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  1. been using one for several years now excellent piece of kit, no louder than the crack of a springer with ely subs. only drawback is no safety so breech only closed when intending to use it, trigger is adjustable externally so tightened mine up a little to make it a little heavier for that little bit more peace of mind.
  2. Got one last year and didn't sign up for it
  3. for some strange reason and having never changed it...it was an error with the user name not being correct....now sorted all this technology stuff is great ...till it goes wrong on me thanks for the input guys
  4. yes, I have to go through the "forgot password" link and reset it every time if left forum and inactive for half and hour or so .....
  5. there is an option if you forget it to be able to reset it when attempting to log in ..... just had to do it again me too ....until today
  6. afternoon all, anyone having issues with the forum today I am getting logged out after a period of time and then having to reset password to log back on every time as my password is not being recognised even after resetting a short while earlier Always been set up to automatically log on or stay logged on but now does not appear to be working properly
  7. Mamba Lite wanted for use with Pard NV007 also looking for side focus Bushnell
  8. Title should read 3-12 x 44 not 42
  9. Anyone with a Bushnell SF scope not being used, preferably MilDot please pm with details
  10. As in the title gents, if anyone has one for sale please PM with details
  11. Just managed to bust my every day watch during the week (winder suddenly disappeared and watch stopped at just after 08.00 whilst doing a bit of manual labour) being lost without one went in the drawer for old backup (previous one that was old and tired) only to find out why I purchased this one..... that too not working. Ok, upstairs for "best watch" present from wife (accurist) many years ago and not one for everyday but will get me away for now... flat battery....doh Now in the market for another every day one and whilst looking and searching the internet I get to notice at what is out there and half decent ones that I have not really had an interest in previously. Have to be careful of cabin fever kicking in and that another collecting interest doesn't start up as you could really get quite a few of the more expensive ones in a drawer let alone a gun cabinet Fancy a Seiko automatic or similar quality equivalent preferably sub £100 as anything above that wouldn't be for every day , what do you guys make use of
  12. Does anyone out there have a use for, or know of anyone that could make use of some 5v power Supply units. I have a job lot of New (approx 150), unused, original 5v 2A Fuji units (European two two pin plug type not UK 3 pin type) that are surplus to requirement. Would rather these get moved on to someone that could make use of them than them end up being scrapped off so Free for collection (Rotherham/South Yorkshire)
  13. Afternoon All Just been invited out for a couple of Duck drives on a local shoot but have only ever shot game and pigeon with lead loads through my 1980's Miroku previously and never used Steel loads. Question is what if anything is available in steel and that I can safely shoot though 1/4 & 3/4 barrels? , I'm sure this will been queried previously, with replies such as ok with light loads and no more than half choke etc but just asking what progress may have been made since changes in laws were introduced, just been looking at Eley steel pro eco so appears thing are constantly changing/improving. Are the obvious issues down to the fact that steel does not compress though choke restrictions and therefor I may need to go for a couple of boxes of tungsten/bismuth alternatives
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