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  1. Americans love reloading shells, but the amount of exploded barrels and missing thumbs/fingers I've seen on US forums has made me think that it's not worth the aggro.
  2. Thanks for the reply and the info. I may just take you up on that offer.
  3. How are you getting on with this? I like having an auto around as well as my o/u so this looks like a possibility.
  4. None the wiser as I can't see any description that mentions the door edge, and the illustration image they use looks extremely similar to my door. Anyway, I've already rolled over and I have a new cabinet arriving on Wednesday. Then the certificate will arrive shortly after that which is all I care about now lol.
  5. Thank you all for the replies and advice chaps, it's much appreciated. I have a slight admission to make however, bit embarrassing, but the cabinet after a look for some more photos turns out not to be a Brattonsound after all. If I could find the embarrassed smiley I'd insert it here. It's made by a company called S.M.P in Telford, and for the life of me this is news despite owning it from new in 1990. The bit the FEO is objecting to is the door edge being a simple fold.
  6. lol I like those ideas. Hey Gordon, glad to be back. Hope to be out next weekend. Yes, I agree. It's been fine for nearly 30 years but the new FEO doesn't like the door. Can these regulations change? There must be loads of cabinets like these out there. I actually like my new FEO, very pleasant and helpful, but I'm not sure about this. Also, even stranger, I asked about this new cabinet and was told the hinges make it a fail. This cabinet has the relevant BS kite mark and is "Police Approved" though I'm not sure how that's measured. https://www.lichfieldsafecentre.co.uk/media/pdf/GS8010K_SERIES_-_TUCANA_GUN_SAFES.pdf Good idea, thanks. What do you think it's worth? I'll send you pictures. £50?
  7. Finally after a monumental battle I have finally got my shotgun certificate back. The trouble is, is in that time it seems my 1980s Brattonsound cabinet is no longer favoured by my new FEO due to the door flange being jemmi-able (new word I invented). So with no appetite for a fresh battle I've just gone for the quick win and replaced it with a new suitable one. What to do with the old one now? Dump it? Has it any value otherwise? It's in really good condition, two lock, has lockable inner-box at the top, immensely heavy etc. Seems a shame to dump it.
  8. I've had two, and I'm almost likely buying a 3rd. The Invictus ACS. I had a Summit way back when literally nobody had heard of them in 2007 or 8 Asia felt so good and had a lot of features from more expensive guns. I sold that for significantly more than I paid for it 5 years later in favour of a very pretty Maxum with custom wood. I put a lot of cartridges through them and never suffered any rust or reliability issues, unlike my browning. A minor fore-end split was replaced with a matching one straight away. I'm actually a fussy tart and would buy anything unless it looked and functioned well. My shortlist is Invictus, DT11 and K-80, says it all maybe.
  9. I had a play with a pro-rib K-80. It's still on my list as I hit 9 of the 10 targets presented, 2 each of 5 targets. Missed the easy sitter with a trigger finger freeze on the 2nd bird, which was a bit annoying. Just the DT11 version left to try now, Guerini Invicta also still on list after trying it at the RK country fair a few weeks ago.
  10. I'm there. I need to try a K80 sporter and pro-rib sporter.
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