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  1. I agree, I’d sooner rearrange for later this year or even next year, given the current state of things.
  2. Just seen the message, it ended up in my junk mail somehow, I’ll confirm with work that I can book it off tomorrow. Is it looking like there will be room to pitch tents at the new site Sparkie?
  3. Thanks for organising another cracking weekend Sparkie, it was great to see both new and familiar faces there. I’m already looking forward to the next one 😀
  4. We’ll be setting off around 6 pm, is it still quite limited for tent pitching spots? Ive spent so much time reloading that I’m not sure I even like shooting anymore 😂
  5. That’s great Sparkie, is it loaded 7.62 ammo or just bullets?
  6. Thanks for a great weekend guys, thanks Sparkie for organising it all and being top chef. Already looking forward to scaring some more targets at the next one. ??
  7. Payment sent Sparkie, will hopefully have +1, should know tomorrow, cheers
  8. Dibs85, My Longbranch mk1* likes ppu 174gn heads over 39gn of viht n140, can get 2 1/4" 5 shot group at 100m if I do my part.
  9. Thanks for all the nice comments about the .303 guys, It's definitely my "if I could only keep one" rifle. Anyone who wants a go is more than welcome, I'll make sure I bring plenty of ammo along for the next one. Cheers, Johnny
  10. Big thanks to Sparkie and everyone else involved for organising a fantastic weekend. Couldn't ask for a friendlier and more welcoming bunch of people. Looking forward to the next one already, cheers
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