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  1. Thanks for that but I can’t really get that far away as we are the opposite end of the county.
  2. More than happy to send pics if anyone wants them
  3. Also no proof checks were done when they were given to me and went on my ticket with FEO approval - two weren’t on a ticket at all!! Can’t imagine every used gun that changes hands is proof checked especially when it’s cert holder to cert holder and not through a RFD? Not wishing to do anything illegal but would be an interesting debate for another thread.
  4. The pitting and dents wouldn’t pass the proofing test and walls are fairly thin on 2 of them. I’ll see what FEO advises on Monday
  5. I’ll check that out thanks. Hasn’t been to proofing house to check the barrels but just an opinion
  6. Just wondered if anyone is interested in 3 old hammer guns whose barrels are out of proof? Makers are Joseph Braddell, Altendorf & Wright and Mayne. Actions are reasonably tight and they may serve as either wall hangers, restoration projects or spares. The Braddell is particularly nice in that it has the Purdey-style thumb release on the trigger guard. Off to the local police next week to free up space in the cabinet if nobody can make use of them. Cheers Gillaroo. Not looking to sell but give these away with maybe a small donation to charity.
  7. Contact Fishing for Schools. I'm sure those kids would appreciate it. fishing@ca-foundation.org
  8. Hi everyone Bit of a hopeful request but has anyone got a forend from a Laurona 20g side by side I could purchase? I've got the original forend but previous owner has stripped out all the ejector mechanism for some reason? Just hoping someone has one lying around that is no use to them anymore as unlikely as that is. Thanks in advance Mike
  9. Hi wabbitbosher. If you get another like this please could you let me know. Could spend more if I can trade a few in? All the best Mike
  10. 1 pair of moleskin breeks 32w - £20 and 1 pair of Hucklecote tweed breeks 34w - £30. Both great condition and outgrown by my son. Pics added below and price includes postage.
  11. Just to add to the gun's story, in the hands of my 12 year old it straighted a stand at a charity clay shoot where a certain very well known shot only managed to hit nine... who needs a Perazzi when you own a Lames eh?
  12. Savages for lumps on black or claret buzzers or in fact anywhere along the north shore. Try a floater with a long leader (20ft) and cut the booby eyes down with scissors so a heavyweight buzzer/short dressed hare's ear fished about 2-3ft away from it can make it sink ultra slow and just keep up with it on the drift. Might need to experiment a bit but it works. I tie all the usual booby patterns (tequila, woofta etc) but down to a size 14 so exactly the same but in miniature. If it doesnt work then pull a di5 and a shuggie or 2 - at least get you'll string pulled.
  13. What water are you on? Successful washing line depends what the fish want and what depth they are holding at. It allows you to work this out fairly well so all you need to know now is size of flies, colours, size of booby eyes, speed of drift, which line, speed of leader sink, spacing of flies on leader, speed of retrieve, ledges and drop offs, sunshine or cloud, wind speed and what your boat partner had for tea the night before. Easy eh? Tight lines.
  14. So far as rough shooting and a bit of beating goes 15m should be fine if that's what you want to do but if you are picking up then without question some of the best dogs at putting runners and pricked birds in the bag are bordering on being out of control. Many people will say don't introduce a dog to game too early but nothing is worse than the odd scent here and there for making a dog pull. If the birds and scents are everywhere they have no need to clear off. You don't see many keepers at gundog training and I know plenty that can beat and pick up with theirs. Guess it boils down to what an
  15. Last reduction before it goes on eBay - £60 for the pen and box.
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