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  1. I'd be tempted to ask for a cash discount and just go that route - As London Best says, somebody is paying for it. If you go 0% interest, you have to go through all the agg of form filling and then receive a bundle of unsolicited marketing e mails from the lender and their "friends"
  2. Stop derailing this oyster thread
  3. So you've been to Essex then....
  4. Don't bother with the Aldi £50 sit on top of the barbecue ovens - More grief than they are worth and you have to spend absolutely ages preheating them to get them to temperature
  5. In the words of Swiss Tony, cooking goat is like making love to a beautiful woman - Long and slow wins the day and make sure it's wet
  6. It was a bit poo, but i say that every year. Gunmakers row and the fishing village were very abridged. The demo's were good and it was good to get out for the day, but i'm not sure how sustainable it is as an event
  7. They are an ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS amount of money, but if you're feeling flush, take a look at the Yeti ones. I got some promo ones from a very good client and they are brilliant. An iced drink next to the bed at night still has ice in it in the morning
  8. Take it or leave it to be fair - Doesn't really rock my boat
  9. Classic vinaigarette for me, usually with a squeeze of lemon. Love balsamic syrups in the mix as well - Where the hell was balsamic before 2000?? And for fat salad days, Caesar dressing or a blob of good old fashioned salad cream (especially if the "salad" involves chips!)
  10. I have to admit i was there for the last Cheltenham and then spent the next two weeks waiting to die!
  11. I'm going on the Saturday, but rather tellingly, accommodation nearby is not at a premium - Loads of nearby hotels and B and B's available at reasonable prices. Me and the Mrs tend to go and make a weekend of it now the kids are older - The days of game fair bargains are long dead i believe
  12. I read that as bowel - What a difference a letter makes!!
  13. Right - I've got a gippy semi auto - Might be time to give 'em a go - Cheers
  14. Indeed - Born and bred on the Commercial Road in Stepney, the only green was in the various parks and communal gardens - The scouts showed me the countryside and a little about what to do in it - I decided at quite a young age that I much preferred the green bits to the concrete bits
  15. Good to hear - Always heard they were good, but their turnaround time was always detracting from their work - Someone always used to have a gun still in there waiting to be mended
  16. Pork tenderloin, wrap in pancetta and roast for 30 minutes delicious - Even better done over wood Proper pulled pork or mexican style carnitas - Spectacular at parties 3-2-1 ribs - Dead easy and gone in minutes, with only a pile of clean bones to show for it Chinese style pork belly - Mmmmmmmm Pork is mass produced now - You only have to look at the price per lb - They are giving it away. Slower cooked cuts have tons more flavour If you want the good stuff, look for your butcher - You want good slow grown British pork (or a Spanish suckling pig). If you can get hold of Gloucester Old Spot, Tamworth or go continental for a Mangalitsa, you won't regret it - You're not going to get fillet steak for skirt steak money
  17. It was a handful of cracks - Didn't sound like automatic gunfire. I was in the courtyard of a pub on the north side of the bridge and remember hearing the cracks and then suddenly everywhere went mad with police cars, ambulances and running people
  18. I was literally just around the corner when this happened - Heard a handful of shots at best
  19. Mine are massively all over the place this year - Some have gone long and leggy and others are stumpy as hell and none of them are showing any chillis yet - Quite odd
  20. I'm down that way this weekend and probably going to be there, but can't be faffed to bring my gun and have to worry about storing it - Do you have a "hire" gun for licence holders?
  21. I'd tend to avoid - They are a marmite line and he tends to sell AFTM #9 lines as AFTM #7 and you wonder how you cast so far. Lots of issues with lies cracking/splitting. I like Airflo and Rio are fine, but you honestly can't go wrong with John Norris or Snowbee If you want an overhang marker, get a black marker pen
  22. Just freeze them and it does the job for you
  23. When you've done the dishes, drain the water into a barrel and throw some yeast in - Instant Hobgoblin clone!!! Only kidding - Can't stand the stuff now. Another beer where they seem to have changed the recipe and not for the better - Same as Ruddles County and Marston's Pedigree. If you want to go all grain, maybe look at brew in a bag - Much smaller batches, so less outlay, but you can mess about with different recipes and styles
  24. Like that - Love their cover of Orgasmatron as well
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