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  1. Teal, it's ALL a game then?!?! :thumbs: Bit like life really! PP
  2. With the exception of foxy, I like them all :thumbs: I know I've been away for a bit but who made pigeons 'game'?! PP
  3. After a disasterous 2003 :thumbs: , I've finally managed to get back online. Hope everyone is well and there is lots of new stuff to read. Col Pol, I'll be in touch about your bunny shooting in the very near future - I ain't forgotten
  4. You'll be quite safe Jono, Col Pol is talking about it - should finish by Christmas........2007 lmao :blink: PP
  5. They ain't new rjimmer, but they are made by Pampers :blink:
  6. Leon, in the 'save as' option on your programme it should give the option to 'resize' the picture. If you post up your name of software I'll try to be more specific. :blink: Cheers PP
  7. Pigeon Pieman


    Bill, I thought that a Kiwi was just an Aussie that could swim :blink:
  8. Hi 2nd barrel, just freeze the as they are usually. Having said that, almost every gamedealer I know isn't taking frozen pigeons at present, certainly not where I live in the South East :blink: PP
  9. MA 1308, if you can buy a new one for that price feel free. Mine comes with the mounts and sunshade too! Cheapest I have seen them is for £135-00. I'll PM you the details but whatever you do DON'T post the address of the shop on the forum - now officially a hanging offence!! PP
  10. Poor Mr Flopsie and friends! Diddn't know you shot grizzly bears Leon. How'd you get thet big ugly bear to hold the gun? :blink: Nice piccy - bit big, did Col Pol tell you what size to use?! Tee hee hee PP
  11. Will, don't write a Col Pol 30 000 word reply! By the time we get to the important bits we'd have all fallen asleep :blink: PP
  12. I'm sure one of the sites suggested by Quercus will give you the details of the law relating to the taking of deer. :blink: PP
  13. Big Angus! The answer is 'Noooooooooooooooooo!' Doesn't matter how strong the boy is, his proposal is illegal and foolhardy. If you are trying to recruit at your work, I suggest you send him a PM of where to buy drugs :blink:
  14. Col Pol, it's official. You need to take the guns out more often! After all, Mrs Col Pol wouldn't want you to have to buy expensive replacements, would she?! :blink: PP
  15. I presume that's an 'Ugly Tree' to the left of the picture - and you boys hit every branch when you fell out!! :blink:
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