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  1. Thanks for all replies. Rooms are all three walls new block work, one wall new stud work. Electrics only first fix. £1500 is what I had in mind. Still waiting for some other prices but one quote was £3900.......
  2. Can anyone give me a price idea please for plaster boarding and plastering the four walls and ceilings of two small rooms 2.1m x 2.4m and 2.1m x 2.15m plus the ceiling only of a third room 4m x 1.6m Thanks in advance.
  3. Many years ago (50+), on a road near Woburn Abbey, my father picked up a cock pheasant that had been hit by the car in front and he put it behind the drivers seat in what was then a million quids worth of hand built prototype FE Vauxhall Victor. The thing came to life before he had gone too far and splattered blood all over the cream leather interior......
  4. Eyefor

    Hip flasks ???

  5. Eyefor

    Hip flasks ???

    Definitely stainless bit I'd strongly recommend one with a retained cap as they're too easy to lose. Always rusty nail in my flask.
  6. Eyefor

    Air Pistol

    I am looking for an air pistol for the despatch of rats & squirrels caught in cages. PCP preferred as I already have a charge bottle. I assume .22 would be more effective but happy to be proved wrong. Thanks in advance.
  7. Eyefor


    There's some used RP brass for sale on The Stalking Directory? https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/clear-out-22250.226575/#post-2257251
  8. September 2015, new (Russell Hobbs) steam Iron purchased. Early October 2017 burns out - within a month of the 2 year guarantee expiring. October 2017, New (Russell Hobbs) steam Iron purchased. Early November 2019 burns out - within a month of the 2 year guarantee expiring. November 2019 New (Russell Hobbs) steam Iron purchased. December 2021 burns out - within a month of the 2 year guarantee expiring. Last two washing machines (Bosch) both died within a month of their 5 year guarantee expiring All coincidence, or pre-programmed?
  9. Eyefor

    Weldmesh Panels

    Look on Facebook marketplace. 8 x 4 sheets 1" mesh £15 (Surrey area) but several other options.
  10. McAvoys have them listed £28.99 / box? https://www.mcavoyguns.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d580_Seierra_Bullet_Heads.html
  11. I have just spent several months deliberating over what to replace my shooting / fishing / dog truck with and had a (not so) short list of about 15 vehicles, most of which I test drove and not one ticked all the boxes. At first I thought I wanted a pick up to separate the dogs & wet gear etc from the drive compartment, but I like the shelter provided by a traditional large tailgate and got the frights when I heard the story of a rear ended pick up that the owner could not get to his dogs after the rear end caught on fire. I recently bought a VW Touareg which ticks 99% of the boxes and is a super vehicle. Well worth a look and there is a very informative UK owners group on FaceBook. Good luck with your search.
  12. Eyefor

    Boat anchor

    I would forget the anchor locker and use a large round plastic dustbin in the boat to store rope first then chain & anchor. Fix one end of the rope on a side cleat near to where the dustbin sits, feed the other end of the rope through the stemhead, then attach the chain and anchor and store all in the dustbin, chain and anchor last. Tie a flying lead on at least two boat lengths long with one end tied to a side cleat. when on your mark, drop the anchor over the side, allow chain and rope of required length to run out through the flying lead (use coloured nylon twine stitched through or whipped single / double / treble / quadruple around the anchor rope to show 50m / 100m / 150m / 200m). Recover anchor using clip on / karabiner buoy (ahead of the flying lead) then recover all rope, chain and anchor to the dustbin?
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