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  1. Happy birthday to both members. Hope you all had a great day
  2. I have lightened it a bit for you hope you don't mind it looks a bit gruesome . The far animal is not a badger is it . Is there cattle in the field?
  3. Belated wishes Mel b3 . Drr you missed out on the " bumps"
  4. If he was not a royal ,they would not be chasing him for money .
  5. What , she runs one aswell 😀😀
  6. Do a search for " Roman Brothel Tokens " a bit to risky to post some of the pictures on here 😀😀
  7. They used to make trade tokens usual out of lead , and at times when coinage was short they used them . They were often given out by farmers to the workers in lue of cash . A crafty move by some farmers , you would work all week , get your trade token , then buy food of him .win win for the farmer . So the other side is polished out that would have been who had issued it .
  8. Maybe a pit token .??
  9. I would ask them what the Internet speed is . I am on Vodafone unlimited data . Buy my speed is only 10megs . I can get faster . But at a cost .
  10. I agree 100% on the Neil Oliver , a great speaker , plus he uses his knowledge of our history to great affect. There are many here in Scotland that don't like him . Have enjoyed quite a few of his YouTube videos on Scottish politics.
  11. Does it let you watch the files / video in the camera the one I have won't let me view the files on one of my devices . It does not recognise the file .
  12. Yes speedy recovery I had a double one done with key hole surgery , in and out in a day amazing work .
  13. Well if you wish to join give me a shout
  14. If you use Facebook I help run a group on that camera. We are 24k strong. Let me know . Loads of pictures and loads of help .
  15. I hope you stay in good health , to enjoy your retirement.
  16. Oh saw it on Netflix, great to here All the songs .
  17. 100% agree , I was treat for it 8 years ago , get my PSA checked every 6 months they comeback fine, no signs of it .
  18. Could that be the value of the estate after all fees are taken off???
  19. Camera brands are like music taste , it's how the final image looks you can take the same picture of the same subject . Using 2 cameras say the nikon or the Canon at the same price range , both images will be good , but different , that's were the choosing comes in . You need to see pictures and then choose the brand that suits your taste, There is a well respected company that sells used camera gear , that comes with a good warranty . It's called MPB. Com You can pay lots of money for a camera it may have more features. More buttons etc , but the image results can be just the same on a cheaper camera . Going secondhand with the money you say you could get a good camera and lens for that money . I have the nikon d5600 . Does all I want . I help run a Facebook group for that camera we are at 23k members so something must be right .
  20. johnphilip

    D Day

    Your father , would have been like my father , and so many others , they never talked about it .
  21. johnphilip

    D Day

    They did a lot of testing of the Mulberry near here in South West Scotland , not to far from were I live , you can still see parts of it, and it's history , and interesting read https://mulberryharbour.info/
  22. So sad to see , I remember about 30 years ago it happened on the river Tees in co Durham. A forklift hit a diesel tank in a quarry in Upper teesdale probably 40 miles of fish wipped out ,I walked the river bank on our club water some beautiful fish laid there .
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