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  1. Hi guys again. The other thing I didn't point out regarding the video of the vehicle theft, note the first thing they did was walk up to the car and shine a torch through the window. That was to check for additional devices such as steering wheel locks. Although quite easy to remove, it takes time, and risks making noise, so chances are in this case if they had seen an additional device they would have moved on. Its worth considering if you have a high end vehicle with keyless entry. Anything that slows the process down means that they may well go looking for a softer target. These sort of scroats are not skilled in removing additional security locks, so most would be stuck against a good steering wheel lock. Andy
  2. Ford have been using keys that 'go to sleep' for the last year. Only backwards compatible though to some 2018 models. This is how quick a relay attack is, and these guys are a pair of muppets ! Note how they hold the relay to get access, but he then moves away before scrote 2 has hit the start button, so has to go back. Then have a laugh about scrote 3 blocking the access off the drive. Not the smartest gang around, but still shows how quick it can be done. A lot of modern cars have the option to turn off keyless entry in the cluster menu's, which is a smart thing to do. Then protect the keys in the house with the previously mentioned comments.
  3. The logic to this is simple, one person sneezes, and 100 people **** themselves. Hence the need for so much loo roll :-)
  4. Have you checked if the cocking shoe has broken ?? I've changed quite a few for that for club members. Andy
  5. Hi. You must 'respect' these devices, as a long term user can testify. I have to use one of these daily. http://www.cefaly.co.uk/en Imagine your TEN's but about 5 times as strong, straight into the forehead. Due to the obvious safety situation I'm well up on these sort of devices, but please, as much as it goes against our nature, do read the instructions
  6. Its a common error. On the capless system you have a top flap, a central chamber, and a lower flap. You have to pass the filler nozzle through all three. The common thing is to put it through the top flap into the central chamber, but not pass it through the lower flap. This causes the fuel to back up and the filler nozzle to keep clicking off. Keep that in mind next time you fill, and take a second to feel all three stages as you insert the nozzle. This image should help. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=ford+capless+fuel&espv=2&biw=1280&bih=904&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjK2_KH3rHPAhXJLsAKHSNPBuEQ_AUIBygC#imgrc=sLIOspYjMKwZjM%3A
  7. Has this car got the capless filler neck ? If yes, are you sure you age putting the nozzle through both the flaps and not just the top one ? We have seen people dislodge the inner part of the system, but that can only be resolved with a new filler neck. If its a standard cap, check the vent hose is not blocked. Regards
  8. This is not as straight forward as it initially seems. Some of the speed limiters are mandated due to the taxation class of the vehicle. (Econetics are in this class) if its Non-Econetic, it should be doable via your Ford dealer, as long as its not a minibus. If its Econetic, a dealer would not be able to remove it, and if you really want it done it will have to be an aftermarket solution. Be aware in that situation the vehicle technically wouldn't comply to the lower tax bracket then. Regards
  9. Bloody cheek !!! Post 6 in the RAC link above is what I wrote for another motoring forum ! Been copied and pasted and claimed as his own. I know its mine, as I put pins 1 and 2 the wrong way round (it was late at night), and corrected it later in another post the next day. The info I put above is the correct way round
  10. Right, I'm back. Pin 3 of the smart charge plug MUST mirror battery voltage ! The tollerance is no greater than a 0.2v difference. If you get 13.5v at the battery engine running, you MUST have the same at pin 3. You may have high resistance / volt drop through the repaired wire ? Pin 1 is the command line from the ECU to the alternator. This nees to be scoped via back probe. You should see a good square wave signal (with no noise or hash), which alters in frequency as the electrical load is altered. (Switch heated screen / headlights on, and the frequency should change). Iy you have a concern with this signal, disconnect plug from alternator and test again. If signal corrects its the alternator. If its still bad, its a wiring concern or the engine ECU. Pin 2 is the monitor line from the alternator back to the pcm. Test the same on a scope as above. But, this time the signal should always remain constant, regardless of the electrical demand. If you have a concern with this signal, its a wiring concern or a concern with the smart charge electronics in the alternator. Hope that helps. Andy
  11. So whats your actual concern with the vehicle ?? Is the MIL or the charge light on ? The purpose of Smart Charge is to alter the charging rate to demand, based on a calculated battery temperature. Voltage going up and down is the purpose of the system. If you have a warning light on, or are not charging at all, thats a different matter, but you will need access to an oscilloscope for me to be able to talk you through the diagnostics. Does the vehicle have the correct battery fitted ? It must be a silver clacium, denoted by CA on the battery. Smart charge can not work correctly with a lead acid battery, denoted by PB on the battery.
  12. Thats a hell of a discharge ! We work to a tollerance of 0.05A, (50 milliamps). Pulling fuses and relays next is the correct way forward.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF1gijj03_0
  14. Andy 01


    Hi. Been on vape for two years, not had a single ciggy since ! But, the shops / on-line retailers are cunning. I started on 18mg strength, then down to 12mg. Most shops / on-line retailers I found don't go lower. Its not in their interest to get you off the nicotine as they loose a customer ! I like the Richey range of juice, so I have started buying direct from them. So, I now have access to the full range. Got two 30ml bottles of 6mg to go, then I'm going for 0mg. I seemed to get distracted that I was supposed to be giving up. And as others have said, I use it far more than when I was actually smoking !
  15. I still have some samples of these that were sent to our club by H&N. Not one person in the club was prepared to put them through their barrel !
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