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  1. If this happens regularly and you want to stop it, you can buy anti collision stuff from many places. I get mine from Amazon. It works, might look a bit tacky, but I prefer to hear the birds singing in my garden, not dead in a pile under my windows.
  2. Me too, all life has a right to live. Cull not exterminate. Super pic.
  3. Love your humour. I thought humour was in decline. Thank you. Made me laugh.
  4. Are they helping them though? Do they need to take them to a sanctuary? Will they not adapt if left alone? I don't see anyone taking Squirrels to the sanctuary.
  5. Oh, fantastic. So what is the title?
  6. Hedgehogs do that? To Badgers? I don't believe it.
  7. Are they strong? They could be the last 300 hedgehogs in the whole country. You know, I didn't know that. I always thought it was Eastern Europeans , driving BMW's or Audis.
  8. OOOeer. I am so dumb. How does the Hedgehog Population, relate to/affect, the Badger population?
  9. There you go. Lesson learnt. Never judge a book by it's cover. I wish your lad all the best.
  10. Fantastic job. A normal thing from my time. Now wait for the abuse from the "savage pack of dogs" description and the animal rights inflection. How times have changed.
  11. I love all life. But I want to talk about hedgehogs. Four Hedgehogs feed from my hedgehog feeder, dog food, cat food, dog biscuits, cat buiscuits, they are not fussy. They come every night, I video them, just to make sure it is not Rats or other vermin, like Cats... OOoops. Sorry to the cat lovers. Nope, definitely Hedgehogs. They should, according to Google, be hibernating right now. They are not. Anyone with a bit of savvy, will have noticed, that the last 30 years or so, winters are milder, so why should they hibernate? My query is, why has the local Hedgehog rescue centre, had 300 Hedgehogs donated in the last month? Why can people not leave them alone, to evolve to our warmer climate? I am probably dumb, and missing something. Your help would be graciously appreciated. Hedgehogs.
  12. I look forward to reading that book. I have one too.
  13. Jim Sarakun


    Women! Don't we just love them? They can make us, and they can break us, but we still love them. At 64, a few have passed through my life. If anyone asked, "which one did you love the most?", I would say "all of them". Some have made me fall, then broke my heart, though some have taken me to eternity and back. But I still love them all. Life experience eh. Single again, and they are a drug, I can not give them up. I have always looked for the girl who scrubs up nice, but is a bit of a rebel. I found her once, but she left me for a younger model. Such is life. At my age, I don't want to breed anymore, it is more of a companionship thing. Someone to share all my toys with. Yes you youngsters, us babyboomers, who had it all given to us on a plate and didnt work for it, now have no mortgage, our own house and some lovely toys. Any of you oldies on here get where I am coming from? Someone like this would be nice...... https://youtu.be/yv6jiqVmmSI Watch it to the end. Women
  14. It looks like, at last, we may be out. Empires don't work. look at History. We gave ours back to those we stole it from, a while back. We survived didn't we? This Euro Empire is not for us. That is my view, obviously the view of all who voted Conservative too. We have to get back onto a flat playing field. Tories were the best of the worst, so if we hopefully are out, we now have to lick these lying scumbags into shape. We can rejoice at last, after 45 years, on our Independence once more. How exciting is that? Fantastic...
  15. Three more days to go. I can not wait. I hope we get out, no deal. It is not about the money for me. Any money I have earn't has been eroded over the years. I earn less now, than I did 30 years ago, do the same hours, the same job, but everything has gone up in price. I can not better myself and spend a fortune on training courses. How much worse can it get? It will get worse if we do get out, I know this, but there will be a different playing field, and I envisage it can only get better with time. I hope our slippery slimy , lying politicians don't waste this opportunity to put the Great, back into Great Britain.
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