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  1. great shooting, and a great write up, if the antis didn't have permission to walk there then threaten to press charges fpr trespass That would wipe their snobby little look of their face HSH
  2. nice peice of kit, they're good cars HSH
  3. Thanks, have also been looking at makarov airguns, they are made from the actual firearms, have 90% of the original parts and are all metal, looks good Thanks, HSH :yp:
  4. which is better. Needs to be powerful, authentic, quite accurate and gets quite a few shots from one capsule. Thanks for the help, HSH P.S The P290 should be PT90
  5. good shooting, plenty of things to burn, and plenty of things to cook till golden and smells nice HSH
  6. whay are they discontinuing. Asking if you've heard about accupels is like asking if you've heard of the pope, they've got to be the most popular airgun pellet ever B) Just seems a bit weird, hope someone else'll make 'em cheaper HSH
  7. have heard different replies here. Baiscally the same needs but i want it to shoot, needs to be quite lightweight (just like pistols like that), high shot count, semi-auto, accurate and hard-wearing. Also needs to be cheap £60 max, was thinking of a ppk cos they sound good, how much are they? Definitly needs to be a co2 cos i've already got a match pistol so its just for plinking Thanks, HSH
  8. good shooting B) , is one of you another member of the Hatsan Escort club or am i dumb HSH
  9. nice shooting, what gun did you use? HSH
  10. if you get it threaded you can get any make of silencer as long as it has the same thread type, not sure about slip over ones though. If you want the action silenced then if you get it tuned you can get a spring guide fitted that will quieten the action (i think so anyways). In regard to the slip on silencer (if it is one) then i'd consult your xbox Hope that helps, HSH
  11. great write up and nice bag. Must have taken good shooting to get it Good shooting HSH
  12. its no surprise. Thats shocking but its china, i can't say i don't care but i'm more concerned about their human rights but that is disgusting. And they expect our help! Tell them to stop breaching human and animal rights and free tibet and then we'll help HSH
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