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  1. Borrowed it to get me through the day, new Varta battery with four year warranty fitted this afternoon, 11 years from new out of this original one so can't complain. Would be handy to have one of these Jumpers on hand as ironically my works three year old Citan did exactly the same without warning two weeks ago and left me stuck in the morning with it being parked away from house. Also far more more convenient than running around for jump leads and another vehicle to jump off or lugging batteries around
  2. Just had need to borrow an Arteck D29 18,000 MAH Jump Starter to help get through the day as car battery completely flat this morning without any warning and quite impressed with its performance, used 5 times and still showing 95% charge. any recommendations on any better brands for the money out there before I purchase one of these
  3. Pulsar Axion Key XM30 wanted if anyone has one for sale please PM
  4. only if you can get the pipe down past any anti syphon gizmo that might be built into the filler neck, once had to do this with a tank full of petrol put in a megane diesel that got right to front door as it conked out, just made it back home on what was in fuel lines and filter, fortunately sender unit under rear seat, that was around 40K miles ago so must have been lucky that day.
  5. manual vacuum pump same as used for oil changes might work, on the bay for about £25 and cheaper than the hundreds charged/quoted by other services,
  6. just opened a 30gm No5 cartridge up to count number of shot and there is 230 as opposed to 220 normally quoted per ounce of lead, couldn't figure why 225 hits in the 24"
  7. Put some card up and used Gamebore Regal no5 30gm 220 shot per cart 20m and 24" circle - 225 pellets on target 30m - 24" - 146 pellets 30m - 30" -206 pellets 40m - 30" - 104 pellets
  8. I put a small dowel under the spring on this one to help compress the spring a little more which improved things slightly but still only pops the spent cart up just enough to extract it which is good enough for what use it will get
  9. got some paper grand prix 32gm No7 and 30gm No6 here that I intend to try with this as after servicing it last weekend it wouldn't eject spent plastic cases of any brand so will stick with paper carts with this one.... also got some Gamebore Regal paper 30gm No 5 to pattern it with at the weekend now that I have some card 🙂 the same cart as I first put through it the other day
  10. No problem, I will post them as soon as done, good to see there is an interest in all things slightly "different"... its what keeps me interested in the sport
  11. Plan to do this at the weekend if I can pick some decent size card up meanwhile took a shot with it last weekend after cleaning and servicing it just to put a cartridge through it to try it out for aim and kick with it being a light gun and realised straight away why they fitted a very thick rubber butt pad, 32gm No5 kicked more than anything else I've shot, felt like a magnum load. shot a pop can at 30yd and quite impressed with number of shot on target which was around 20 pellets, will be able to assess better on card next time out all part of the fun
  12. Not at all, recently picked this up with some other from a friend that has not shot for 25 years and has finally given up shooting, this will make a good sit around, walk around the pens gun when baby sitting pheasant poults with a number 4 in the breech ready for when fox show up as they often do.
  13. Evening All can anyone tell me what the "P" stands for here on the breech of a single barrel
  14. Don't have any full size right now, will get some tomorrow, from what I can gather this is a typical standard build Belgian Guild 12G Boxlock just interested to find out who the manufacturer was and that used what appears to be the ichthys christian fish symbol as a makers mark
  15. Afternoon Gents, Just finished cleaning up a latest acquisition which from various marks show to be a 1938 Belgian SBS which I'm hoping to make occasional use of Can anyone ID the manufacturer from these marks or distinctive engraved centre rib
  16. Recently read a post regards one for sale with a dealer that had been through a Birmingham proof house and stamped accordingly so like yourself I'm pretty confident having stripped and serviced them so far that they are both up to it but will keep to the 2" cartridges with the "12mm" and 2 1/2"cartridges with the "410" and not push the boundaries.
  17. I have two Belgian Folders that I am in the process of cleaning up and would like to put them to a little light use just for the sake of being able to when finished, Both are in pretty good condition and wouldn't dream of live firing anything that wasn't The oldest one is approx 1924 and marked as being 12mm the other approx 1952 marked 410- 65 Eley 2" fourteen 9gm No6 are the lightest I have and cant find anything lighter out there, short of reloading is there any lighter 410 cartridges anyone knows of.
  18. Just found some info saying that the diamond marks such as this ceased being used in 1924
  19. Have cleaned them up and both in pretty good condition, one marked 410 needs a stock as it came without one, this one here looks usable but not sure would be OK to make use of with subsonic 2" 410 carts as barrel is stamped up 12mm..........more research required
  20. Cheers Andy, that makes sense from the inspector mark "M" and gun being somewhat older than other inspectors with "M" dates from 1959 -1990 any idea on the other inspectors mark with two letters and star above stamp that may help narrow it down further, cant figure letters out though regards, Keith
  21. Evening Gents in the process of reviving a couple of Belgian folding 410's and would like to get a rough idea of date of manufacture or at least their ages, is this possible with the proof marks that are present thanks for any assistance
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