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  1. fat_jay

    Remington 1100

    Looking for a remi 1100.....anything about?
  2. Perfect thanks..Will give it a look Thanks Will be in touch if I blank at the auction
  3. .410 Norfolk/Suffolk, ideally double barrell
  4. I think there are only 2 diesels now with the Touareg, and the 3ltr comes in 201 or 262 bhp, will go for the 262. Dont think its a massive amount of road tax to be honest, we pay 260 odd now on an old crv and the VW is 320 i believe. Again not bothered too much about the mpg, i have a passat as my daily drive which is stupidly economical, and the Touareg/x5 will just be a second motor.
  5. Between the 2, looking at something probably 5 years old, anyone have experience of either? Wont go off road apart from the shoot car park and the track to the lake. TIA Jay
  6. fat_jay


    I weighed in at 21stone at my heaviest, got it down to 14 about 4 years ago and have kept it there ever since. Sensible eating during the week, and a minimum of 5k, normally 10, on the concept 2 rowing machine every day allows me to eat and drink too much at the weekends. In truth i should be at least a couple of more stone lighter, and could be if it wasn't for weekend binges........but everyone needs a little fun!!
  7. fat_jay


    Found a little Kestrel which will do the job perfectly, thanks all for the input.
  8. fat_jay


    That is a little more than I was hoping to spend to drop the odd pigeon for supper in the back garden!😬😬
  9. fat_jay


    But that means less toys!! Depends on what's on offer to be honest.
  10. fat_jay


    Looking for a 410, not a folder and not a single, apart from that anything about? Norfolk/Suffolk ideally.
  11. fat_jay

    face masks

    Stunning work! It where the Great In Britain came from!
  12. fat_jay

    face masks

    Mel, what a generous offer! i have no need for a mask, but would like your Paypal address so I can send you a small donation to help with postage etc. Jay
  13. I have only had my bike licence a couple of years, and my sv650 only cost £50 a year to insure!
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