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  1. I would only consider one place and that`s Sandwell Field Sports.
  2. Lloyd, We are a rough shoot but release 200 birds from a pen. We dont have any big shoots near by and last years figures are: 117 Pheasant, 9 Mallard, 8 Woodcock & 2 Snipe - Plus squirrels corvids and pigeon . This is picked birds on occasion when we have been light on dogs we may have lost a bird or two in the season. Also not a year with the birds we had so we have changed supplier this year. Season before was 142 Pheasant plus other species, again putting 200 birds down. We on guys son comes to beat and another`s grandson so we have two beaters and we have people as walking back guns too so semi-driven if that is a correct term / description. This season we also have a white hen , 6 black hens and 6 black males in the mix of birds. Our members are also able to shoot over the ground all year for decoying and roost shooting and shotgun pest control (Squirrels). ATB Matt
  3. I would agree that the price seems fair. I think we have to accept though that there are a lot of people out there that say a lot and do little ! For example: We have a Little DIY syndicate where its £400 to join first year and £300 year after that. We put down 200-250 birds and shoot once a fortnight with great returns but also have wild duck, WoodCock and Snipe in our bags. We have two beaters also. Being a member gives shooting over the land all year around and members regularly fill their trailers with firewood too and one guy occasionally has crayfish from the stream also. But despite advertising on FB and in the local paper we haven't had anyone come forward to fill a vacant post. So I have come to the solution that talk is very cheap. Good luck in getting some guns to attend though
  4. I was hoping wood pigeon would be covered under the public health WML GL35 - preserve public health or public safety. But it isnt. We have Wood Pigeon getting into the warehouses and messing everywhere which is now a H&S issue as some feel its effecting their health (Respiratory) There is regular cleaning going on and several other measures in place but in the mean time I need to cull these pigeons as its effecting business now ! Looks like I will have to hasten my application for a license to shoot them still.
  5. I don`t agree with all of what TR says, how ever I do believe he did expose the BBC to look bad and from what I have seen there is definitely a bias of treatment against him by the establishment / police over those who disapprove of him in various levels. Seeing the footage of him being attacked etc and no prosecutions etc being raised and the handling of it does make me feel there is two standards being delivered. Had the shoe been on the other foot the country would be in uproar. Again I don`t agree with all TR says or stands for but the treatment he is receiving to me seems "clear to see to a blind man" with his opponents becoming far more violent and extreme in their actions and being a far bigger threat than he has ever posed. The establishment needs to get a grip of this and bring some equality back to restore the balance and bring inline his opposition without fear of being labelled racists other wise their actions would appear to only deepen the divide and fuel the growing conflict between each side.
  6. How much use have they had Moxey ?
  7. salop sniper


    So sorry for your loss. Thoughts are with you and your family. ATB Matt
  8. Leather man over Gerber having owned and used both !
  9. No charger and I don't know where you stand on posting the batteries. But I do have some battery's I can include, I have a few I salvage from laptops. I will have a look in my collection though for a charger if your interested? Cheers Matt
  10. Night Master Venom Strike + battery extension tube. Being the Venom Strike model it has rotary brightness control on the rear. Red and white pill's. Mount also included. Has had little use but great condition. £55 posted (Worth £150 new)
  11. I used to carry a pen knife every day at work as even though am office based I regularly go into the warehouses and inspect kit which means opening packaging and cutting pallet wrap and straps. How ever a colleague complained and I was pulled into the office and told that I must never bring a knife into work again or face disciplinary action. So since then I haven't carried one unless out on a shooting activity. We now play find the knife as no one ever seems to have one or its shared amongst 50 staff and when you get it its one of these safety knives that you struggle to cut anything with because of the terrible design and they are always blunt or broken. Snowflakes taking over the world
  12. Two handy stores but there are cheaper places in the area am lead to believe
  13. My FAC Daystate Huntsman is running at 30ftlb with Bisley magnums and I find that fine for all uk air rifle legal quarry. 30ftlb is plenty of energy out beyond the distance you will use it. From memory a 21gn magnum at the muzzle giving 30ftlb equates to 11.5 ftlb @ 100 yards, so quarry shot at 100 yards if you had the accuracy is delivering the same energy as a point blank shot from a sub 12ftlb air rifle....... its going to be plenty of energy. At 70 yards with a head shot its passing straight though the head with a good amount of energy transfer. Myself I wouldn't go past 35ftlb and find 30ftlb perfectly adequate and it works well on avian pest too. ATB
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