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    long range rifle shooting,deer stalking,vermin shooting,shotgunning etc

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  1. markg

    GRS laminate Stock

    Send me your email ,and I can send pics
  2. markg

    GRS laminate Stock

    GRS laminate stock (nutmeg) for Remington 700 short action It will take Varmint barrel As New condition.£400
  3. bushnell elite 6500 4.5 x30x50 Milldot Boxed V good condition £450 Good scope for nv addon
  4. markg

    204 ruger

    I am considering swapping my 223 slot for a 204 How easy is it to get .20 reloading components or factory ammunition for the 204 ?
  5. markg

    AYA No4 12 gauge

    This gun has been sold thanks
  6. markg

    fac air

    Bisley magnums @ 38.2ftlb work well
  7. markg

    .223 or .204 that is the question

    Had 223,17 fireball,222 ,22.250 , 243........back to .223 it will do all you need. For sure 50g ,55g bullets kill foxes.
  8. markg

    .17 hmr 452 CZ varmint change to ???

    Shot my mates synthetic browning t bolt was not as accurate as my cz.Liked the mag system,with spare in stock. Have you looked at the American synthetic CZ.
  9. markg

    how to quieten 40ft/lb daystate?

    I have 40ftlb air ranger with shrouded barrel,and daystate carbon mod. It sounds really quiet to me. Rabbits done run off when ones been shot. using 21g bisley magnum
  10. markg

    new hmr rounds

    Is the consistency, of 17hmr ammo, any better these days? Still the squibs etc? not had hmr for few years now
  11. markg

    Anyone here shoot a 6x45?

    6x47lap is easy,put 6.5x47 brass throught 6x47 full sizer. basically .243 ,using less powder
  12. markg

    Browning B525

    Is 725 belgian?
  13. markg

    Short gun slips for shotguns

    http://www.ogdensshootingsupplies.co.uk/ phil ogden (ogdens) ,will make anything/size you want, not expensive either.
  14. markg

    Browning 525 sporter 2015 model

    Swapped in a Beretta for a 525 2015. Much prefer this browning for me, just think it fits better.