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  1. maxwell


    Yes agreed the 1:8 is a bit fast for the 40's
  2. maxwell


    N135 works well with 39 and 40 grin bullets too
  3. maxwell

    Sonic cleaner 2Ltr SOLD

    Mike, it sold straight away mate
  4. maxwell

    Sonic cleaner 2Ltr SOLD

    Hi, for sale is my 2 L sonic cleaner, it comes complete with basket, in good condition, looking for £30osted (UK) thank you
  5. maxwell

    .17 hmr velocity

    Totally agree
  6. maxwell

    CENS vs Custom Fit Guards

    Had the Cens passive's now for years and they are good.
  7. maxwell

    Benelli M2 or Vinci?

    Muncher, Used an M2 now for 10 year, faultless mate, Maxi.
  8. maxwell

    thermal imager

    Short answer, Yes. the xq38f as a spotter is excellent as it has the best all round FOV @ x3.1 compared to the 28 or 50. you may want to hang on as Pulsar May be releasing their latest offering with a smaller sensor so the older kit may become cheaper, if you cannot wait then Ian at Blackwood Outdoors is the cheapest, good luck.
  9. maxwell


    Beaninoy why not use the 008 on both the 22 and 223? They have several zero options and swap over quickly when required
  10. maxwell


    Hi Walker, I run a 22BR and agree that it is a fantastic all round vermin calibre with light or heavy for calibre bullets, I run mine with 77TMK @ 3060 with RL15
  11. maxwell

    Atec A12 Atec A12 12

    Price drop to £250, thank you.
  12. maxwell


    Nice pics, hope that's the last of the snow mate.
  13. maxwell

    Little mixed bag this morning

    It's like spring already, heading for double figure temps, looks like a steady morning mate
  14. maxwell

    Not a bad night on the rabbits

    Good work fella, Mixy has hit hard here in east durham, not much left unfortunately.
  15. maxwell

    Tikka m595 magazine

    Metal or plastic please