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  1. not as yet, one will turn up at some point
  2. As in the title gents if anyone has one surplus to requirements please PM if you have one available
  3. Looking for one for an old .410 folding Belgian hammer gun that I recently acquired
  4. thanks for the replies guys, I presume the front bead needs removing to fit this
  5. Evening all What options are out there regards aftermarket moderators such as the Hushpower detachable one,
  6. never seen that method before finding it on youtube and you mentioning it here, you live and learn ordered the belts online from buycarparts.co.uk to find out that they are German based and it may be a while before they arrive, as I say you live and learn, good job I'm not in a rush. Seem to be having a week of it as the starter motor on my trusty Xtrail packed in whilst out foxing down the fields last Sunday night, £600+ from Nissan, £150-£200 ECP , bought on line and again from Germany, £63 delivered in two days and fitted in under half hour. oh the joys of motoring
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, Always performed my own servicing and repairs over the years but not sure I want to attempt this one as don't have the enthusiasm that I used to have, Would do the pump as well as the auxiliary belt & tensioners at he same time if I can get a reasonable quote, if not probably I will attack it myself once I get my head around it
  8. Morning All Can anyone give me an idea of the cost for a cam belt change on an Iveco 35C11 with 2.8 engine, preferably by a mobile mechanic if such exist and how long a job it would be, seen youtube video and looks like all the front of the van needs removing to attack the engine !!!!!!! I have an X plate 2000 motor home that's been a very long and slow project to say the least which has been in dry storage and slowly worked on as a project for the last 10 years from top to bottom and inside out, and which I am changing the filters etc. on this next week ready to go for its MOT Engine has only covered 67K but figure with it having been stood so long with only the occasion engine start that it would be wise to change the timing belt before taking it out on the road for a run under load to the test station ....... or am I being too overcautious thanks in advance
  9. Must be excellent/mint condition, unused upgrade would be ideal please mail or PM
  10. Looking for the 44mm front flip up lens cover for the older 3-9 x 44 Mamba Lite, screw in metal type if any one has one please PM cheers
  11. Can't find it, can you pm a link please
  12. Hills Pump wanted Mk4 or Mk5 with drypack system please PM if available
  13. Keith RW

    Pard 007

    Sold to the man above, payment received, many thanks
  14. Keith RW

    Pard 007

    Afternoon All for all those that have PM'd Just to confirm the Pard is still for sale Please indicate if you wish to purchase on open forum
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