that would need sorting Scotland own currency . How much to set it up Borders set up between Scotland and England , how much would that cost Do you understand how much traffic moves between the two countries in anyone day . Stopping of each vehicle, passports paperwork for goods moving between countries . Having to go to a bank everytime you want to go to the other country to get currency for that country . People living in Scotland and working just over the borders England, and visa versa . When you have worked them o
  15. I did not say any party was better , I said at the time people did not have much choice . You are supporting a party were you were questioned about something political . You could not answer it . Yet you still remain a supporter of something you are not aware of . How much more of the Snp makey up rubbish do you not understand. Its a dream they wish to see fulfilled at what ever cost to the nation when they have all left , who will be around to pick up the pieces. I hate any polical party who are set out to destroy a country , in the name of there own glory .
  16. The SNP , did not get in because they were the better party . At that time many did not have a choice Labour were been ruined with all that was going on with Corbin . As to your saying you don't have a answer to the political question , do you not think it is important that you do know as it could effect you . The vote on the leaving the EU . Was a UK VOTE . We are still a united kingdom .
  17. Sorry to here about your dogs problem . My pal had a springer with the same problem . Cost a lot more to feed him .
  18. Well said , I think you have summed it up .
  19. My dogs are fine nothing wrong with them . Two healthy dogs. Were I get my dog food from my local gun room. Lots of farmers and keepers buy the same stuff . Never once have they complained about the health of there dogs .
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    Good look , there are free apps out there if you use a mobile device like tablet or phone.
  21. Boris Johnson is not hell bent on splitting a country and its people . Splitting families causing unrest within these families she Nicola has always hated the Tories . Its a romantic dream to have independence from the rest of the UK a dream that has not been thought out . Different currency, borders control . How many vehicles pass between Scotland and England each day . To become independent from the rest if the UK were over 60% of it trade is done . Then want to join the EU . What form of independence is that . A political part who in the Seventies voted strongly t
  22. Well said polls mean nothing and it depends who is running them .
  23. Sorry but what is clever about waiting nearly a week after Boris announced what was to happen. For her to announce her plans . She had to be different why did Scotland have to have a different track and trace to the rest of the UK. A track that would not work if you came from Scotland to England .
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