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  1. Eyefor

    Defecting MP's

    You sure that was the bin...and not your large lady friend? PS On Topic, I agree. Defect to another party should mean automatic local election.
  2. From the same people
  3. Eyefor

    tent frame

    Not too far from Bayliss Towers... https://www.keyclampstore.com/
  4. Eyefor

    tent frame

    Hi Mel. Look up "Key Clamp Piping" Simples (and cheap) ? Cheers Iain
  5. Eyefor


    Having lived and worked in several African countries I predict a bloodbath - particularly on land grab. Where was plan B post Gaddafi and post Saddam? I am not condoning many of their actions and neither was terribly PC but better than what has followed in both cases? Watch this space...?
  6. Working Man. Rita MacNeil. Reminds me of my ex-miner Grandad in Fife. "I never again will go down undergound". It wrecks me every time I hear it. Meet on the Ledge. Fairport Convention with Sandy Denny. Reminds me of the rebelliousness of the late 60's that I am still proud of. Father and son. Cat Stevens. "From the moment I could talk, I was ordered to listen" Reminds me of the fractious relationship I had with my father. Eve of destruction. Barry McGuire "You're old enough to kill, but not for voting". Exactly. Sweet sixteen. The Fureys. Reminds me of me in teenage idiot mode at 16 sighting for the first time the woman that I instantly decided I would marry. Still together after 48 years. Fabulous woman. Many more drift in and out of that top five according to my mood - Streets of London by Ralph McTell, Tribute to a King by William Bell, Green Fields of France (Willie McBride) by the Fureys All are on YouTube but this is the best version of the last one.
  7. There is one offered in this wanted section just below......?
  8. A friend out ours had a lovely villa in Belamadena on the old Benalmadena / Mijas road (complete with heli pad.....) which we stayed at a few times and Mijas is well worth a visit. Just don't go on any festival days because the locals (well stewed) drive the mountain road like maniacs.
  9. Issue resolved. Thanks.
  10. Eyefor


    That's the worst news I've had for weeks........******* Kronenburg is back.
  11. 1. If I amend an advert (new price) why doesn't it amend on the PW pages and 2. If I pay for a further month, why does the advert still languish on page 3 and not get bumped? A tad unimpressed.
  12. What is your age? 66 How frequently do you come into contact with gates and stiles? Several times a day Sometimes are the stiles hard to get over? Never Have you ever not been able to access somewhere because of the stiles? No Why do you go on walks? Exercise, walk the dog, beating and planned walks How often do you walk? 3 times a day Would you consider using a light weight portable object to help you get over gates and stiles? No. I have no issue with stiles.
  13. You can tell if they are - break off the stem near the cap. If you see any small pin holes bin it (or enjoy the "field flavour...your choice!). That is also why early morning is best so the insects haven't got to them yet.
  14. Let me know if you get anywhere near Bedford or Cambridge and I'll take these. Thanks.
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