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  1. salop sniper

    New Model Jimny

    I do like the look of them but for me the roof bars are so handy for putting strimmers and ladders on. When our current Jimny needs to be retired we will be replacing it with another
  2. salop sniper

    Protective case recommendation?

    Folks, I've never damaged a phone before now but having dropped my newish phone last month it's shattered / cracked the screen and the glass back. So as it's going to cost 60-70% of a new handset am going to get a new handset but I need to look after this next one better so was wondering what protective cases everyone is using that they rate, especially tradesmen/ gamekeepers/police/ millitary type folk. ATB Matt
  3. salop sniper

    Boris and Burkas ????

    Good post this Rewulf ! I could be wrong Rewulf but also wasn`t the Burka almost history in Afghanistan in the 60`s/70`s/80`s and only saw a resurgence after influences from Saudi and Iran ? Its only my personal opinion / perception and I could be wrong but...... It would appear to me that the left need to understand that a lot of people immigrating to the UK are doing so not to integrate with us regular British but to join communities who isolate them self's from everyone and live off our stupid benefits systems that milk our country dry. Add to that amongst them a very small percentage..... but still they do exist and they wish to bring harm and terror to us incited by hatred. Is it so wrong or such a surprise that a growing number of British citizens have developed a fear of a community that isolate themselves and wear clothing that causes concern to others based on a decade of terror on our streets.
  4. salop sniper

    Hobbies besides shooting?

    Nothing for me, I do various bits associated with shooting ( Clay shooting, Loading, HFT, Airgun pest control, bits on the car, helping out on two shoots and the stuff for our DIY shoot, messing with saws and strimmers after using them at the shoot etc) but nothing else. Although we do enjoy eating out. We used to have a horse that dam near killed the wife so he was sold and now she has lots of spare time on her hands to drive me crazy, but with more spare time I am doing more around the house....... I have concluded that anyone who enjoys home DIY is a sadist, we are both rubbish at DIY so have concluded its best to pay someone who knows what they are doing to do it for us.
  5. salop sniper

    Huawei Phone

    Got a P8 lite and very happy with it. Just wish I hadn't dropped it and cracked the screen
  6. salop sniper

    Good Knife for everyday use.

    EKA Sweede. I Have a number 8 with orange handle. Well under your budget leaving some cash for a sharpening system. I have one and it sharpens great and holds a great edge. Its a thick solid blade and well made. Sharpening wise get a Lansky Sharpening system with the little clamp and hones that fasten to guides
  7. salop sniper

    Favourite 20g game shell?

    IMO its very circumstantial and has to be in put into perspective. 28 gram of the 6 (5.5) is perfect for the walked up and flushed bird produced on my DIY shoot. 26 gram am sure would be fine too for this if I wanted or for a lighter gun. I step up the choking and load for my beaters days as the birds are very good birds and can be real high. Most paying guns here shoot: 12bore - shooting 32 gram 5`s and up. I have seen 36 gram 4`s in the bin at the end of the day there too and dont see many 30 gram true 6`s. 20bore - Shooting 30 gram 5/6 (4.5 /5.5) in 20 bore. My 12 bore is a heavy (8lb 4oz ish) clay gun so I shoot it on clays from March to the end of July & enjoy my clays, am not in a rush to carry it around the Shropshire hills and across the fields. My 20 bore is lighter but its still 7 1/4 lb in weight so its better to carry and handles the heavier loads when I ask it to without issue. I don`t buy any 12 bore game loads, just solely clay loads. 20 bore wise I use it for clays from August the first to get reacquainted & I buy my game cartridges for it to suit the two different types of game shooting I do. I am though considering changing my 30 gram 6`s to 30 gram 5`s for the beaters days. I wouldn't be in a rush to put to many 30 gram cartridges through a lighter 6.5lb silver pigeon say, I would stick to the 26/28 gram. For my beaters days yes I could use my heavy 12 bore & 32 gram 5`s (4.5) but that`s changing gun again when am settled with the 20 at that point, when we walk one stand one I don`t fancy lugging my clay gun up hill and down dale. Regards Matt
  8. salop sniper

    Favourite 20g game shell?

    Used to use Gamebore Pure Gold 28gram fibre 6's. As these aren't available anymore i use Black gold fibre. On our rough shoot I use 28gram 6's (5.5), on beaters days with bigger birds I up to 30gram. I choke at Teague halfs but feel it's a bit tight so will be opening up I think. ATB Matt
  9. salop sniper

    Shropshire SY6 Rough Shoot Position

    Stuart, £350 for the first year and £300 per year after that. PM me your number and I will pass it to the shoot captain as I suspect there may be a second vacancy due to ill health. Regards Matt
  10. Gamebore Black Gold - 28gram 6's (5.5) fibre wad (20bore). I moved to the black gold as pure gold were stopped and they were my prefferd and trusted cartridges. ATB Matt
  11. salop sniper

    Fjords Cruise - Recommendations

    Cheers folks, we are going to have mooch at a local travel agent on Sunday. A week in October may have to be done so some can have our dogs for the week. ATB Matt
  12. salop sniper

    Fjords Cruise - Recommendations

    Folks, SWMBO has said she wants a holiday this year This is going to cost me annual leave that I had planed on using going loading and beating So she likes the idea of a cruise around the Fjords. In all fairness I would rather visit Norway/Sweden/ Iceland etc and be doing things than spend a week pegged out in the sun board and burnt. Has anyone else done it and any advice etc? I have pointed out a week in September so it doesn't interferer with the season, with the reduced amount of annual leave I need as much flexibility as possible for the season ! TIA Matt
  13. salop sniper

    Suzuki Jimny.

    I like it a lot but wish they had kept the roof bars, I use mine all the time and find them handy. ATB Matt
  14. salop sniper

    Shropshire SY6 Rough Shoot Position

    Now also advertised in local paper and on FB. Really surprised someone with a dog hasn't snapped this space up. Last seasons bag was: Pheasants: 142 Duck: 15 Snipe: 4 Pigeon: 7 Crow: 4 Rabbit: 3 ATB Matt
  15. We have a position for a gun on our friendly rough shoot syndicate. Anyone interested must have a working dog they are willing to work and both proof of insurance and SGC must be shown in order to join. You must be willing to attend shoot work party's and be involved with the shoot management / maintenance. We shoot every other Saturday from October to the end of January. Our shoot dates for this season are set and I can advisse them by PM if required. For further details please PM me and I will give you the Shoot Captains number to enquire. Some questions I can answer but most are best put to the Shoot Captain. ATB Matt