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  1. I don't have a firearm because I haven't done anything yet and if you read the question how do I know when I'm pumping the ram up what the ft/pound is without actually Chronographing it
  2. iv'e bought the adapter and borrowed a styrrup pump how do i stand legally because its going to be easy to go over 12ft/pounds am i ok to go to a local indoor range and try to find it
  3. Just took it to get chronographed it's doing 8.5 foot / pound
  4. that makes sense it's stamped s70 kal 5.5 it might be an s70
  5. the barrel is 368mm or 14.5" to where it fits into the action 452mm 18" to where the pellet goes in when it's broken is there a list of serial numbers anywhere I can't find it online.
  6. Have you tried shooters world at Mexborough a mate of mine just bought his there I think
  7. Does anyone know anything about these guns I've just bought one and I think it needs a new spring as it won't put a hole in a tin can
  8. Just been it's quite good its up three sets of stairs but it's free air so you don't need to lug a bottle up
  9. How can you tell which model it is fuggy Figgy sorry bloody spellchecker
  10. I have a hw90 that was given to me as knackered. I was told it was a trigger problem but I had it checked by a mate who recons the gas ram has been deflated by a valve at the back of the action. It doesn't feel like anything happens when you try to cock it .does this sound plausible and if so can I get the ram re gassed.
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