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    long range rifle shooting,deer stalking,vermin shooting,shotgunning etc

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  1. If I had not got a benelli already (was second hand),I would have a franchi.
  2. Swarovski Z63-18x50 Ballistic Turret, plex ret ,side focusNon illBoxed with manuals,original cloths ,key for turret.Very good,no scratches,no tube marks,looks like new.£1000
  3. What's the difference 12mm 16mm?
  4. markg

    Dragon Fly IR

    I don't have a case.
  5. As new Dragon Fly IR £130 +post
  6. Send me your email ,and I can send pics
  7. GRS laminate stock (nutmeg) for Remington 700 short action It will take Varmint barrel As New condition.£400
  8. bushnell elite 6500 4.5 x30x50 Milldot Boxed V good condition £450 Good scope for nv addon
  9. I am considering swapping my 223 slot for a 204 How easy is it to get .20 reloading components or factory ammunition for the 204 ?
  10. markg

    fac air

    Bisley magnums @ 38.2ftlb work well
  11. Had 223,17 fireball,222 ,22.250 , 243........back to .223 it will do all you need. For sure 50g ,55g bullets kill foxes.
  12. Shot my mates synthetic browning t bolt was not as accurate as my cz.Liked the mag system,with spare in stock. Have you looked at the American synthetic CZ.
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