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  1. think this would have been a few licenses ago, that's if I had purchased them ...... they came with some others from a friend years ago when he stopped shooting and have been in the cabinet for a while
  2. Can anyone date these for me Please, just found a box in the cabinet
  3. Just going through the same process as down to my last couple of boxes of 40gr Eley's used the SK subs a couple of years ago and they were better than Eley but no longer made in Subs, the SK Standard plus 40gr velocity are 1073 f/s with 26" Barrel so should be slower in shorter 16" barrels, bought some a while back and were accurate but went back to Eley when I managed to pick another batch of 40gr up. just pulled a box out to try later in week
  4. On the lookout for a nice, comfortable, economical cheap to tax, saloon for doing quite a bit of touring in and considering an E Class Merc around 2015-2016, Both C and E Class show to have same figures for tax and mpg but really looking for the size & comfort factor as retirement approaches and E Class possibly fits the bill better. Can anyone give me real life mpg for the 2.1 diesels and recommend which model, Never had a Beemer but 5 series also reckons to score good on comfort. Not had a saloon for years having had xtrail for last 17 years and will keep running it till wheels fall off, daily vehicle is a works van so should be plenty of saloon options for consideration having not been in the market for a while
  5. go on tiresize comparison website and put your size in I have 225 70 16 general grabbers on mine and show to be exact same as yours, no issues with rubbing and plenty of clearance that fit arches better than originals, speedo is now also spot on when compared against satnav
  6. Just had the self same conversation at work today and again back home with my other half, we love to holiday in the UK and sight see etc. and have done for many years and were planning on doing lots more during our planned retirement whilst continuing to support the UK tourist industry but unfortunately the greedy will lose out big time to the foreign trips abroad and I cash my pounds in for Euros or Dollars as will only stand to be ripped off once this year before normality eventually sets back in and we are free to travel as before..... selfishness strikes again and is blind to the long term consequences
  7. thanks for the offer Les, I can pick up the bare trigger housing from US for around £22 which is all I really need to turn back to standard prior to selling rifle as wouldn't sell it on with present trigger mod in place, a complete new sealed assembly from browning is only £99, I presume yours is a complete assembly having fitted the Jard would go to £50 for the complete assembly if sealed https://www.browning.com/content/dam/browning/support/parts-service/gun-parts-price-list/parts/2013/12-arn-432-t-bolt.pdf
  8. Browning T Bolt Plastic Trigger Assembly wanted if any one has one of these left over from changing out for one of the retrofit Jard upgrades
  9. Borrowed it to get me through the day, new Varta battery with four year warranty fitted this afternoon, 11 years from new out of this original one so can't complain. Would be handy to have one of these Jumpers on hand as ironically my works three year old Citan did exactly the same without warning two weeks ago and left me stuck in the morning with it being parked away from house. Also far more more convenient than running around for jump leads and another vehicle to jump off or lugging batteries around
  10. Just had need to borrow an Arteck D29 18,000 MAH Jump Starter to help get through the day as car battery completely flat this morning without any warning and quite impressed with its performance, used 5 times and still showing 95% charge. any recommendations on any better brands for the money out there before I purchase one of these
  11. Pulsar Axion Key XM30 wanted if anyone has one for sale please PM
  12. only if you can get the pipe down past any anti syphon gizmo that might be built into the filler neck, once had to do this with a tank full of petrol put in a megane diesel that got right to front door as it conked out, just made it back home on what was in fuel lines and filter, fortunately sender unit under rear seat, that was around 40K miles ago so must have been lucky that day.
  13. manual vacuum pump same as used for oil changes might work, on the bay for about £25 and cheaper than the hundreds charged/quoted by other services,
  14. just opened a 30gm No5 cartridge up to count number of shot and there is 230 as opposed to 220 normally quoted per ounce of lead, couldn't figure why 225 hits in the 24"
  15. Put some card up and used Gamebore Regal no5 30gm 220 shot per cart 20m and 24" circle - 225 pellets on target 30m - 24" - 146 pellets 30m - 30" -206 pellets 40m - 30" - 104 pellets
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