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  1. Eyefor

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Logical thought though.....most of the current UK stocks will be needed to mop up the vast amount of BBC-dispensed Brexit carp?
  2. Is that 4 - 16 x 50? Tube size? Reticle? Side focus? Model No? Thanks.
  3. Eyefor

    SWARO SLC 7X42

    I (eventually) bought a pair of these after years of denial and faffing around with Bushnell, Leupold & other bino's - so if anyone on here is dithering about buying these then (IMHO) 1. You will never look through a finer pair of bino's than the Swaro SLC's. There are several online forums where people have traded "up" to EL's and then reverted to SLC's. The clarity of these bino's is amazing. 2. You will lose less money over time by buying a pair of SLC's now rather than progressing through "cheaper" bino's working up towards Swaro ownership. 3. These bino's are near bombproof plus Swaro customer service is excellent. Any issues, just send them to Swaro. I have no connection whatsoever with the seller. I'm just surprised these haven't yet sold.
  4. Eyefor

    Wanted a Beretta 391 Urika 3 shot, 12 gauge-Norfolk area

    Norwich https://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/19693-Beretta-a391-urika-2-for-sale No connection with seller. "Ain't fur from 'emsby t' Narich boi"?
  5. Eyefor

    Cammo Net

    ...for shooting out of the passenger window, I use a hardwood 4" x 2" plank jammed under the passenger headrest then resting across to the dash board (scooby seats are too low to use driver side wing mirror as a rest) but forgot about the scope overview and the nearside wing mirror with a fox trotting left to right. End result of 120gr 7mm-08 meeting wing mirror at 3000+ fps. Was quoted £200 plus fitting to replace! Ouch NOTE TO KEYBOARD WARRIORS. NO THAT IS NOT WHERE THE SHOT WAS TAKEN. THAT IS MY FRONT DRIVE AFTERWARDS,
  6. Eyefor

    Cammo Net

    My shooting truck is a Subaru Forester. I'm thinking of shooting (sitting) out of on an open tailgate, drape the whole vehicle in the tarps then put a standard hide at the back just leaving a wide narrow shooting strip between the top of the hide and the bottom of the open tailgate. I can then chose rifle or shotgun? Playtime 😎 !! Thanks again.
  7. Eyefor

    Cammo Net

    Excellent. Ordered 4 & will collect on Wednesday. Many thanks.
  8. Eyefor

    Cammo Net

    S'cuse me TC North Bedfordshire, please! Much posher than mid Beds (but soon to be North East Northants....) I'd happily pay courier costs if it was what I'm looking for?
  9. Eyefor

    Cammo Net

    If you could find the supplier I'd be very grateful as there does seem to be a wide variety available and I'll definitely adapt the tarp for rifle shooting out of the truck passenger window. Thanks.
  10. Eyefor

    Cammo Net

    That I do like - especially the cutting out of the near side window which I use a lot for my rifle shooting. Where did you get the camo tarps please? Thanks.
  11. Eyefor

    Cammo Net

    ...5' 8" But I want to camo cover the truck.
  12. Eyefor

    Cammo Net

    Looking for one about 5m x 5m. Lightweight preferred. Anyone got one gathering dust? Thanks in advance.
  13. Eyefor

    Lucky Thirteen UNIMAG for Tikka T3

    2nd dibs please should biblical floods or plagues of locusts happen in the Harlow area of Essex.
  14. Eyefor

    A bit thick

    Yes. (Lifted from SD)
  15. Eyefor

    A bit thick

    "Actions speak louder than words"? How about