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  1. Having been in the meat trade all my life, I would recommend the best way to sharpen a knife is to start on a quality oil stone and then finish on a good quality steel. Hold the steel in one hand and it is very important to feel the knife on the steel gently and not bang it on the steel. This will take quite a bit of practice but it very worthwhile once you have mastered the skill. If in doubt, I'm sure any good butcher would be happy to demonstrate to you.
  2. Try putting a mirror in the cage.
  3. A few priests I have made from odds and ends in my shed.
  4. Thanks for the offer, Crossy, but I am a bit far away to come!
  5. Has anybody got or used one of these? Any information gratefully received.
  6. Thanks Guys, I tried my pals sako 85s 2.70 with a jet z mod and found it fairly quiet and not too much recoil, so that's what I've decided on.
  7. I am thinking of a new rifle for deer mainly red and fallow what do you recommend 2.43 2.70 or 308 or any other ideas. Many thanks.
  8. Has anybody ever used a Nite Site ns 200? If so, any feedback would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  9. Hi, yes this gun is a sidelock ejector. I'm in Dorset
  10. AYA Countryman 28" ¼ and ½ chokes Immaculate condition £850
  11. If I remove the bipod from my rifle will it affect the zeroing? Any suggestions gratefully received.
  12. I've got one and its brilliant it lasts all day and is still hot the next day
  13. Yes, the mounts had to be made specially. Sportsman in Dorset got them for me they cost a fair bit! But its not too high for me and I seem to shoot pretty good with it. Thanks for your comments
  14. Thanks Graham. Tried the rifle with and without the bipod, couldn't notice any difference. I bought the rifle earlier in the year and my wife has treated me to a Zeiss 6x24x72 scope. Only had it two months, absolutely the dog's do das!!!
  15. Does anybody know if taking the bipod off a rifle would affect the zeroing? The rifle is a Sako 243 and a Harris bipod. Any help much appreciated.
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