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  1. Thanks for the offer but a bit too tired looking at that price, £980 new at Blackwoods
  2. Thanks Crossy but looking for something along the lines of the Axion Key XM22 or XM30 for 200-300yd spotting
  3. Thermal Spotter Wanted preferably Pulsar please PM
  4. Google the term "Rusty Fingers", a common term used in engineering where new metal is stained by sweaty handlers, I suspect the bluing/finish on the gun is no where near as good as they used to be, Still using my 1973 Browning Liege, one of the last ones made in Belgium before production went out east which still looks good for its age
  5. if you want some carts for reloading I have some once fired that have been collected over the years, far more that I will ever make use of as have some brass cases now also drop me a PM if needed
  6. I'm figuring 1960's early seventies also, just need to find a collector now or they will stay sat in the cabinet for another age, not worth anything but always like to save a little nostalgia rather than see it dissapear
  7. Also find them pretty accurate and not too noisy I was under the impression that longer barrels increased velocity due to longer time period in barrel, does it make that much difference with sub's being a slightly lighter load Telf's chrono result with 16" show standard plus as 1067 over SK data of 1073 with 26" barrel
  8. bought one of these a couple of years ago, still in use and as good if not better than a previous very expensive £150 spend
  9. hope to get out tomorrow evening
  10. think this would have been a few licenses ago, that's if I had purchased them ...... they came with some others from a friend years ago when he stopped shooting and have been in the cabinet for a while
  11. Can anyone date these for me Please, just found a box in the cabinet
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