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    Mainly pigeon decoying, some rough shooting, clays about once or twice a year socially to meet up with other members or if I'm threatened with physical violence.
    Hope to get into wildfowling this year now we have gained permisions surrounding many acres of reservoirs.

    Trying to train a dog who don't like being trained :)

    Working on my Landy

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  1. Cosd


    Maybe a question for Airgunners though this isn’t for an air gun. I want an adapter and hose to fit a standard UK CO2 bottle at one end but I need a female M18x1.5 connector at the other end. Can anyone direct me to a company that can help please?
  2. Well I ain’t dead 🤣 I just haven’t logged on for probably a couple of years and this is the first post I’m reading. Great to see a load of familiar names still around. I’ve been a member since 2008 but figgy will probably deduct my time out from the 12 years 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Grandalf is right, the link takes you to a MS sales page....
  4. Try to copy and paste the link in a browser to make sure it works. Could be that the address has a typo and therefor not recognised....
  5. Like anything, its all about the preparation. The ground needs to be dug up and you need to lay down a fine aggregate so it is firm but drains well; Then like carpet, it needs stretching out and pinning down. I'm sure there would be loads on you tube to help you. I wouldn't touch it on a large area, but something small would be doable in my opinion.
  6. The wooden shelves are on runners, but they can come out to arrange the cooler to suit other needs. I remember a number of years back where someone mentioned using a tall wine cooler as a game larder which is why I've put this up here. Pigeons and wine, what more could anyone wish for
  7. I have a tall wine cooler made by Caple, it holds over 150 bottles. I have been using it to date and drinks are kept cool, but it has played up on temperature settings where they can fluctuate. To be honest because it stays cold I have never bothered getting someone in to look at it, so can’t tell you what it would take to repair. Im happy leaving it switched on so buyer can see the fridge does stay cool The only reason I am getting rid of it is because I’m turning my garage into a TV room and the new garage won’t be built for some time. Condition, the front Stainless frame glass door is perfect with no marks. The sides have some very light blemishes but nothing major. I know it’s 60cm wide and it stands around 180cm tall. The cooler cost around £1400 when it was new. I had a look on the auction site and it seems prices for used cheaper coolers is around the £300 mark. Being there is definitely an issue with this, I’m gonna say two slabs of pigeon carts sounds about right?? Buyer collects from EN6 Happy to to answer any more questions. Will try and upload pictures...
  8. Forums are for posting questions, and this forum is particularly good at answering most. If you don't have anything decent to add, move on!!
  9. The majority of my decking will be surrounded with brickwork; The little which isn't am planning to take precautions over this. WIth 5mm spacing on the deck I guess should keep rats out, and will be ensuring no gaps left around edges. Any other tips for keeping them out? Maybe making solid sides around the edges?
  10. Not planning to put any timber in the ground. The MOT will be wacked down pretty hard, and planning to put down a bed of sand and cement mix with a concrete patio slab for each post to sit on; This way posts don't sit in the ground. All sawn edges will be treated.
  11. Great bag and write up Wayne!!
  12. the base is 5" type one MOT, note, there has been a change of plan and we was going to be laying slabs
  13. Next project for the summer is the garden and the first part of the job will be a large decking area. In case it makes a difference, I'll be using composite decking boards which are 22.5mm thickness. Decking area will be around 85m/sq I don't mind going over board on the construction as I don't want to have problems later and I don't want any bounce whatsoever. Thinking to use 6"x2" treated timbers for framing, and spacing 350mm to centre's. Not decided yet, whether I should use screws or joist hangers. Not decided yet, spacing of the support posts. Not decided yet, what to use for the supports (decking will be raised approximately 15"), would 3" posts be OK? Any other considerations I need to be having? I'd appreciate any tips anyone has to offer.
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