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  1. maxwell

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    I was going this route with a mandel choke and saddlery after a lot of research because there was nothing around at the time but went Atec A12 in the end for my M2, they are more money but the main reason was the A12 is under slung and doesn't interfere with the site picture, I run Hull super fast fibre 29 #6 comfortably without ear protection or Hull steel 32 #4 if the birds are for the BOP lads, the A12 comes with half choke and Will run steel with plastic wads safely, I had an email from the manufacturer verifying this,
  2. maxwell

    I love October

    A cracking day, good shooting.
  3. maxwell

    What a Wind

  4. maxwell

    Invite from a friend

    Cheers motty, to be honest there hasn't been many bags to report lately it's mainly been 20-30's over the harvest which made this day even more enjoyable . Thank you
  5. maxwell

    Invite from a friend

    Thanks Lads, it was a very good day indeed.
  6. maxwell

    Beans Comes up Trumps

    Cracking bag well done mate
  7. maxwell

    Invite from a friend

    I had an invite from my friend and shooting buddy Si-Bore to a field of beans that had just been cut, we arrived at 11 and watched plenty birds milling around and dropping into the wood next to the field, the field was only half cut, we decided on two hides and set up,we just got into the hide and the farmer arrived to finish the field so decoys back in and a cup of tea and a bit crack, the field now finished we were set up and ready just before two with a decent breeze of around 10-15 mph. The birds started to flight but most staying over the wood so I moved the magnet further out around 60 yards which had the desired effect of pulling the birds this side of the wood and over the field but still they wouldn't decoy so the day become flightline shooting with the main line heading along the edge of the wood and over my mates hide with a secondary line splitting over the corner some fifty/ yards to the middle of the field, with no cover available I hung some scrim met on the barbed wire and knelt down and got ready, I have never seen flightline birds like this the sport was fantastic and frantic at times trying to load quick enough with every shot different from the last, shooting on my knees and almost through 180 degree's I am still aching in places I didn't know about, finished at 5.29 as the birds had finally started to slow with a nice high bird and four cartridges left.it took us until 7 to pick up and pack up with 171 shot and around 11 birds lost or stuck in high trees, my mate Si shot very well with101 and I managed 70, what a cracking day that we will remember for a long while, thank you Si.
  8. maxwell

    Mossberg Hushpower 20 gauge

    Looks like a bargain, good luck with the sale
  9. maxwell


    Colin drop Si-Bore a Pm he will anneal your brass to a very high consistency on his AMP annealing machine at very sensible rates, the blow torch is to random, we have tried all sorts and the AMP is the best by far, cheers Maxi.
  10. maxwell

    Could have shot 100+

    I enjoyed that, father and son time with a few birds in the bag, a good day mate.
  11. Surprised to read this as I found them markably quieter at the gun, 50 yards away and again at 100yrds, all through a 20 g O/U Hush and this was verified by a second shooter on the day.
  12. maxwell

    20g fibre wad/cup

    Cheers for the reply, doesn't look like I'm using steel in the Hush
  13. Gents is there a fibre wad cup available for steel loads in 20g as I cannot use plastic in the Hush and would like to change over to steel, thank you. Maxwell
  14. maxwell

    More golden time

    A cracking day and well organised, good for you sorting it so everyone got to shoot.
  15. maxwell

    Jinxed & moderated may have to go.

    They are well sort after and if you do decide it's going then It will sell quickly, l