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  1. Happy to split. £45 posted for both or £22.50 each now
  2. Hi, I have checked my chokes and they are standard Invector chokes. 



    1. salop sniper

      salop sniper

      Hi Westley am happy sell a single choke. 

      How's £30 via tracked and insured post sound ? 



    2. Westley


      Hi Matt,

      I am so sorry, but, I bought a new Briley mod. choke from Chris Potter this morning, otherwise I would have bought from you. I paid £26 for a new choke and because I also bought a choke for my 12 bore 725, I got free P & P. Sorry about that, but I needed the 12 bore choke for this weekend. Good luck with your sale,

      Best wishes,


  3. Just checked..... My advert is wrong, just standard Invector chokes. 37mm long !
  4. I have for sale 2x Teague 20g Invector Plus flush chokes. In excellent condition and may have had 300 shots through each. Sold the gun so no longer require these. £50ono delivered
  5. Not sure what the ground clearance is like on a Yeti and I suspect they hold stronger prices but will check them out 👍
  6. Yeh I accept they aren't as off road capable as the Jimny but for loading and country lanes to shoots etc and in bad weather am happy to compromise. It would also be used around my little shoot but I would have to do it when the ground is dryer from late spring to autumn.
  7. Folks, I love my Jimny to bits and off road it's like a main battle tank. But am traveling further a field with my shooting and loading and want to change for something a bit newer with some more room. So I am trying to find out about the CRV and Rav 4 with regards off road ability and suitability as a shooting vehicle. Anything I have would have All Terrain tyres put on it. Thoughts and shared experiences would be appreciated. TIA Matt
  8. I don`t think it has a name and they don`t advertise, locals just go. Its run by a guy called Mick Powell.
  9. Worgs and Hilton Gun clubs off the M6 A little further away is Haimwood (Fibre only) On a Tuesday evening you also have a little shoot at Long lane on the A442 at the MOTO - X track, its "straw baler" but still an option.
  10. Other than on here where is the best place to sell chokes?
  11. Any thoughts on how to prepare for best survival should Corbyn get in ? I genuinely fear the current labour organisation getting in. And Lib Debs not much behind them either.
  12. Hugo Boss - Night Victor & Ralph - Spice Bomb
  13. I have a Daystate Huntsman in .22 @ 30ftlb in a stunning stock that I would sell. PM me for any further details.
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