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  1. salop sniper

    Have any of you seen this YouTube channel

    I really like his channel and enjoy watching his videos. I take my hat off to him he seems to know his stuff and is achieving loads. Hes done a cracking job of his Jeep I could happily spend a weekend camping/ bush crafting and chatting to him.
  2. salop sniper

    Bisley magnum 22 3tins

    Second dibs please
  3. For me I use plastic at clay grounds that allow it and after that I use fibre for all of my shooting!
  4. salop sniper

    Rifle torch

    A Evo / MK2 T50/T75 would be your best bet ! and cheapest option too !
  5. salop sniper

    Not a bad night on the rabbits

    Lucky to have the numbers. I dont think I have anywhere that i can go and see more than 10-20 in a night across the whole area.
  6. salop sniper

    20 gauge O/U

    If your deal falls through I have a B525 in mint condition for sale within your budget !
  7. Has anyone got any or plan to make any ? I have decided to go fibre only on all my cartridges. I've placed an order for some fibre wad clay loads and will finish off my plastic wads and that will be the end of plastic wads for me. ATB Matt
  8. Salopian covered the Telford area well but also for LE cartridges there is Cambers on the A41 and other store is just outside of Much Wenlock 👍
  9. salop sniper

    20g cartridge prices

    I paid £65 a slab for the bast lot of Gamebore I bought and was very happy with them. But having said that my Gamebore Evo`s for the 12bore are £60 per slab. So not masses in it really. Buy at the thousand rate if you can if there is a saving to be had !
  10. salop sniper

    What Species Do You Enjoy Eating The Most ?

    For me its Mallard, I love it. Second is any venison. But I would like to try the different geese too !
  11. salop sniper

    FAC air .22 or .25

    .22 @ 30ftlb 👍
  12. salop sniper

    Ejector problems Miroku MK 60 HP

    I think it's RC's sizings as this year while loading I have had more RC cartridges not eject than any other brand. This is in Browning's, MK's, Berretta's and H&H (12g & 20g). They give good performance but seem to burn hot and dirty with occasional ejection issues. But this is just my observations.
  13. salop sniper

    50 cal update

    Great news 👍
  14. salop sniper

    Trespassers banned

    Brilliant news, lets hope more are stopped through the courts.