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  1. hyflier


    If you're anywhere near Suffolk, I think Simpsons of Newmarket sell stoeger air rifles
  2. Yes thanks, it's a Milbro. I have asked a friend who will know, it's just a matter of whether he will tell me 😉
  3. HI, I don't I'm afraid. T.J. Harrington used a weird thread in the Gat Gun and certainly not a standard thread. I suspect that Diana used a metric thread but a standard one, I presume they were also .177? I would be happy to make you one if we can find out what thread they used, I'm going to guess M5 x 0.8 for now. If anyone here knows, please feel free to post the information, Thank you 😃
  4. Hi All, Based on a pellet prodder on one of my Gat Guns, I've made some of these up. There are some shorter finger pieces and longer ones for those "fuller fingers." If you have a Gat gun which has lost the pellet prodder, please PM me and I'll get one off to you. £7.50 1st class post to UK mainland included. H 😁
  5. Here's the picture of the full package, I vaguely remember it being sold in a local bicycle repair shop and being completely out of my price range.
  6. Thank you, I had looked at that Wraivi and if nothing is forthcoming I might have to consider this option. If nothing else, I'm pleased at the interest and the desire to own the fly swat this thread has created, 😄😄😄
  7. Your replies have made me smile. I bet there's someone on here who has one 😉. I'm going to wait 😄😄😄
  8. I think I have some decoys in my garage loft. I've just replied to a member who was looking for a camo net, if they don't get back to me you can have that too
  9. hyflier

    Camo net?

    I have a fairly large one here if it helps
  10. Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I have two gat pistols and a gat gun air rifle, 1 dart, lots of pellets, no corks and definitely no fly swatter. Does anybody still have the latter for sale, I believe they were yellow and shaped like spider web? 🤔 The Wife is going to love it, and it won't be long before I'm hearing her dulcet tones of: "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING TO DO WITH THAT? PUT IT AWAY...PUT IT AWAY NOW!! IF YOU DON'T PUT IT AWAY, IT'S GOING IN THE BIN. etc. So if there's someone, somewhere in the far flung corners of the UK who can help, I'd be most grateful 😊
  11. https://www.gunspares.co.uk/products/24562/HW35/ any good?
  12. hyflier


    Daft question probably, but how do you recharge the Tesla at home?
  13. Like others I have had plenty of split cases after firing the round. It has not affected accuracy in any way, being a low pressure round (compared to centre fire) and encased in a quality steel breech, I've never considered it to be dangerous. I have found the odd split case prior to firing and after a curious test shot, that didn't affect accuracy either, the laser guided bunny seeking missile still did its intended job. I have had one squib round and my first thought was "Oh that was a misfire" waiting 30 seconds I slowly ejected the case to find an the bullet gone, yup the bullet was in the barrel but that was one out of a thousand and a damp evening at that.
  14. hyflier

    Twangy 97k

    I still love that pseudonym , Have a look here, and change the spring guide and pop in a top hat, you'll be well happy... https://www.gunspares.co.uk/shopdisplayproducts.asp?page=2&id=24576&Search=
  15. http://www.wildsmart.ca/berriesandfruits.htm Something called "choke cherry," I think.
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