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    Anything outside. I hate being indoors. Oh and erm Old Speckled Hen :)
  1. Will sewelling work?

    If you can get the treasurer to approve expenditure on the full cans i promise ill do my best to empty them. It'll be a terrible job but if its for the good of the shoot........
  2. Will sewelling work?

    Once or twice..... It might work, it might go mammaries up. Can't be any worse though?
  3. Will sewelling work?

    How about..... Blank around buildings quietly, then pull back and go round the top. Beat down towards the road keeping the pen side forward with flags. Position 3/4 guns in banana and 6/7 up the track. Thus mostly you're beating away from the pen so if birds want to go back theyll have to go up n over the beaters to get there. Just a thought idk if it would work. In the meantime im getting my tennis racquet re-strung..... If you do go down the baked bean route i aint standinn anywhere near ya!
  4. Yeah looking forward to it, make sure you bring 3 cartridges, that way you'll have a spare in case you drop one in the mud!
  5. Hi Johnny. I sent him a pm as well, no reply was the answer. I dropped the other lad, Sam I think, Chris's number........
  6. Sonic Weapon cuba

    Was your rim on fire?
  7. Oliver's mount

    Watched it? I've been racing there, went off big style at the second hairpin. Scattered half a dozen marshals and ran over their lunch......
  8. Predictive text

    Didn't even ruffle his parting geez!
  9. Alcohol free beer

    Usually got a box of Becks blue in progress these days.
  10. Driverless lorries.

    Still need a driver so that he/she can make that last second manoeuvre signal mirror decision to cut you up.....
  11. silence in cars

    Duct tape.
  12. Blue Peter John Noakes

    Oh no, whos going to look after shep now? In all seriousness, part of my childhood and the very best blue peter presenter ever!
  13. Problem with Defender

    Of course the unique selling point of land rovers is that they get you further away from the road than any other vehicle before they break down.....
  14. ford fiesta or Vauxhall corsa

    Fiesta ecoboost by a long way. Equivalent corsas are complete cack... Oh and if you're thinking of going French the small engined clios are significantly worse than the corsas!
  15. nightmares

    Probably best lay off the cheese late at night for a bit......