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    Anything outside. I hate being indoors. Oh and erm Old Speckled Hen :)

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  1. Had a straight swap done a couple of years ago with a baxi duotec installed, local firm, under a grand bish bash bosh. British gas quoted £4.5k 😲
  2. If you pm me your address I have a pair of unworn shooting socks in red with a green turnover surplus to requirements you'd be welcome to.
  3. We call them Nissan pukes. More room in a defender!
  4. Sounds like the gear linkage needs adjusting?
  5. Good clean condition with dust jacket. £25 posted
  6. Again make no mistake these are not new books. They are battered, stained and browned. Only the fisherman's book has a dust jacket and that has a chunk torn out of it. Skill with rod and gun has one loose illustrated page in it. Skill with Rod and Gun by Charles Tyrrell Giles The Fisherman's Book by A. F. Sismore Catching Samon and Sea-trout by G. P. R. Balfour-Kinnear £15 posted for the 3
  7. Make no mistake these are not new books. There are no dust jackets, they are stained, battered and browned. They are however old, interesting and readable. Spinner's Delight by C. W. Thurlow Craig The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton One River by H. E. Carey £20 posted for the 3.
  8. Oh I see they've published a postal address for donations. Wouldn't it be a shame if people started posting them large heavy donations with insufficient postage.... Should consume a bit of their 40k fairly quickly.
  9. Gretna is just about far enough to risk contacting the bosher of wabbits. That distance he would rfd to you and you wouldn't risk visiting and coming away with 3 or more........
  10. Hmm let me see..... Clays maybe 1-2 Game a solid 3 Pigeon 4-5 but don't get the chance. duck flights maybe 6-7 Squirrels and rats I could muster an 8. Used to be a solid 10 all across the board but after 40 odd years I can't help but feel I've probably killed enough?
  11. Sprinter

    F1 question

    At the flag vet was 1.4 ahead of ham. Lec was 4.6 behind ham. Vet penalty dropped him 3.6 behind ham slotting him between ham and Lec.......
  12. Oh well, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  13. I'm in and out of these 1.0 ecoboosts many times a week. Never had one miss a beat and I drive them hard!
  14. If you have a local Enterprise Flex-E-Rent they'll have what you need. Otherwise sixt supply 3.5t lutons.
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