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    Anything outside. I hate being indoors. Oh and erm Old Speckled Hen :)

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  1. Rumour has it Barrymore invited him around for a spot of (uphill) gardening.
  2. Sprinter

    Helping others

    Been out on 4 calls today volunteering with our local 4x4 response group tasked and coordinated by the red Cross via the local resilience forum. Shopping done, food parcels delivered, prescriptions delivered and all while sporting one of Lins super masks!
  3. Ooh, nice shot of the Mishnish with the Western Isles atop the hill. Brings back memories of many an October officiating on the tour.
  4. Sprinter


    Try a pm to wabbitbosher, you never know what's in his spares pile?
  5. Sprinter

    50% increase

    Agreed, catch it and get over it or die, then carry on, or not. A bit like when you were a kid and someone in the area had something contagious, you were always sent round to play with them to get it over with....
  6. Sprinter


    Had it myself £1 a month. Sprung a leak in my supply pipe they came out within 48 hours. Dug up my concrete slab outside fixed the leak and relaid new concrete, faultless performance!
  7. With a bit of luck it's destroyed the shockingly bad chip shop in the town centre. I had the misfortune to attempt to eat there on Monday.....
  8. All gone, picked up by the Bosher. Thanks for all the interest hope you all have a great new year.
  9. Sold to the Bosher/Zapp consortium pending collection in the morning.
  10. Yours, pm me re collection. 👍
  11. I have too many pigeon/game cartridges in 12 guage as I tend to shoot a 20 or. 410 these days. So these are all 30g fibre wad 6s in green cases..... 375 Hull Special game £70 250 Lyalvale Express Special Pigeon £45 125 Gamebore Clear Pigeon £25 Or the whole lot ie 750 squibs for £130 Collection only from Kettering with valid SGC.
  12. Had a straight swap done a couple of years ago with a baxi duotec installed, local firm, under a grand bish bash bosh. British gas quoted £4.5k 😲
  13. If you pm me your address I have a pair of unworn shooting socks in red with a green turnover surplus to requirements you'd be welcome to.
  14. We call them Nissan pukes. More room in a defender!
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