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  1. The seller of this gun doesn't appear to be a Pigeon Watch member, to contact them please use the details on Gun Watch. I think he's Australian?
  2. Hi, None of my business really, but I think you may be limiting your market on this advertising it as 6.5mm as it can be used on all calibres up to 6.5? The A-Tec are excellent mods. Good luck with the sale
  3. The 1.5 door models (Ford super or King cab, Isuzu extended cab, Toyota Extra cab, Nissan king cab or Mitsubishi club cab) give me all I need from a passenger compartment but with the added advantage of a longer load bed? Also, the bigger trucks with rear a canopy are a pita to park where I currently live (I have to reverse off a main road and around a corner) - but we are moving next year (self build, in year 4 of a 2 year project....) where parking is not an issue. Fuel economy I am not interested in. My annual mileage will be less than 5000 which may be why an advert for a P38 Range Rover in 2.5 diesel keeps drawing me back.
  4. Thanks but 1200Kg towing capacity is not enough. The unladen weight of my trailer is 650Kg.
  5. I still regret selling the Fourtrak. Got a picture somewhere of it pulling a Range Rover out of the mud in a rising tide along the Southwold river. " Short cut to the pub, dear"!
  6. Thanks but No1 son has a 65 plate Freelander and has had a load of trouble with it.
  7. ...please. I'm struggling find what I'm looking for so I thought I would ask for help. I have a 2005 Subaru Forester 2.0 XT petrol auto which I've had from new and, when the dealer offered me £583 for it in 2017 in part exchange when I bought a new Forester, I've kept it as a shooting truck / dog wagon. It is still a great motor (if a little small) but after 3 years of trouble free (cheap) motoring it is looking a bit sad and it needs to retire plus I reckon it will let me down just when I need it most and when it is the most inconvenient. Also, I think there may be some vehicle / finance deals shortly available due to current high stock levels of new and used motors. Apparently, some car manufacturers & dealers in the US are offering 8 years interest free deals on new and used vehicles. Replacement vehicle preferences - Auto, diesel, decent towing capacity, NO VAT, not Monster size - standard 4 door Amarok, Hilux or Isuzu are just too big and the rear seats are of no use to me. SWB shogun commercial too small, LWB shogun commercial too big - plus 2ft towbar to get past the spare wheel on the tail gate. Landcruiser LC3 or LC4. Not really a truck for getting dirty and silly money for old vehicles. New (ish) Landcruiser commercial - still too new, are above budget and I haven't seen one without VAT. The 11/2 door open back pick up models like Ford Ranger Super Cab, Isuzu D-Max extended cab and Toyota Extra cab I quite like - but they're all manual but one of these may be the best idea as I think I will have to compromise somewhere. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (electric hybrid) a bit small and v low towing capacity. Land Rover Disco 4 commercial.....too unreliable and expensive to maintain. Merc G wagon - expensive repairs. Old 3.5 or 2.5 diesel Range Rover 2 door - can't find a decent one. I'm out of ideas and would welcome vehicle suggestions.
  8. Eyefor

    Lord Geordie

    iPad pro 256gb from John Lewis (in stock in Peterborough store TC 👍- so extra guarantee)? Colonel Sir Lord Tom got £40m for the NHS so I'm sure we can get to a grand?
  9. Eyefor

    Lord Geordie

    Great - but is it possible to do something that doesn't involve paying for the service - like "Just Giving" do (others may be available)?
  10. Eyefor

    Lord Geordie

    Good idea. Tell me where to send please.
  11. Eyefor

    White stork.

    Neither do I. Not too long ago I reported to the RSPB HQ that Hen Harriers had successfully been rearing young in North Bedfordshire for 4 or 5 years. All seen by me and an RSPB member in the village and several locals. The RSPB response? "Not interested. There are no Hen Harriers in this region". Fine. Up yours too - and the RSPB member cancelled his membership.
  12. Eyefor

    Bird ID

    ..a bit like swan? 😉
  13. ...they've reissued it https://blog.toyota.co.uk/toyota-land-cruiser-70-re-released-to-celebrate-30-years-of-iconic-4x4
  14. ...maybe because she can't (or shouldn't) drink for a while and it's nice for you to abstain as well? Other than that. Well done. PS. The damn things do not come with a handbook. Prepare to feel useless!
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