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  1. Anybody want a FREE ticket for the shooting show tomorrow SATURDAY. pick up ticket from Coventry area tonight.CV2
  2. Anybody want a FREE ticket for the shooting show tomorrow SATURDAY. pick up Coventry area tonight.
  3. Nice one boys. Getting amongst them as usual.
  4. That is a top bag boys. Well done to you both.
  5. Well done boys. A lot of reccying and mileage needed nowadays for a big bag of any kind.
  6. Top bags again boys. And I totally agree with you. Recce! Recce! Recce!. Been known to sit for an hour sometimes watching before setting up.
  7. After our big bag on Sunday and seeing how many geese were in the area, we setup the decoys about 5.30pm and spread out around the hedgerows. It was very quiet at first and only saw one Skein come over. A couple of geese were dropped out of that one. Then, we moved positions and called the geese from a different angle. This worked brilliantly. We had a few skeins come over and a couple of them coming back round again. We ended up with 15 shot. 12 Canada's and 3 greylags. Lugs, Lee and Ag all had a nice double-decker each. And I personally had a lovely triple. Boom! Boom! Boom
  8. Well done CW. I bet your on the clouds now. Always a great feeling when you get a new PB.
  9. people posting personal bags MUST keep the running Total up to date. YOU ARE CONFUSING EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!
  10. Nice bags you pair. We are doing exactly the same as you both. Driving many miles to find the birds. Top shooting boys.Alan said hi.
  11. Nice bag. Well done, Like my motto. "Never give up. "
  12. After the 82 shot yesterday . What a day we had today. We split up at first and went looking for the pigeons. I found over 500 on the first farm and decided to set up straight away. The other boys had set up elsewhere. I started to get birds coming in very slowly but steady. I had shot about 30 birds when the boys decided to join me. Paul had shot 14 pigeons and 33 blackies and a magpie.Between myself Alan and Lugs we shot 131 pigeons and 85 blackies for a bag of 216. Total bag 264 birds. We picked up and sacked the birds and then decided to stop on, to see if any Geese were flying about
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