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  1. Eyefor

    Anjem Choudary released... ***

    Suggestion.. Send him to the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul? Except, I suppose, with freedom of speech that includes things most don't like?
  2. Eyefor

    Cleggs new job

    What a ******* hypocrite. Good riddance P O S.
  3. Eyefor

    Piers Morgan Proves Yet Again What a **** He Is

    +1 That is why the Irish called their (pre-Euro) currency The Punt - because it rhymed with Bank Manager.
  4. Eyefor

    new home for labrador

    Respect to the people insisting on finding the dog a good home being more important than the money side of things. Photo's of the first retrieve when available please Mr Steveshoots. Nice looking dog.
  5. Eyefor

    Any thoughts?

    Just a thought... which is more likely to get this chap a job (or at least an interview) in the future (Christian name) Symington-Smythe or (Christian name) Smith / Yates / Perkins/ O'Reilly?
  6. Eyefor

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Says it all.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01DLVZA2W/ref=oh_aui_d_detailpage_o00_?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If you read it, prepare to spit blood.
  7. Eyefor

    Emergency Alerts

    In Florida at the moment and we get regular alerts giving car reg numbers etc. Good idea but bloody annoying at 11.40pm
  8. Eyefor

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    Just slightly off track but I had an uncle in Scotland (very regrettably no longer with us) who was not short of a shilling or three and who liked good shoes. His problem was that his left foot was size 5 and his right foot size 8, so his shoes had to be specially made. A solution was found when he put an advert in The Times stating "Gentleman in Scotland with size 5 left foot and size 8 right foot requests communication from gentleman with size 8 left foot and size 5 right foot to discuss shoe purchases"....and he found someone in Surry (I think) and they would buy identical quality shoes, one pair size 8 and one pair size 5 and send each other the respective sized shoe. Who said the Scots were tight? I think that's quite canny!
  9. Eyefor

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    The Boss, she say YES! Keep walking.....
  10. Eyefor

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    Nothing wrong with high branded "seconds". I have a friend who owns a leather processing factory in Northamptonshire and he told me that many seconds are made by not yet fully qualified shoemakers so they cannot be branded as top grade yet get more supervision put in to them than normal. The Barkers factory shop in Earls Barton is a great place to browse for both mens & ladies shoes. Other brands are available. I have no connection with Barkers !
  11. Eyefor

    Bing Maps

    Try Waze maps. Much better than imaps or Google maps (and now with IOS12) will work with CarPlay (if you have it).
  12. Eyefor

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    I found the answer to having smart looking, hard wearing shoes is a) buy quality and b) buy more than one pair. Wearing any pair of shoes 5 days a week will kill them. They need to rest and dry out. For long term cheap cost of ownership buy Church's or Barkers. I worked in the City for many years and several of my shoes are over 25 years old, and with the occasional re-sole and re-heel, still look great.
  13. Try the cheapest first. If it works with Prvi (many don't) or other cheapo's then it ain't worth paying more or even reloading. IMHO only progress to Federal / Hornady / Sako / loadsamoney if you need to. The last 1/2" at 100 yards off the bench does not matter one iota when it's off the sticks, cold, pixxing with rain, at night and in a howling wind. BTDT
  14. Eyefor

    One for the Pilots - LAPL or PPL(M)?

    ..and more Night Twin IR When it was £80/hour for a C150 I still reckon I spent double what I had anticipated. If flying for fun, stick at PPL. If flying as a means of transporting yourself (and others) then be prepared to pay loads!
  15. Eyefor

    Punch bags

    I agree with that but I was recommended dried kiln sand by an ex pro boxer. It flows much more freely than builders (or beach!) sand so the bag gives a little with the punch.