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  1. stoggieman

    Black Fox

    Tonight while returning home from visiting my wife who is in hospital a black fox ran across the road in front of my car I have never seen a pure black fox before. If anything it looked to have a heavier coat than a normal fox But it was certainly a fox. I wonder if anyone else has seen a black fox in their travels ?
  2. Just had my speedmaster serviced and a repair to the winder which was loose A guy who specialises in classic watches in Bridlington did it for me .Cost me around £100 . Much cheaper than an omega repair shop and it keeps time spot on since I got it back
  3. Hobby as been in decline for some years. Not many young people want to take the exam when they can use their phones and computers to chat to each other. Still a good hobby though. 7.3s Peter M1DXF
  4. I am thinking of not renewing my certificate this year as I have not shot since I lost my mobility and cannot see the possibility of shooting again. I was thinking of putting my guns into a gun dealers to sell for me. But what would be a sensible fee that a gun shop would charge to sell my guns for me?
  5. Try a pack of small cheap sponges the ones you can buy 10 for a pound small oblong ones with a rough side.Put one or two in the heel of your footwear rough side down so they will not slip When padded just replace them.It worked for me the very painful injections were no good at all
  6. If it is inside the tank I would remove the tank and put about a kilo of fine gravel inside it then fill it with some water. Then think you are doing a cocktail for about 5 min then pour it all out rinse the tank out using a hose then rinse with petrol and a bit of 2 stroke oil then let it dry out well Hamerite would be a good paint unless you want to keep it original
  7. Just been through the mill with the PIP people. I have not been able to walk for the last eight to ten years following a very bad accident. I was made to feel like a schoolboy up in front of the headmaster.. I was asked if I could cook a meal for myself and I told them I really on ready meals and use a microwave to heat them as I cannot stand to use a normal cooker nor can I prepare a meal.This cost me a large part of my DLA They also took my free car tax from me. If I had the use of a disability car they would want it back within 14 days. I use my car to carry my mobility scooter in also my wife is very reliant on it due to her inability to walk very far and she also as altzimers we do not live within walking distance of any shops. I have appealed against the decision but do not expect any results. My GP was mortified when I told him and said he would give any support he could. But there people know best.I expect to be reviewed again in the next two years now it looks like they will take everything.What a state this country is in. I have worked all my life and served this country.And this is what they do to the disabled I think it is one big joke.
  8. Think you should see your G.P I experienced much the same about five years ago I went to see the doctor for something else and happened to mention it . He knew what it was streight away a few blood tests proved type 2. He gave me some viagra to help things along as he said But everything returned to normal after a couple of weeks. I was 60 at the time just want a nice plump mistress now so it will not be wasted.
  9. Have a look at the feed point from the tank at the rear. Very prone to air leaks in this area causing air in fuel problems
  10. I was a pipe cigar and rollie smoker. Decided over two years ago to try vaping bought a kit from a shop in Bridlington the guy spent over an hour with me talking about what I smoked then testing some of the fluids.I have never wanted any baccy products since just cannot believe how much better vaping is for ones health. I now make most of my fluid and find it much better than some shop bought fluid that is on the market. One bit of advice though when you start vaping do not drag on the device like an ordinary ciggie take it slowly and you will feel the benefit of it if you drag hard like a proper fag you will burn the coils out much faster and get a bitter taste Good luck in Vaping Peter
  11. stoggieman

    Log Cabin

    I would be tempted to buy a decent caravan then site it were you fancy. You will have everything you would need and could sell it or change it when you felt like it. You would not need planning consent if you did not occupy it full time could run a leccy lead to the caravan and use an aqua roll for your water toilets could be emptied down any sewage man hole. Last big contract I had before my accident was down at Eversham My wife and I lived in our caravan for just short of a year there were about ten other contractors on the same site it was the best time of my life. Peter
  12. At least he is trying to maintain the peace for the western world as we know it. If things go wrong in this area we could be very short of some goods we really need to keep this country running.Hats off to the chap he is standing up to a bully who would like to rule the world Peter
  13. Once opened a container of fish food for my fish it was full of them. Managed to put the lid on before any escaped.
  14. Vic vapor rub is great for sore or manky feet. Does a good job on athletes foot has well.
  15. A quiet talk is in order with your wife. Every generation sees things in different ways. My mother was an evil woman and my father was weak she really upset my wife and we never spoke to her after that caused hell in the family and brother disowned me. Then 27 yrs later we met in a supermarket in Evesham he was on holiday and wife and I had a large contract in the area we had been there for 11 months neither of us knew were the other was but we spoke to each other and went for a coffee. He was not aware what had gone on in the past but we have become a family again so in this case a talk would bring things out that you could both work on. It would also be worth thinking about having a family meal at a neutral dining room then take things from there Peter
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