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    Anything outside. I hate being indoors. Oh and erm Old Speckled Hen :)

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  1. Sprinter

    F1 question

    At the flag vet was 1.4 ahead of ham. Lec was 4.6 behind ham. Vet penalty dropped him 3.6 behind ham slotting him between ham and Lec.......
  2. Oh well, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  3. I'm in and out of these 1.0 ecoboosts many times a week. Never had one miss a beat and I drive them hard!
  4. If you have a local Enterprise Flex-E-Rent they'll have what you need. Otherwise sixt supply 3.5t lutons.
  5. Yep, still running. Currently just behind "on the way to the glue factory"....
  6. Foundation licence holder here. Lost a bit of interest but have just installed a quad band white stick in the attic, so I might have a holler out on it again.
  7. All approx size 7-11 3 pairs new 1 pair worn once. £30 the lot collected Kettering £35 delivered.
  8. Sprinter

    Polo shirts

    Polo shirts. 1x pink 2x green 3x orange 3x yellow All brand new and unworn. Stated size xxl measured as 24" pit to pit so 48" chest. Job lot £25 collected from Kettering or £30 delivered.
  9. Sold pending the usual.
  10. Ucaller remote. Good working condition. Assorted rabbit squeals, mouse squeaks, distressed chicken, fox cub etc etc loaded. £45 delivered/ posted or £40 collected from Kettering.
  11. Sold to Mike Hague (first to request payment details) Pending payment.
  12. Mansfield isn't a problem. I'm regularly up and down m1 heading to/ from doncaster or leeds. Fallowbuck , south wales swansea neath cardiff maybe once every three weeks or so.
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