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  1. This gun is like new and at a fraction of the retail price for “the” best semi auto on the market
  2. Love that, especially getting the kids involved.
  3. At least you came up with a plan that kept the farmer happy and got your pal a day, well done.
  4. Lesson 4 Saturday and a big step forward for Thomas, he was previously struggling with left to right targets - he is left handed but right eye dominant and is learning to shoot right handed Saturday he hit 14 from the first 15 and finished with 20 out of 25 left to right, so pleased for him and the smile on my face was obvious.
  5. A good effort in a cold biting wind, all on the grass round here.
  6. A fantastic post and hopefully many more trips out for the both of you in the future.
  7. A cracking morning out with my son.
  8. Another lesson today for Thomas and more progress made using his own gun with chokes kindly gifted by Tightchoke, thank you again Dave,
  9. I ran one on my M2 for a while, they are lightweight and moderate very well, the only negative was being an add on they make the gun long
  10. Thank you Dave, very kind of you.
  11. Much appreciated, thank you for taking the time.
  12. Hi, looking for a 1/4 mobilchoke flush fit, in 12g for a Beretta AL391, I Hank you.
  13. I have just payed £227 for super fast 7 1/2 plastic and £273 for super fast 29g #6 fibre, my local RFD is asking £307 for 29g#6 fibre, apparently this is the new price rise from the factory
  14. I emailed Atec some time ago, please find the reply below, On Monday, July 9, 2018, 10:21 am, Anders Eckhoff Johansen <anders@a-tec.no> wrote:
  15. I will do, thank you. Thank you for the comments Gents, he is really enjoying it, he ended the lesson on the low bird trap and hit 7 in a row, better than his dad already.
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