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  1. ALL sold Here are my lead carts I am getting rid of I am in Skipton, I would like to get rid of the lot in 1 go really, would discount for all together All my Lead cartridges to go, All 12 Gauge Length Make/Type Load Shot size Amount Price 3 ½” Fiocchi Ultra Magnums 2 1/4oz 0 40
  2. I am in Skipton, Just over the North Yorkshire border, but I do travel around quite a lot so could maybee meet if required. Rich
  3. **** SOLD**** I have 160 Steel 12 gauge cartridges for sale and the bag comes with them for free 🙂 £30 including the cartridge bag I am in Skipton Rich
  4. ****** SOLD******* cheers Richard.
  5. I have a MEC Steelmaster reloading machine it is for upto and including 3 1/2 inch. It has both 10 and 12 gauge sets with it, it has extra bottle, adjustable bar, auto primer and a 3 inch adaptor for reloading 3 inch without altering the machine setup. I have more photo's if required I am in Skipton, North Yorkshire £260 for loader and all extra's open to sensible offer's cheers Rich
  6. £30 for lot if anyone wants them, just looking to clear stuff out Rich
  7. Right the start of a huge clear out starts with 20 bore cartridges see list below 2 boxes of 10 Bismuth No.6's 3 inch 1 1/8th oz load - £5 each 3 boxes of 10 Bismuth No.2's 3 inch 1 1/8th oz Load - £5 each 2 boxes of Lead No 6's 65mm 28grm load - £4 each 2 boxes of lead No 4's 70mm 24grm load - £4 each will do deal on the lot if required Rich richard.tordoff@sky.com SORRY forgot to say I am in Skipton just over the North Yorkshire border.
  8. Not done much shooting/hunting/reloading in a long time with health, family and work but getting back to it now Rich
  9. Good day gents, I have been away for a long time "No not Jail" 🙂 Looking forward to some good banter Rich
  10. If you want to shoot pistols you still can just do what I have and go for one of the long barrelled revolvers I have a .357 magnum on my ticket. greeeeeeaaaaat fun. & yes you can still shoot black podwer pistols I am in a club that shoots them on our 25yd range. Rich.
  11. fantastic read mate, I am waiting my variation to come back for 17 HMR and I was too wondering which ammo to go for so I really enjoyed your review. I would also be interested in any help with choice of moderater for 17 HMR Rich.
  12. You are correct hunter, I have some red 20 bore cartridges. THey are not new so I am not sure if they still make them but there are red cartridges out there for 20 bore. Rich.
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