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  1. Steve, the CM is becoming more mainstream from manufacturers and has plenty high BC bullet offerings which are very efficient that are available to the reloader, also the factory stuff from Hornady that I have seen is sub .5" MOA all day, small primer Lapua brass lasts very well. That said if you like the 308 it's more than good enough for the range you mention but a new calibre is always exciting, good luck with your choice mate.
  2. Figgy, agreed, as a short term fix but it will do it again and usually at the most inconvenient time, the permenant fix is a heavier carrier/lifter.
  3. Fitting a carrier/lifter from an earlier model will solve this issue as the earlier model ((301)was a heavier construction and less likely to twist.
  4. Guys it was only a private joke we live 10 minutes from each other
  5. If only you lived closer, can you RFD it
  6. Afternoon Maxwell I’ve sent you a pm 

    1. maxwell


      Yes agreed the 1:8 is a bit fast for the 40's
    2. maxwell


      N135 works well with 39 and 40 grin bullets too
    3. Mike, it sold straight away mate
    4. Hi, for sale is my 2 L sonic cleaner, it comes complete with basket, in good condition, looking for £30osted (UK) thank you
    5. Had the Cens passive's now for years and they are good.
    6. Muncher, Used an M2 now for 10 year, faultless mate, Maxi.
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