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  1. Kershaw 3850 Swerve 3" Liner Lock flipper assisted opener Only been out the box to look at £45 posted royal mail first class Anyone wishing to purchase this must be 18 years of age (or over)
  2. looks like its time to have a sit out in that area out for a bit of crow bashing then, not seen any wild chicks around locally as yet this year which this perhaps goes part way to explain why not, if this is a local feeding station that this particular egg thief returns to then I'll see if I can help the wild stock out and even things up a little.
  3. Just been out for a very wet walk around a wood on one of my permissions and came across some pheasant egg shells along with another unidentified one not too far away from them, possibly crow but maybe too brown? , do these look like they have hatched out naturally rather than having stolen by an egg thief as no evidence of yolk etc. strange there should be half a dozen in close proximity to each other and no sign of a nest ..... and then there's the other one nearby... thoughts anyone
  4. BMG Gamekeeper Folding Pocket Knife Must have had this for 20 plus years in a drawer not being used, (lock knife that does not fully lock up when opened). 3.5" blade Rubber grip inlays Excellent condition Multi Bladed/Multi Tool Knife also included with price £23 posted recorded delivery
  5. Morning All could someone possibly provide a valuation on these please, had this pair for around 45 years and one of the first "proper" knives I ever bought as a lad, always concerned I would lose the smaller knife with it not being retained so never made use of it. https://s589.photobucket.com/user/AirgunPhotos/media/20200614_102054_zps8jnttyc1.jpg.html?filters[user]=98487343&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=2 https://s589.photobucket.com/user/AirgunPhotos/media/20200614_102143_zpscrqolkr7.jpg.html?filters[user]=98487343&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=10
  6. Certainly is, old school traditional and one of those you could say that they don't make em like that anymore, sadly Trevor Ablett is no longer with us so Collectable would be my way of looking at it for now
  7. Littlemesters Trevor Ablett Hand made Pocket Knife Boxed Unused Made in 2007 nice collector £45 posted recorded delivery
  8. Heinnie OK for the smaller EDC and "Exotic" but not so much the "big and beefy" Boker Caracal is "modified" for UK market and CRKT Siesmic not on there trying to stay away from fixed blade knife but becoming difficult unless settling for Lansky Responder X9 which is not quite as industrious but does look to be value for money
  9. Looking for a 4" bladed folder/lock knife such as the CRKT Siesmic / Boker Caracal or something similar size and quality but cant find anything over here in UK Something meaty that will stand up to working the field but nothing as fiddly as your typical 3" edc and not fixed blade any ideas where these larger folders can be purchased online or over the counter, "Knives and Tools" website have some half decent kit but every time longer blades go in the shopping cart they are rejected as not available to ship to UK
  10. In the market for a couple of new knives, EDC pocket and one for out in the field got my eye on a couple of the Boker range anyone use these for cheaper end sub £50 knives
  11. Blowing a hoolie with very strong gusts in between brilliant sunshine and showers...all in all a mixed bag going to go out for a walk around without gun (as with her from indoors instead) and you can bet your life Charlie or the likes show up whilst we do
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