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  1. HI GUYS,i have a selection of purse nets available free to any young person starting out ferreting.there is about 30 to 40 up for grabs. all hand made some hemp some nylon.this offer for a youngster starting out,so I hope I don't get anyone trying to take advantage of this gester..... Thanks for intrest.they have now gone to a local youngster..
  2. Hi guys,i have a home made brooder box up for grabs free to anyone who wants it.its got two bulbs in the lid which are on a dimmer switch to control the output .I live in the rhondda area you have till end of the week,then its going in bin as I no longer need it and just takeing up space.cant my phone to upload a pic,but if you pm me your number I will send you a photo.atb..
  3. could do it that way and just it it when out lamping.nice and warm aswell then as you only need to open window to shoot.good luck dave what works for one does not always suit everone.so if it works for you succes.shoot straight and enjoy.
  4. wHAT i did for mine was cut a piece of plywood to fit inthe sunroof opening,and put the light mounting in the plywood.i cut it so the sunroof would hold the ply some clips to hook under the front edge.it holds fast with my lightforce 170.even at motorway speeds for fast lamping .if you would like some pics of it pm me and can txt em to you. .
  5. no i owe 20k,and i won the lotto so can pay him back now.
  6. Right then,help needed looking for a old friend.his name is tony davis and he used to live in seaton devon.I know he moved away and thats when i lost touch with him,Would like to make contact with him again so any help would be great. Thanks in advance ricky. ps,i know its a long shot but lets see how for pw can go.????
  7. agree with postage prices..sent some wobblers off the other week cost me nearly as much to post them at what i charged for them,thats last time i offer them post free.I hopeing someone local will come up trumps,,?
  8. ricky green

    post holers

    Ok fellars,digging deep here,lol,got some fencing i got to do and after a set of post holers,can get them off ebay fairly cheap but thought some one may have a set they need to get rid of so give you boys a try first. cheers in advance ricky.
  9. hi steve ,glad they still given you good service. My mate well pleased with his saw. thanks ricky
  10. hi guys finally solved the problem with photos,so for all the fellas who were interested in the wobblers here they are.like i said £8x12 posted to your door. thanks for looking cheers and keep shooting straight.
  11. Just testing the scene to see if anybody wants any p wobblers,I will sell you 12 for £8 post free. sorry guys haveing probs getting the pics to upload.
  12. ricky green


    Hi guys,i have two builders bags of timber cutoffs for sale,looking for £50 per bag.can deliver in rhondda area,but any further will have to charge for fuel and the wood is dry.thanks for looking...
  13. Have a look at richards microfit gunstocks aswell steve.
  14. ricky green


    Hi guys ,i am looking for a decent band saw to replace a cheapy one had that has finealy gave up the ghost on me. Thanks in advance. Ricky.
  15. hi guys looking for the above,any make considered ,thanks in advance ricky.....
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