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  1. As above really. I have a lansky type sharpening system with the rods and stones. Finest is 1000 grit yellow. My knifes are sharp at this on a 20° sharpen bar my carbon Opinel which is on 17°. Is it worth going to 2000grit ? ATB Matt
  2. salop sniper

    Best military surplus outlets.

    Slight high jack, but any recommendations on where to buy genuine surplus German Flacktarn camo ? I have found a few places on-line but dont believe its genuine. Also can anyone confirm if the genuine German stuff has button fly or zip fly ? ATB Matt
  3. salop sniper

    Hello from Staffordshire

    Hi & Welcome
  4. salop sniper

    Rabbits in decline

    I havent seen such low numbers of rabbits before. Of the 8 or 9 places I used to shoot rabbits in any number on I now have just one place where 6 would be a big bag now, all the other places are barren. My FAC Air which has been my bunny rifle for a few years now barely gets out. Just no bunnys to go after.
  5. As above, does anyone know if Paul ( Paul Jackson from Mansfield) is still making leather dog products? We need to replace some collars we had off him nearly 10 years ago, they have been excellent so want to buy the same from him again. Any help getting in touch with him would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Matt
  6. salop sniper

    Which disposable razor?

    I also ditched cartridge razors and got myself a Edwin Jagger DE89 and a pack of blades (Astra Greens) with a tub of TOBS Sandlewood shaving cream. As stated above, a far better shave and far cheaper ! I swear by it and wouldnt leave my DE now. There was a good thread on shaving and the pro`s of a DE razor, worth a search
  7. salop sniper

    The Hunt - Battle In The Countryside

    Will PM you
  8. salop sniper

    The Hunt - Battle In The Countryside

    I`ve seen some of it but personally I didn't find it great viewing. Am not against the hunt but I dont really support them either since a local hunt caused carnage at the livery yard my wife had her horse at two years on the trott and didn't even make an attempt to apologise even with two hunt masters being vets. The yard contacted them twice to try and make it workable for both party's safely but no response was ever made. So they made people who were previously supportive into none supporters (but not completely anti`s). Poor form by that hunt. The anti`s are by far the worst offenders in this and make for ugly viewing no matter how they try to defend it and justify it. But the hunt do play right into their hands with some of their activities. I also think the whole lot will just continue to escalate into far more ugly viewing and to simply stop the lot regardless of where the blame lies it will all just get banned in all forms and on both sides, that way any involvement on either side will be simple to deal with for the police and courts.
  9. salop sniper

    Scope magnification for 22LR?

    I always stick to 10x mag for rimfire and Air-Rifle, so that mildots are true on that mag. Has always worked well for me head shooting bunnys !
  10. salop sniper

    Weihrauch HW100S service

    Personally I would use Phil Crampton at: The Rat Works or Sandwell Field Sports. ATB Matt
  11. Am so glad I dont fund BASC now. I just wish I had left them far sooner. And while they rake in all this cash they don`t seem to support their volunteer staff to well from what I have herd. I wonder what happens when I put on my renewal that I dont have a doctor / GP. My older surgery closed down two years ago and I haven't visited it in 10-15 years, am young and healthy with no complaints so have had no need to re-register with a surgery. I wouldn't even have a clue what happened to my medical records from the old place ! If for some reason I had to join a GP surgery locally just for my renewal then its a bit of a joke as I would be paying for a report from a Dr who`s never met me and has no records of me, a waste of time and money on everyone's behalf.
  12. salop sniper

    Which loaders bag ?

    And again I turn to the PW population for some advice / recommendations. I am about to do my loaders course and am keen to get out and get some loading experience under my belt. However I will require a loaders bag before I start......so from the experienced loaders amongst us..... What bag do you recommend ? Regards Matt
  13. salop sniper

    More Semi autos ? Or just my imagination?

    I like semi-autos but for me now they are for rough walk rounds doing pest control or for shooting from a hide. For the little I do of either I got rid of my M2. Am always tempted to have another back but its not worth the expense currently.
  14. salop sniper

    First trap gun for the wife ?

    As above folks, We maybe in the market for a trap gun for the wife... But i haven't a clue about trap guns. Budget £1k but ideally cheaper. Right handed and 12bore. 30" maximum barrels but ideally 28" if viable. What do you recommend or know of for sale ? Not committing to a purchase just yet until she's given it a few more goes but if it looks like it's working out for her then I want to get her something that fits her and is a constant for her to learn with sooner rather than later. She does have high cheek bones too. And a 9lb gun would be too heavy for her. Regards Matt
  15. salop sniper

    Heads up semi auto shooters

    I dont have a Semi-Auto but always picked mine up after me when I used one even if it did cause the next shooter delay. Am also fully awear that spent cases on the floor isn't just semi-auto users.