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  1. I think there are only 2 diesels now with the Touareg, and the 3ltr comes in 201 or 262 bhp, will go for the 262. Dont think its a massive amount of road tax to be honest, we pay 260 odd now on an old crv and the VW is 320 i believe. Again not bothered too much about the mpg, i have a passat as my daily drive which is stupidly economical, and the Touareg/x5 will just be a second motor.
  2. Between the 2, looking at something probably 5 years old, anyone have experience of either? Wont go off road apart from the shoot car park and the track to the lake. TIA Jay
  3. fat_jay


    I weighed in at 21stone at my heaviest, got it down to 14 about 4 years ago and have kept it there ever since. Sensible eating during the week, and a minimum of 5k, normally 10, on the concept 2 rowing machine every day allows me to eat and drink too much at the weekends. In truth i should be at least a couple of more stone lighter, and could be if it wasn't for weekend binges........but everyone needs a little fun!!
  4. fat_jay


    Found a little Kestrel which will do the job perfectly, thanks all for the input.
  5. fat_jay


    That is a little more than I was hoping to spend to drop the odd pigeon for supper in the back garden!😬😬
  6. fat_jay


    But that means less toys!! Depends on what's on offer to be honest.
  7. fat_jay


    Looking for a 410, not a folder and not a single, apart from that anything about? Norfolk/Suffolk ideally.
  8. fat_jay

    face masks

    Stunning work! It where the Great In Britain came from!
  9. fat_jay

    face masks

    Mel, what a generous offer! i have no need for a mask, but would like your Paypal address so I can send you a small donation to help with postage etc. Jay
  10. I have only had my bike licence a couple of years, and my sv650 only cost £50 a year to insure!
  11. Anything by the Beatles.....wobbly headed basin haircutted buffoons!
  12. Shipbuilding - Robert Wyatt How to disappear completely- Radiohead Everlong - Foofighters Take me away - Chase and Status Feeling bad blues - Ry Cooder .........ask me again tomorrow, will be a different 5!
  13. Good afternoon Gentlemen, My Mum is clearing out some old cupboards and has come across her Dad's first edition Highway Code from 1931, she doesn't want it so has asked me to sell it. I have had a google to try and find what its worth, in in fact it's worth anything! and can find none for sale which has me thinking it may actually have a little value to it, any idea where I could get it valued? As an aside, its a brilliant read, and you automatically adopt a Mr Chumley Warner voice. TIA Jay
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