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  1. As aboveAnyone upsizing / downsizing / selling up please?Thanks in advance.
  2. PM sent. Got a Daystate Mk4 iS I might be persuaded to part with.
  3. I will take these if not already sold. PM inbound. Thanks.
  4. Yours Jaymo. Please PM me your address and I’ll post it tomorrow. Thanks. Seemed a waste to chuck it in the bin.
  5. In very good condition, as photos. May fit other iPhones of the same size. 1st to post on here wins. Postage free.
  6. Make one out of pallets? Or
  7. Thanks but I already have the torch with red and green LED's - just looking for white.
  8. As above please. Any one got one that is no longer needed? Standard NM modules don't fit. Thanks in advance. Iain
  9. Three Frontline Plus pipettes for fleas, ticks and lice for dogs 10Kg - 20Kg and two Drontal wormer tablets (one per 10Kg). Both in original packaging and both expire October 2023. Dog prefers Milbemax and Bravecto (5 times the price!). £15 posted. Advertised elsewhere.
  10. Great music indeed but I don't think Jim got enough credit for the songs. Bat out of Hell (or Born to be Wild) on the car audio REALLY LOUD and I defy anyone to stick to 70mph. Sorry, officer.
  11. Great torch with extended handle / extra battery in fair used condition. Lens unmarked. Fabulous range. 2 x Nightmaster 18650 Li-Ion 2600mAh batteries included (but no charger - about £5 on that auction site) £70 to include Hermes courier. Advertised elsewhere.
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