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  1. well done brandon it was a really hard shoot i heard
  2. think they are about 2 inches ive got the flak frame though
  3. alright you weird'o?

    1. you my friend have found where jesus lives
    2. so it was you who trampled over my front garden lol
    3. Why dont you get him something like this ?
    4. white mutant :unsure: must have no self-confidence
    5. yeah mate i've been alot its just that i wanted to try something a little different
    6. rogh shooter


      hi guys been reading up on airsoft and it looks like massive fun.I live in colchester/essex and can really find anywhere to do it,I was just wondering if any of you guys are into it and could give me any tips on how to get into it. many thanks
    7. xbox mate from a 17 year old with a lot of free time :blink: especally with kenect coming out soon aswell as the new cod
    8. i wanna download it but my i player keeps asking me to upgrade and when i do it asks me to do it again so i will have to watch it online :blink:
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