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  1. Totally agree with both of these. I fail to understand the need to enhance any photo.
  2. OP got sorted local to him so my Maxus (as above) is still available should anyone else be looking for one......
  3. Several of these on YouTube. It works.
  4. The Brexit "Remoaners" are just moaners. Always glass half empty people. What a dismal life they must lead. So, (unashamedly lifted from YouTube video about Glass Half Empty or Glass Half Full)..... " Dear optimist and pessimist- While you guys were arguing over the glass, I drank it. Sincerely, the opportunist"
  5. Easy. It will be Kwith (That's BBC balance?).
  6. YES. As did most of the UK - which is how he's got a huge majority. It's called democracy.
  7. Got a little used Maxus 3 1/2" steel proofed in MODB camo with all the chokes, shims, & bits. Comes with original case & chamber flag all for £750 I'm not far from Bedford but I'd gladly meet at Quy Mill - just west of Newmarket? Cheers. Iain
  8. Eyefor

    slip repair

    Definitely. Lin did a fabulous job for me on a leather and canvas slip.
  9. Superb little scopes with very clear glass. All made in Philippines. Change of direction means these are no longer required. All in excellent condition - used, but not abused. From the top.. 1. Model WTC 11. Coarse / grained body. Fitted Butler Creeks. 2. Model 800051. Coarse / grained body. With Bikini cover. 3. Model 800051. Smooth body. With bikini cover. £95 each to included tracked & signed for delivery. £270 for all three. Advertised elsewhere so first to yell on post is the winner!
  10. Jeez. Imagine that yelling at you from a Welsh forest? No more trespassers for sure.
  11. Eyefor

    FAC air .22

    If you get anywhere near Oundle (PE8) in the near future you're welcome to try it. Also, for info, check out The Daystate Owners Club http://www.daystateownersclub.com/forum/index.php?&sid=e778b991caa17c889313cadd3849e579
  12. Eyefor


    one here http://www.airgunbbs.com/showthread.php?856150-Daystate-22-magazine&highlight=daystate
  13. Eyefor

    FAC air .22

    I recently went through this exercise and also don't need a big (heavy) bottle for lot of shots when I'm out hunting / vermin clearing. After a lot of interweb investigation I went over to the dark side of electronic and, for not a lot more than your budget, bought a fabulous Daystate Mk4 IS Sporter .22 FAC which takes accuracy to previously unattained levels. I also have a non FAC BSA R10 .177 (John Bowkett tuned then needing Ratworks corrections - but that's another story) which is good - but the Daystate is at a much better level.
  14. Eyefor

    BBC News

    ..good evening. I'm Huw. Huw Edwards. This is the News Over to Katya, Katya Adler in Brussels. Hi Katya. Hello Huw. Blah Blah opinion. More opinion. Even more opinion. Blah Blah Blah. Back to Huw in London. Thank you Katya. That was Katya. Katya Adler. BBC correspondent in Brissels. Double U Tee eff is that all about. SIX name checks every time there is a new "news" item. Is it so they can self promote themselves to open village fetes or attend Bar Mitzvah's? I couldn't give a flying you-know-what who it is - and why is it necessary to stand outside Buck House, The Houses of Parliament, The White House etc just to deliver a "news" item? I can't watch it any more for fear of busting the tv.
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