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  1. salop sniper

    FAC air .22 or .25

    .22 @ 30ftlb 👍
  2. salop sniper

    Ejector problems Miroku MK 60 HP

    I think it's RC's sizings as this year while loading I have had more RC cartridges not eject than any other brand. This is in Browning's, MK's, Berretta's and H&H (12g & 20g). They give good performance but seem to burn hot and dirty with occasional ejection issues. But this is just my observations.
  3. salop sniper

    50 cal update

    Great news 👍
  4. salop sniper

    Trespassers banned

    Brilliant news, lets hope more are stopped through the courts.
  5. salop sniper


    Snow on the long Mynd and Church Stretton here in Shropshire !
  6. salop sniper

    Rowley Gun Club - Croxton, Staffs

    Okay, Many thanks for that Growley
  7. Does anybody know if this place is still going and if it's still members only ? It was fully subscribed a few years ago with places like hens teeth. I really used to enjoy it there and haven't been in ages but it would suit me great for a Sunday morning round of clays. TIA Matt
  8. salop sniper

    .17 hmr range

    150 yards if taking Heart and lung shots, 110/1120 yards for head shot. Loved mine. Had my .22lr 4 months and sold it, yes it was cheap to feed and quiet but the trajectory just didn't match the .17HMR and it gave so many ricochets regardless of backstops and elevated shots. I got shot of it. .22 FAC Air and the HMR covered all my pest control needs as I could take fox with the HMR. Already having the PCP charging gear the FAC Air makes it as cheap to shoot as its just the cost of a tin of pellets which are cheaper than .22lr so that has me covered for quiet area shooting above sub 12ftlb air rifle work. Go for the HMR, I wouldn't hesitate to have one back in my cabinet if I had the opportunity.
  9. salop sniper

    Browning B525 Game 20 gauge

    This is my gun. Now reduced to £1200.
  10. salop sniper

    Sporting Clays and Game - Tightening up ????

    Teague is the brand am happy with and sticking with and I will do it as a pair to save me starting to mess around with the selector which can be nearly as bad as faffing with chokes otherwise 👍
  11. Folks, Apologies first for another choke question! I am not a choke twiddler and have Teague 3/8`s in both my barrels for all my clay shooting and the bit of game shooting that I do. How ever I think some of the more rangy stuff I may be missing out on a few kills and breaks with pattern failing/opening up too much, so am considering tightening up my chokes..... again, it will be a pair of the same for both barrels. But am torn between a pair of half's or a pair of 5/8`s. I belive its the clay ground I will see the improvements on as I only shoot higher birds once a year on my beaters day. Any advice / thoughts ? TIA
  12. salop sniper

    Ford Fiesta Eco Boost

    Looks like a Zetec Fiesta instead then !
  13. salop sniper

    What to wear for informal syndicate?

    Our DIY shoot is in formal and I wear a cheap pair of Moleskins, cheap check shirt and NGO tie, also wear a cap and a green Gillet (unbranded). Footwear either wellys or boots. I wouldn't wear camo or jeans. I believe no matter how big or small the day you should make some effort and respect the game and the land.
  14. Neate, out of curiosity where do you get the bangers from as I haven't seen them sold over here in the UK for years. Last time I saw some was in France.
  15. salop sniper

    Which disposable razor?

    DE razor user here DE89 from Edwin Jagger and TOBS cream. No blood or paper here just a cold rinse and an alum block to close pours and its antibacterial !