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  1. As above.Notched unsprung legs.Cant only, not swivel model.Good condition - rubber feet unmarked.£50 posted / courier.Advertised elsewhere.
  2. Eyefor

    PELI 1750

    Now sorted. Thanks for all replies.
  3. Eyefor

    PELI 1750

    Thanks. I had seen that & sent a message to the seller - but no response yet.
  4. Eyefor

    PELI 1750

    Anyone got one for sale please? Thanks.
  5. Replied. Two sold elsewhere so all now sold. Whooooooosh!
  6. ******SOLD******* All new and never used. 3 still in original packing. Full cammo covering. Reinforced edges and eyelets every metre. Available due to change of plans. Cost £16.99 each from Screwfix. Like these https://www.screwfix.com/p/tarpaulin-sheet-green-brown-2-x-3m/482gt except twice the size and cammo. £10 each collected from near Sporting Targets MK44 1BX or £12.50 each by Hermes. Advertised elsewhere.
  7. PM sent re Zeiss.
  8. Eyefor

    Sparks advice.

    With breakers in or out?
  9. Eyefor

    Sparks advice.

    Just a thought.....did you turn the power back on with all the breakers still in place? What about power off, remove all breakers. Power on - then see if it trips? If it does, it's the board? If not, feed one breaker in at a time (power off, one breaker in, power on) and then see what happens? If it trips with the first breaker, try same again with a different breaker.
  10. What are the approx dimensions on the rice bowl please? Thanks
  11. As (somewhere) above. Send Wabbitbosher a pm. A couple of years ago I bought a really nice AYA O/u off him to pass on to a friend that was silly cheap.
  12. Waze (app on your phone) is so much better than any of the "big names". And it's free.
  13. PM sent. If not already gone and if they are 4.52 I will take these please. Thanks.
  14. Eyefor

    Boat wanted

    If it flies, floats or fornicates, always rent it - it's cheaper in the long run. - Felix Dennis I've owned a few boats and once owned a charter boat out of Brighton Marina. Best fishing boat I had was the Mitchell 31 MkII which I had for many years. Best smaller boat was the Orkney Fisher 24 with the Volvo engine. Best towed boat I owned was an Orkney 19 (just manageable single handed launch and retrieve). If I won the lottery I would buy a Lochin 40 Sports Fisher the day after. Current boat? 14ft Lowe aluminium flat bottomed Jon Boat for river fishing. They are all money pits - but days afloat in your own boat do not count against your allotted span. PS. Once you've got your Pilot's Licence back you've got plenty of things attracting notes out of your wallet. PPS. Even if you buy a 40ft boat never fish with more than you and one other on the boat and never fish with someone who is less experienced fisher than you. You'll spend a lot more time fishing rather than sorting somebody else's tackle out.
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