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  1. Bisley 100 cartridge bag

    I will take this if not already gone please.
  2. Real emergency services car or not

    I would suggest this convoy might have started near Hereford? When those guys refuel their helicopters they don't even get out - just sign a clipboard handed through the side window. Then they fly off at 50ft agl - just for fun. Glad they on our side.
  3. bottles for home brewing.

    Fork handles........
  4. Antler Pieces for sale

    2 x £4.50 ones please. Can you PM me your payment preference and I'll reply with posting address. Thanks
  5. Wanted -Set Of Chokes

    Won't these fit http://shotgunchokes.co.uk/shop/product-info.php?prodname=Webley-Scott-Extended-shotgun-choke&id=30423 ??
  6. Chronograph wanted.

    No worries. I was looking for a Skoda. You were offering a Porsche (but if it has a tow bar...!). ATB Iain
  7. Spectre - James Bond

    Jeez. Didn't you know It was filmed in 2015? Plenty of time to repair both?
  8. Chronograph wanted.

    I'm not disputing that - but it was not what I had said I was looking for ?
  9. Two part liquid metal

    Many years ago I used this Company's products on cracked castings http://www.belzona.co.uk/en/index.aspx with very good results.
  10. Chronograph wanted.

    Sorted now. Been offered one locally on loan. Thanks.
  11. Chronograph wanted.

    Thanks but that's far too techie for what I'm wanting one for. Think I might wait for my next US trip (April). https://www.midwayusa.com/product/852429/competition-electronics-prochrono-digital-chronograph Cheers. PS. My .410 is really dirty........
  12. Chronograph wanted.

    Now Sorted.
  13. Best waterproof for leather boots? ..

    I've used this on Meindl, Hanwags, Lundhags and Le Chameau boots (thats about 15 years of boots). https://www.amazon.co.uk/Martens-Wonder-Balsam-Leather-Protection/dp/B000M3R2HE/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1514110354&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=wonder+balsam Brilliant stuff. Sometimes cheaper on Flea Bay.
  14. 223 hornady vmax 60grain And 50grain

    If these are they are .223 bullets (not "heads") they are actually .224 so will also suit other .22 centre fires - so 22-250, .222 and .223, .22 Hornet etc
  15. iPhone 5

    Now sold, subject to normal. Thanks for all interest.