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  1. About 750 bullets, 500 cast lead lubed and sized to 358 SWC, approx 200 copper plated flat nose, and about 50 powder coated lead swc pretty in black! £60 posted Set of 3 38 special/357 mag rcbs dies to suit. £39 posted I also have 100 unfired 357 mag cases that I primed plus a further about 50 once fired 357 mag cases primed plus a further load of 38 special once fired cases unprimed. Also 700+ S&B small pistol primers and the best part of a pound of titegroup powder, great for low speed loads, 5 grains per case. a little goes a long way. £80 collection only. £150 the lot collected from SE Kent.
  2. As per the title I want a Winchester 94 in 356 Winchester caliber, condition immaterial as long as it functions.
  3. It's my gun and I am a member of Pigeonwatch, pm me if interested.
  4. "2, 25 shot Butler Creek magazines for sale, they work ok but I have no need for them, they came with the gun I bought £35 both + post or collect from SE Kent.
  5. Virtually unused nikko sterling bore sighting tool, goes from .17 to 50 cal in individual spigots then 12 -16-20 gauge. £35 ono + p&p
  6. drone

    10 bore

    Don't know if you're sorted but I have a W&C Scott ten sbs 31/2 chambers, 1/2 and full, which I could sell if you're interested pm me.
  7. As above need to get my freezer stocked, have 223 , 243 or 357, prefer to use the latter. Safe, ancient gun fully insured , prepared to travel further if need be. Quite happy to talk terms.
  8. These are my guns, I've never used the webley for over half a century, the bsa I used to use at seasons' end walking the hedgerows with my spaniel. There's 24 3" winchester carts with the bsa. The bsa is in much better condition than the webley but it's light and with 3" carts it does recoil.
  9. Kia sorento, better than the 2a lr off road hi 20s mpg in diesel lovely everyday drive. I've had mine since new it's now 120000 miles old and the biggest expense has been punctured tyres. 3 grand should get you a good one. Just check the rear suspension crosstubes for corrosion on early models, there was a recall to rustproof them. Another problem with early (pre 06) models was flaking of the lining of the fuel tank, this caused problems with the engine sensors. Fix is to clean the pick up filter in the tank, a 10 minute job with a screwdriver but do it when the tank is nearly empty as diesel stinks on your hands. I just washed mine under running water and let it drain off for an hour or so on some kitchen roll. The manual is free on line but you'll have to google hard.
  10. Are they metric or imperial screws?
  11. drone

    10 bore

    Not in Scotland but if you're interested in a W&C Scott 10b, one family owned since 1905 reproofed to 3.5" Mag in 1982 plus a few boxes of winchester and remington carts in USA 4s and 2s pm me and I'll send details etc. Choked 1/2 and full, 30" bbls sbs.
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