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    Anything outside. I hate being indoors. Oh and erm Old Speckled Hen :)

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  1. Sprinter

    Shooting shirts

    Sold to Harnser pending meeting up tomorrow!
  2. Sprinter

    Shooting shirts

    The lot.
  3. Sprinter

    Shooting shirts

    2 x hoggs bnib xxl for 18 -18.5 neck 3 x Cabela upland one seen some use other two worn maybe once. American 2xl regular maybe look at Cabela site for sizing? £30 collected from Kettering.
  4. Sprinter

    Hamilton gun slip/ stand

    Indeed it has been, I'll deliver it to your agent over the weekend!
  5. Sprinter

    Hamilton gun slip/ stand

    Sold to tightchoke pending the usual.
  6. Sprinter

    Hamilton gun slip/ stand

    Pm replied.
  7. Sprinter

    Hamilton gun slip/ stand

    I have a Hamilton Slip Stand available for sale. I bought it second hand and didn't use it. It has therefore seen very little use so is in excellent condition. This one in olive green (collection only from northamptonshire) for £40 Official information: The all new Hamilton SlipStand provides shooters with a feature rich and practical accessory, desig ned solely to increase gun protection, gun saf ety and user convenience. Keep your kit off the floor, out of the dirt and mud, makes slipping your gun easier, safer and saves your back, no bending! The Hamilton SlipStand is built to be carried on the shoulder like a conventional gun slip but it also features a lightweight integrated pop out stand that extends automatically when you place it on the floor. Recommended maximum gun length is 50" or 1270mm. Ultimate Quad Layer Protection The quad layer system protects from your gun from knocks and the eleme n ts. The four layers of protection are: A Water Resistant Layer - The outer fabric is durable and easy to clean and in conjunction with the Polyethylene layer ensures your gun stays dry. However for extra repelling properties it can be treated with a waterproofing agent like "Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On". Tough Polyethylene Layer - This layer surrounds your gun and protects from falling clays and piercing objects. It adds rigidity to the bag and resists damage from crushing. Shock Absorption Layer - Unlike some conventional slips that use only flocking, wool or fur to stop your gun from scratching, we have included a half inch layer of shock absorbing open-cell polyurethane foam that provides an effective shock absorption lay e r. Soft Anti-Scratch Layer - Finally we finish the quad layer system with a super-soft dark fur flocking which covers every surface of the slip internally. This ensures your barrels, action, forend and stock will not suffer from friction related wear. Features Umbrella Holder Hamilton also makes high quality umbrellas with automatic opening and air vents to ensure stronger winds don't snatch the um brella from your hands. The umbrellas can be a ttached to the side of the SlipStand quickly by use of a quick release toggle and loop for the umbrella spike. Accessory Storage A large size storage pocket on the front of all SlipStand bags is a perfect place to keep items you'll need quick access to like Choke s, Glasses, Pen/Paper, Snap caps and other handy bits and bobs you may need on the shooting ground. Heavy Duty Straps & Stands The he avy duty grab handles make transporting your gun easy. Carefully balanced to ensure the gun remains level and doesn't twist your wrist, the grab handles make it easy to remove your kit from your car or to quickly move your SlipStand. All SlipsStands also come with a shoulder strap and colour co-ordinated strap pad for comfort, this allows you to carry your gun for longer distances on foot and reduce fatigue. Link: http://hamiltonshooting.com
  8. Sprinter

    Stealth, micro camper van diahatsu hijet

    How about advertising it in the for sale section?
  9. Sprinter

    Super Man Flu

    Took 2 weeks off after christmas to get a list of jobs done that id been ignoring for a while. Felt a bit iffy on our boxing day shoot and ive basically been stuffed since then. Had the whole 9 yard. Toothache, earache, headache, all joints ache, produced snot like never before, choking cough trying to clear lungs. Temperature, especially at night, from molten hot to freezing cold and back again over and over. To top it off also had d&s for two days. Now pulling through, but if i try and do anything remotely strenuous i collapse into a coughing choking snotting mess still. If this was a holiday, im looking forward to getting back to work. As for rolling about under the motor, thatll have to keep for a bit!
  10. Sprinter

    Seling Guns on PW

    I dont suppose you have read the sticky with the confusing title....
  11. Sprinter

    Up and over garage door HELP NEEDED PLEASE

    Ah be careful there, only do this if you have a new one in the cellar ready to fit 😂
  12. Sprinter

    Why do I bother

    Money no object small used car in red = Audi A1. Slightly less money in red. Fiesta ecoboost or mini Cooper s. Small red and a hoot to drive vw up. Skoda citigo, seat mii. All these last 3 in manual avoid the auto. Anything small and French is poor atm. Fiat 500 feels like you're in a crisp packet, hate to have an accident in one!
  13. Sprinter

    Will sewelling work?

    If you can get the treasurer to approve expenditure on the full cans i promise ill do my best to empty them. It'll be a terrible job but if its for the good of the shoot........
  14. Sprinter

    Will sewelling work?

    Once or twice..... It might work, it might go mammaries up. Can't be any worse though?
  15. Sprinter

    Will sewelling work?

    How about..... Blank around buildings quietly, then pull back and go round the top. Beat down towards the road keeping the pen side forward with flags. Position 3/4 guns in banana and 6/7 up the track. Thus mostly you're beating away from the pen so if birds want to go back theyll have to go up n over the beaters to get there. Just a thought idk if it would work. In the meantime im getting my tennis racquet re-strung..... If you do go down the baked bean route i aint standinn anywhere near ya!