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    Lin's still with you after seeing you in your pants & boots? Wow! That is one tolerant woman ;-) Thanks very much Mel (and to Lin). I'll confirm when received. Keep well. ATB Iain
  2. As above.Series 1A2 Model BRMUttings info and price hereHarris Model 1A2-BR Bipod 6-9 Inches (Solid Base) | Uttings.co.ukWith original Harris placky sales bag & leaflets etc. Advertised Elsewhere,£65 posted

    Hi Mel. I trust all is well with you? Leather Rivets - just like wot Lin used for those gaiter cleats for me? Just doing a bodge job (that's what Lin would call it) on a Roe Sack. How's your little part of Wales? We (finally) exchanged on our little part of England last week (after 7 months. The English property process is a joke). Cheers Iain

    Fair warning. As above. I'm on the scrounge. I need 6 off 3/16 dia x 1/4" double cap brass rivets (or similar) for a small job please. Happy to pay postage and cost - or make a donation to charity. Can anyone help, please? Thanks in advance. Iain
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    Case trimmer? Tumber? Universal De-capping die? Im selling all three is you're interested.....
  6. Where's the edit post option gone..... Anyway, various items have sold so I will put up another post with the remaining individual items. Thanks for all interest.
  7. Can send Parcelforce 48 in one lot for £13.00 extra
  8. Thanks, but I'm not splitting yet. If I do, I'll let you know.
  9. v-max sold to Mr VE above.
  10. All now surplus to requirement RCBS H7A (like Rockchucker) press Lyman Universal case trimmer (with box and all collets) Midway 1292 tumbler (loaded with media) Set of RCBS .222 dies £200 for all collected from MK44 Separately (and now legally postable) I have 300 x .224 Hornady Vmax 40gr (not 50gr) bullets in unopened boxes. SOLD. Advertised elsewhere.
  11. Re-loading

    IF it's rifle reload stuff your looking for I have the following surplus to requirements - an RCBS press a Lyman case trimmer (with all collets) A midway 1292 tumbler (loaded with media) Set of RCBS .222 dies £200 collected from MK44 Separately (and now legally postable) I have 300 x .224 Hornady Vmax 50gr bullets in unopened boxes. £75 for all three.
  12. Subaru Forester 2.5 XTen

    Incorrect dimensions - it upsets the diagnostic. I have had it on Range Rover, Merc, Honda (S2000) and Subaru.
  13. Subaru Forester 2.5 XTen

    BAD POINTS ABS light intermittent after the brakes were changed - this will probably be due to non OEM pads being fitted. If you were charged for OEM get them checked. Ferodo also work fine, others don't. fan/power steering belt squeals on cold starts until warm. The scooby belts don't last long. Simple (short term) fix is to spray the belts with the engine running with WD40. Better - and fairly cheap - longer term fix is to get the belts changed. Under £100 at a local garage for the lot. Great car - if anyone doubts the Forester off road capacity, put "Off road Forester" in to YouTube search. Amazing stuff. Good luck with the sale. I have no connection with the seller.