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  1. Does anyone out there have a use for, or know of anyone that could make use of some 5v power Supply units. I have a job lot of New (approx 150), unused, original 5v 2A Fuji units (European two two pin plug type not UK 3 pin type) that are surplus to requirement. Would rather these get moved on to someone that could make use of them than them end up being scrapped off so Free for collection (Rotherham/South Yorkshire)
  2. Afternoon All Just been invited out for a couple of Duck drives on a local shoot but have only ever shot game and pigeon with lead loads through my 1980's Miroku previously and never used Steel loads. Question is what if anything is available in steel and that I can safely shoot though 1/4 & 3/4 barrels? , I'm sure this will been queried previously, with replies such as ok with light loads and no more than half choke etc but just asking what progress may have been made since changes in laws were introduced, just been looking at Eley steel pro eco so appears thing are constantly changing/improving. Are the obvious issues down to the fact that steel does not compress though choke restrictions and therefor I may need to go for a couple of boxes of tungsten/bismuth alternatives
  3. No problem, got your name on it
  4. PM sent with details, many thanks
  5. Soligor 105mm M42 lens and Carl Ziess Jenna M42 135mm Lens These are M42 screw fit to suit the SRB conversion adaptor for the Photon modification. £40 each posted recorded delivery
  6. Canon 50mm EF 28-80 Zoom Lens Excellent condition as can be seen in photos £30 posted recorded delivery
  7. Express Double slip one of the zips does not close up securely for the last couple of inches as shown in photo, OK if not closed all the way. £15 posted
  8. Job lot sold to wheelie, many thanks
  9. 2 x Unused SMK Padded Rifle Slips 1 x unused lined slip 1 x Gadget Bag 330 x250 x250 £40 posted recorded delivery for the lot
  10. Afternoon Mike, can you please reply to my PM's as there are other members interested in the item
  11. E. Jeffries Goold Group Canvas & Leather Shotgun slip Marks from use but in very good solid condition £30 posted recorded delivery Measures 48" to the fold of the flap, takes my 28" Miroku o/u
  12. Did you mean to say she "is mates with"..... or actually "mates with" ........ it made me smile anyway 🙂
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