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  1. Vodaphone Broadband

    We were with PlusNet for many years but the customer service deteriorated from excellent to dire since they were taken over by BT. Recently we switched to John Lewis (phone & broadband - strangely, provided by PlusNet) who were much cheaper (even PlusNet refused to match their price) and they have a dedicated customer service team with service that you would expect from John Lewis. Vodafone moved the mast in our village and the signal went from full strength to near zero so all of our vodafone calls are now routed via WiFi which is really good. Problem solved.
  2. Ignorance is bliss - or is it ?

    We need to be grateful for ICB's because it's a fair bet that one invented the tooth brush (allegedly, somewhere near Kings Lynn)? Had it been invented by a normal person with a full set of choppers it would surely have been called a teeth brush?
  3. Ignorance is bliss - or is it ?

    A DFL in our village was concerned about his chickens (in a brand new raised-above-the-ground wheeled hen house that probably cost about the same as 10,000 eggs from the farm gate next door) were attracting RATS (OMG!!!). Local sage at the end of the bar advised him that what he needed to cure the rat issue was a ferret which DFL duly purchased and placed at night in a closed up hen house "on guard" against the rats. Next morning - no more chickens = (i suppose) no more rats? Next week - no more hen house either ("....given it away. We decided to support the local economy and buy our eggs in the village"). Jeeez...
  4. A bit of a rarity.

  5. A bit of a rarity.

    There are quite a few Storks in the UK - especially in E Anglia. We had some at Sharnbrook (just north of Bedford) and there is also some supposed to be near Oxford. Very strange flying style with neck and legs extended. Look like a forerunner of Concorde!
  6. Electrical help

    ..for something as permanent as tiles, I would be considering laying steel conduit. Then, if ever required, you can pull more cable through? As above. Get professional advice. It could be cheaper in the long run?
  7. New kitchen

    Did the OP pay by credit card? They are responsible if you did. Start a Section 75 claim.
  8. Bismuth, Steel and lead cartridges 12g

    I'll take all of the steel ones for £10 if you ever get anywhere near Oundle or Kimbolton please? PM now sent. Thanks.
  9. Bill Maynard

    He came in to a pub in Wells-next-the-sea we were in and it was like watching "Greengrass". A fabulous character. RIP.
  10. Himalayan Balsam

    Removing Himalayan balsam Indian balsam needs dealing with before it sets seed. If control is undertaken early enough to prevent flowering (and if this is achieved before seed has set) then eradication is possible in two or three years. We recommend that the plants, which are shallow-rooted, should be pulled out and disposed of by composting carefully, or by burning if seeds are present. If this is done on a regular basis and the plant is not allowed to set seed, it will eventually die out. Regular strimming of larger areas is also an option, as long as it is done often enough to prevent flowering. Doesn't look too onerous?
  11. iPhone 6s 16Gb Space Grey

    As above. Comes with original box, with plug/power adaptor, USB cable, unused earplugs plus unused screen protector and sim card removal tool thingy. Includes two silicone / plastic cases (one unused). Has had protective case fitted from new. One (very minor) fine hair line shallow scratch (about 1cm long) at the top of the screen which is invisible when screen is on. Otherwise, as new. Was on Vodafone. Now unlocked and factory reset. £165 to include RMSD Advertised elsewhere
  12. Note to self...Don’t use family tradesmen

    ..also, never let family use holiday homes. NOBODY (other than immediate family of me / wife / 2 sprogs and their partners) will use ours ever again. There must be a list of don't do's with family?
  13. 'Off Air'

    Sadly missed, obviously
  14. benelli m2 butt pad

    Order it online from Brignoli Silvio, Italy Email info@brignoliarmi.com Just bought one for a friend. Takes about 2 weeks.