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  1. Download Google Earth Pro on a 7-day trial if you also want to the area mapping function (and the ability to print images in high resolution).
  2. Bear in mind that good-quality arable land trades at between £6,500 and £7,000 per acre (in East Anglia) and land values show no sign of diminishing. Also consider that you would be bidding against farmers, most of whom have very deep pockets. Small blocks of land are always snapped up by large-scale operators requiring land to use up spare machinery capacity. Farmers enjoy lending rates that you would never be offered unless you already owned land. You would also be depriving yourself of the means to make a decent income from the land if you just scattered a few handfuls of OSR seed around, r
  3. Sorted it (I found inspiration in a bottle of Margaux). For anyone that is interested, it requires saving each each shape and each parcel, and then dragging and dropping each of these saved files into one 'master' file to then be saved as a KMZ file. Geek-tastic.
  4. KW, thanks, but you're thinking of saving it as a JPEG, not this sodding KMZ format (which takes anybody opening the KMZ file back to the drawings/annotations I have made, in Google Earth). I've drawn all the shapes, but I can't consolidate the various bits into a single file. I have literally spent all afternoon cocking around with this...
  5. Thanks, Paul, but I have no choice other than to send this data in Google Earth format. The data is going to a renewable-energy specialist who is trying to identify sites on Google Earth, for 'solar farming' (interesting and topical stuff). He wants to see it in GE, so that the site can be shown in a wider context.
  6. I thought I was pretty adept with Google Earth (Pro), as I use it all the time for basic work-related tasks like field mapping. I now need some help, ASAP. I need to draw individual outlines around a cluster of separate fields and then annotate each field with a placemark/push-pin, so that it looks like the data in this image: http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm19/Ba...ck__2008/GE.jpg I then need to be able to email this data as a single KMZ file. So far, I can create a KMZ file containing either the outline of a single field, or the placemark. Not both. And certainly not one KM
  7. Thanks for the interest, everyone. I've now found a PWer who fits the bill for this opportunity.
  8. Thanks, J_R. PM me if your mate is interested and wants to talk to me.
  9. Thank you for the various PMs, which I will consider.
  10. *** PLEASE DISREGARD - OFFER NO LONGER AVAILABLE *** I intend to give up the permission I hold for rabbit control over a 250-acre arable farm near Braintree, Essex. The farm is owned by my boss. I have shot it for 2 years, taking a bag of approximately 2,000 rabbits in 2008-09 and 1,600 rabbits in 2009-10. It's a cracking permission, one that I am sorry to walk away from. I have been asked by the farm manager to recommend a reliable and safe FAC holder to take on the responsibility. The permission is for rabbit control only, using rimfires and/or FAC air only, for one individual only.
  11. I have the following .22-250 Rem factory ammunition going spare, having ditched my centrefires long ago: - 10 rounds Remington 55gr PSP (plus 10 once-fired cases) - 34 rounds Norma 50gr V-Max (plus 6 cases) - 53 rounds Federal 55gr Nosler Ballistic Tip One green MTM Case Guard is included. £20, available for collection only in Essex. Please PM me with any interest/offers.
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