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  1. Some good info here - https://www.trapshooters.com/threads/725-citori-firing-pin-pitted.766801/ My bottom pin is slightly pitted already - B525SL bought in May 2019 and has had two msifires, though the indentations were deep (may have been dodgy primers). I took out the pins last weekend and cleaned the pins, lower spring and guide holes (bottom was filthy) and have ordered these replacements (Citori) from the states - that are supposed to be better than the originals. https://www.jnpgunsprings.com/BROWNING-PARTS-c20975296
  2. Looks similar to what happened with my Browning Maxus. Discharged out of battery becuase the firing pin wasn't retracted fully in the bolt. The gun was sent off to the proof house by the gunshop and the issue was found to be a sheared firing pin retaing pin.
  3. The chairman was engaging! Marian Spain has further added to the debate as well - https://naturalengland.blog.gov.uk/2019/05/21/general-licences-tuesday-21-may-update/
  4. https://parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/3610d6cf-6d1e-45ed-ab7f-3b6c0f9a5c43 Starts at 14:47:38 on the video player
  5. Hi jimmy, Try http://www.cotswoldcc.co.uk/Prices-Membership Get there before 10am and speak to the owner (Nick) and say you are on your own and he will hook you up with other people/groups. It's a very friendly club and you should meet plenty of people. Our small group are there most Sundays - so Nick will more than likely hook you up with us at sometime.
  6. I've a Maxus Carbon Fibre Composite. It was my favourite gun and was bought around 2011 and I estimate it's had around 12,000 - 13,000 shells through it. Within the first year of ownership it fired off a shell as it was being loaded ( the bolt mechanism going forward towards the barrel) Luckily the shell was fully enclosed in the barrel and pointed in a safe direction. Fast forward until two weeks ago and it did it again at the same clay ground. This time however the end of the shell was only just inside the barrel and the main force of the shell went off out of the side of the receiver (massive flash & bang) into my face as I loaded the first cartridge. Luckily no harm to myself, though I have had a constant ring in my ears since (was wearing hearing protection) and it has bent the carrier inside the receiver with possibly more damage to the internals. I have read that there is a free floating firing pin in the Maxus (no pin return spring), so can only presume this was sticking out as the bolt mechanism came toward the cartridge and set it off.
  7. Try these guys http://www.####.co.uk/ I have bought spares for my Cynergy (firing pins and spacers) from them in the past.
  8. Been gluten free since last November after years of pizza, ready meals and basically junk food. It was very difficult for the first two weeks, but now I don't think twice about bread, biscuits, etc. Since quitting I no longer get acid reflux, hardly any headaches (used to be near daily) and have more energy. I switched over to having more meat and fruit and veg and feel loads better.
  9. Count me in as well - £5 sent.
  10. Instructions are rubbish mind (converted from Chinese!). Basically I used a Samsung Class 6 (transfer speed of the card) 16gb Micro SD SDHC card from Ebay in mine. It already came formatted (Fat 32) and the glasses use about 7.5gb -8gb per hour. The battery lasts about an hour (but it's slowly improving after a few charges). The files are block written to the card every ten minutes or so - I.E if you record for an hour you will have several video files (not one) but it does this in the background automatically. On & off button (Orange) is on the left hand side. The LED is solid blue when not recording and pulses on and off when recording and turns red when charging (then turns off when charged - or alternates blue and red if fully charged if the glasses are powered on). No drivers are needed for a PC as the computer treats the card as just another external drive. When I got mine it automatically overlaid the date and time on the video. I turned this off (had to search around on the internet to find out how to do this) by adding the following into Wordpad (or Notepad, Word, etc) and saving the file as a .txt file onto the root of the sdcard and turning the glasses on and off. In the following format its Year (Space) Month (Space) Day (Space) Hour:Minutes:Seconds(N is to turn off the time stamp or Y is to have the time stamp) 2013 06 26 18:00:00N To play them I either use Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player and to edit the video I use Windows Movie Maker (all free). Think that's it as far as I can remember.
  11. Not sure about delivered, but I got my last slab from Ian Coleys.
  12. Hi Unicad, I'm using the red lenses on my glasses although that won't affect the video as the video lens is in between the normal lenses. One thing you have to remember is that the video lens will always be off to one side and a little bit higher than your shooting eye. So for instance in the attached video - on clays coming from my right I will be giving them more lead than you can see in the video. It is hard to see the clays on the video as obviously they are small and fast (press the magnifying glass symbol to go full screen on the attached) and if they break then generally they just disappear without any indication that you have broken them (although the majority of the clays were between 20-40yards). If you use VLC media player (free) to view the videos from the sdcard then you can slow motion them (press + or - on the keyboard) and by doing this I have seen myself stopping the gun a few times and not giving enough lead. If you keep your scorecard and watch the video you made then you can work out which ones you definitely missed and see a pattern of why generally. For the price they aren't bad. If they filmed at 2X or 3X zoom in a narrower field of view then they would be better for clay shooting videos. View My Video And one of the clips in slow motion (spy glass in the link to full size). Quality is a bit clearer on the original files (on the PC) http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=i23akw&s=5
  13. Hi Daz, My favourite shooting is corvids as they can be testing after they are a bit wary! There seems to be an increase in numbers this year at the farm, but there not really feeding there at the moment so things are a bit quiet. However I expect this to change once the barley starts to ripen.
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