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  1. Any one want these before they are binned, mostly magnasonic, Co Dirham.
  2. maxwell


    Sold sold, thank you.
  3. maxwell


    Hi, two unopened tubs of RL15, same batch for sale £65, collection only Co Durham due to cost of shipping, thank you.
  4. Redding #2 beam scale boxed £45 posted, thank you.
  5. Forster original case trimmer boxed with collet and 223 pilot, £55 posted, thank you.
  6. Gamebore are now doing 19g#5.5 in 410, those will be interesting.
  7. Nice, the fiocchi 18g #6 are supposed to be. a Good allrounder
  8. Stu what shells do you prefer, fiocchi, magnasonics, gamebore ?
  9. Is there a difference between the York guns stealth and the hushpower 410, I know the wood stock has a longer LOP than the synthetic but I am more interested in the moderator and ported barrels side of things, cheers.
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