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  1. Where in the UK are you Pushandpull? I am quite capable of servicing a tired Airsporter. Bring the bits and I can probably do it while you wait, which mark is it? 😉
  2. I bought my Wife an Atlas 10F lathe for Easter one year, she complained so much I had to go out and buy her a chocolate egg and use the lathe myself. How ungrateful 😲
  3. Simpsons of Newmarket had one....
  4. The original piston heads were aluminium, BSA changed them to nylon at some point. Each one I have repaired, the nylon piston head was swollen and jammed in the cylinder. The answer was to replace it with an aluminium one. Phosphor bronze might be too heavy, although you probably have one of the most expensive piston heads in existence 😂. As Old'un suggested, sometimes a stronger spring isn't the best answer to the quest for more power.
  5. I have an old Webley Falcon, .22 flavour CW red/green illuminated reticle 3- 9 x 40 scope. The air rifle is probably due some TLC, I have replaced the barrel latch spring recently as the breech popped open when fired. It has the most amazing recoil for an air rifle, I keep meaning to take it apart to investigate the spring inside. If you're interested £50?
  6. If I'm not too late... BB's are .175" the pellets are .177", that's a fairly good reason why they fall out of the barrel 😉😁
  7. https://www.gunspares.co.uk/products/24289/Cadet/
  8. https://www.gunspares.co.uk/products/24235/S200/#
  9. If they can't I can... All i need is the dimensions 😊
  10. I have a Webley "Ranger" in .177 flavour if you want it. It is a child's air rifle, which you have for free if it helps, you'll need to collect it though 😉
  11. hyflier


    If you're anywhere near Suffolk, I think Simpsons of Newmarket sell stoeger air rifles
  12. Yes thanks, it's a Milbro. I have asked a friend who will know, it's just a matter of whether he will tell me 😉
  13. HI, I don't I'm afraid. T.J. Harrington used a weird thread in the Gat Gun and certainly not a standard thread. I suspect that Diana used a metric thread but a standard one, I presume they were also .177? I would be happy to make you one if we can find out what thread they used, I'm going to guess M5 x 0.8 for now. If anyone here knows, please feel free to post the information, Thank you 😃
  14. Hi All, Based on a pellet prodder on one of my Gat Guns, I've made some of these up. There are some shorter finger pieces and longer ones for those "fuller fingers." If you have a Gat gun which has lost the pellet prodder, please PM me and I'll get one off to you. £7.50 1st class post to UK mainland included. H 😁
  15. Here's the picture of the full package, I vaguely remember it being sold in a local bicycle repair shop and being completely out of my price range.
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