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  1. just wanted to know how shooters were in the north east
  2. Out for a walk this morning
  3. Had a walk saturday tea time with 2 of my kids my lab bitch and a good friend shot 13 rabbits 2 hares nice to get out and about and watch the kids enjoy shooting so much
  4. excellent day and excellent company as usaull, really apriciate the invite johnny. cant wait to get out on the bunnies just feel a bit fat with you two skinny blokes
  5. no poroblem mate plenty more day and pies to go at yet
  6. well done have mine out in the morning cant wait
  7. had a real good morning. thanks to craig for letting the kids go, made my day nice little mixed bag, shame we didnt see any duck sorry johnny with a H couldnt help my self.
  8. cracking mate keep at them
  9. us real men managed it but anything for you mate
  10. thanks johnny for the invite really enjoyed it for the first day of the season. Real good set of lads dogs worked well lads shot well. Cant wait for next time. only problem i had was johnnys hip flask was to small !!!! get a bigger one for next time cheers edd
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