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  1. Eyefor

    BREXIT - merged threads

    ...but it's the Biased Broadcasting Company AGAIN giving airtime to has beens who are denying democracy. I'm disgusted with the BBC. Laura Kronenburg (and others) should be fired. I want the News. Not their (biased) opinion. Rant over...(for now).
  2. Eyefor

    Holiday reading

    For an excellent (non footballing or JSP) autobiography may I suggest "Blood and Sand" by Frank Gardner. A great "couldn't put it down" read.
  3. Eyefor

    Eric Clapton

    Anyone liking Mr Clapton's music should watch Eric Clapton: Life in 12 bars available on BBC iPlayer only for another 9 days. Link here https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0b95q4f/eric-clapton-life-in-12-bars?suggid=b0b95q4f Fabulous documentary with loads of old footage of Hendrix, The Stones & many others. Wonderful. PS. Full thing also on YouTube
  4. Eyefor

    Why would my laptop just crash?

    Yup! BTDT. I ran an old Mac like that for years!
  5. Eyefor

    Why would my laptop just crash?

    Did you try the power lead in the same socket? Maybe check the consumer unit to see if anything has tripped....
  6. Eyefor

    Free stuff and some advice please.

    Thanks for all replies. The tyres look to be heading to a local recycling plant that offer a collection service (price tba but I'm advised it is not too much) and the oil I will see what it it before deciding what to do - there was a local suggestion that it could be unused. The white spirit / turps and the ags I will hang on to for now because they must be ofuse to someone. I might try Freecycle etc.
  7. In some recently acquired barns we have been kindly left the following - 2 x 45 gal / 205L steel drums full of (what I assume is) old oil. 20+ old tractor tyres of various sizes. About 40 litres white spirit / turps. About 50 (best guess) used (but reusable) big bags. Some are 1.5Mt onion bags. Most appear to be bottom dump. I assume the bags and maybe the turps could be of use to some one, but are any of these items of any use to anyone on here please? (Can you burn old old in a heater, could the tyres be used for a racetrack)? Alternatively, where do I dispose old oil, tyres and turps please? Located near Peterborough (postcode PE8). Thanks in advance.
  8. Does the T3 Lite have a varmint barrel?
  9. Eyefor

    What chokes are browning maxus

    If you're in the US then take a look at the Rhino plus chokes which are stupid cheap there. I bought mine off "Cheaper than Dirt" website and they are brilliant in my Maxus. Cheaper than dirt link here https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/search.do?query=Chokes&sku_instock_b=true Definitely worth a look for anything shootingwise.
  10. Eyefor

    Norfolk based engineering wizard

    Not wishing to cast any doubt on the Grand Wizard of Norfolkstans ability to fix this, but about 100 years ago we used to fix cracked castings with "Belzona Molecur Steel" which worked very well. Info here http://www.belzona.co.uk/en/products/purpose/metal-repair.aspx
  11. Eyefor

    FREE Demijohns

    Now taken.
  12. Eyefor

    FREE Demijohns

    These are used and far from clean but should clean up. Found in some barns we are clearing out. Collect only from PE8 postcode. Not 100% sure on quantity. Might be 15, could be 13 Collection info I will send by PM. Advertised elsewhere.
  13. Eyefor

    Fiocchi .410 3" Cartridges 6 or 7.5 shot

    Hi, That is a very kind offer. Thank you - but, having worked through 6 or 7 brands, I'm now sorted with Fiocchi with Eley as a back up should the Fiocchi's become scarce.
  14. Eyefor

    .30-06 brass

    ..if you mic the CCI primers you will find the diameter can vary considerably and are regularly not concentric. I ditched them long ago. Also, imho, this is the numero uno piece of kit I had for reloading - even better than the charge master - and it is a lot easier on your hands. 100% consistent primer loading. I paid £55 secondhand. Hope you get sorted with your brass.
  15. Eyefor

    Fiocchi .410 3" Cartridges 6 or 7.5 shot

    That's very helpful. Thanks. I might have to buy two slabs when they arrive at the shop!