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  1. Pulsar Axion Key XM30 wanted if anyone has one for sale please PM
  2. Please PM if you have one for sale
  3. I appreciate where you are coming from, LW cylindrical .22LR and 22 mag barrels are 12mm OD https://www.lothar-walther.com/gun-barrel-blanks/rifle-barrels/rimfire/cylindrical/318/barrel-blank-stainless-twist-17.7.22mag-od.47-l-29.72
  4. Just had a measure as best I can with available kit and has come out at 1:18
  5. Bought this an age ago for a long barreled Air Rifle project that never happened ,purchased from the USA before everything changed as all that was available over here were only 24" long, .22 Cal Barrel Blank 12 Groove 680mm (26.75") long 13.7 (0.54") Diameter Choked £120 posted
  6. Dr Bobs Buddy Bottle Clamps 1 x 50mm 1 x 60mm £20 each posted
  7. Keith RW

    .25 FAC PCP

    Looking for something along lines of the FX Wildcat or similar, Anything in the cabinet not being used? Please PM Cheers
  8. .25 FX Wildcat MkIII Compact Wanted either on or off ticket
  9. Looking for a not too expensive Thermal Spotter XM30, XM38 or similar please PM if avaialble
  10. No problem Walkedup, your PM wasn't exactly an offer, more of an abrupt statement without any introduction "I can give you £80 for that scope as it’ll have no warranty" is all that was received which is why I did not respond and you and as you also mentioned purchasing a new one in a later post....doing such would obviously have a warranty which appears to be your concern. The scope is still available for anyone that may be interested which is in excellent as new condition
  11. Fuji 2800 Zoom digital camera Having a tidy out and looking to raise some funds for Local needs, had this in a drawer for several years, just put some batteries in it and all working OK but will need a memory card All monies raised will be going directly to providing food parcels to aid local children not going hungry during these testing times and will be greatly appreciated £25 posted
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