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  1. Hi SS

    thank you for a smooth deal


  2. There you go some photos. NV unit, screen and Charger. ATB Matt
  3. Digital Night Stalker NV (None WIFI) Not getting used so up for sale. Excellent condition. New £147. Looking for £80 delivered.
  4. So I ordered the Cooper ATT as they came in at £96 a corner all done. Will update with feed back incase it helps anyone else in the future. ATB Matt
  5. My regular go to tyre: Cooper Discoverer AT3 4s, apparently are no longer available in my required tyre size: 225/65/r17 102H. Vehicle is a 61 plate Rav 4 . So am looking for alternatives, Main 2 so far are: Cooper ATT vs Grabber AT3 A few people have said they didn't rate Grabbers. I always thought they were good on the Nissan Patrol Ambulance I used to drive off road with them on ! TIA Matt
  6. I wish I enjoyed Mackerel to eat but I cant stomach it ! But used to love catching it !
  7. I really hate the dam things, they serve no purpose and and seem to love chewing on my flesh. I buy the highest deet content spray i can and keep applying it !
  8. What do they come choked at or are they multi choke ?
  9. We have just left giff gaff as our signal at home is terrible (Giff Gaff piggy back off O2) and I keep missing work calls. We have just moved to 3 and so far we are very happy. £10 per month = 10gig, unlimited Calls& Texts which include Wi-Fi calling. Internet speed is great giving me 70mps download at home and in the countryside at our shoot anything from 4mps to 30mps. The problem with being with brands who piggy back off the main networks is your a second class citizen: not always getting use of all the frequencys the parent company and users have use of, plus no Wi-Fi
  10. Same as all of the above. Ditched multi blade razors and got myself a double edged safety razor. I got a Edwin Jagger DE89 and settled on Astra Green blades, I use Taylor of old Bond Street cream and a good brush. A great shave with no ingrowing hairs or snagging and so much cheaper than multi blade razors and canned gunk. ATB Matt
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