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  1. Thanks folks. I had to move out of the house because of the mind game of being there. I pay my half of the mortgage and cut the grass to demonstrate I haven't abandoned anything. She is dragging her feet because she can't afford much on her own salary and its easier for her to stay put while am also not there. We don't have children, am 37 she's 38. I have a pension of 18 years and she doesn't have any pension, 14 years together, 13 years living together and 7 married. She said she wants to remain amicable and is happy for me to buy her out. But I suspect this might change wh
  2. Folks, I know am not the first and wont be the last. But any advice on this would be much appreciated. I am not at fault here before anyone asks. Am sure there will be other members on here who have been down down this path before me. Any advice on dealing with it and moving forwards would be greatly received. ATB Matt
  3. Hawke Sidewinder SR Pro here also on a HW100kt. Love it especially the ret, I used to be into MTC but moved to Hawke and it would take a lot to get me away from them now.
  4. Happy so far with our 2011 Rav. I put Cooper ATT tyres on and all good so far. Low range would be nice but it does have a central diff lock. I went to this from a Jimny, The Jimny was great having low range and being light it didnt get stuck but it was lacking a diff lock and space. With the Rav I have more space, better fuel consumption, 70mph is more comfortable, I can tow with it, the heated seats are nice and in an accident I have more around me. I just wish there was a bit more ground clearance and as I first said a low range. When it needs up grading It will likely be ano
  5. £300pa on a little DIY syndicate which gives me shooting all year round and access to fire wood. Normal year £800ish on Clay's Air rifle related: 2 tins of pellets and £20 worth of air. Insurance £40pa Obviously I have initiall spends on guns, scopes, air tanks, NV kit etc but the above is my maintenance / consumable costs. Also clothing to factor in. With buying bits I would say £1200-£1800pa. Yes i could do it cheaper and this year i may have spent £300 on clays and cartridges so about 35% of what I normally would in a year. We dont have children just 2
  6. Really pleased with my Deerhunter Pro gamekeeper 👍
  7. I loved my FAC Daystate Huntsman. 30 shots but that was plenty as every 10-12 rabbits I would be back to the car to drop them off rather than carrying them anyway so I refilled magazines and topped up on air then. And if shooting from the vehicle the cylinder was always in the back !
  8. Pending photos then it looks like I will be placing an order 👍
  9. Hi Steve, Do you gave any photos of the collars as am after one 👍 ATB Matt
  10. Hi SS

    thank you for a smooth deal


  11. There you go some photos. NV unit, screen and Charger. ATB Matt
  12. Digital Night Stalker NV (None WIFI) Not getting used so up for sale. Excellent condition. New £147. Looking for £80 delivered.
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