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  1. Anyone running a Honda CRV for shooting? Your thoughts would be much appreciated. Am looking at third gen circa 2011. Just pondering over ground clearance, I've looked at a Rav 4 looks to have 1inch more but the CRV is just a nicer drive it would seem. What ever I get will have AT tyres on. TIA
  2. Deer Hunter is where I spent my £
  3. Time has come to sell our Jimny So 2005 plate Jimny Silver 146k miles AT tyres all round (new rear Coopers in September) Excellent service history with lots of paper work and regular oil changes MOT until Jan 2021 Parrot blue tooth hands free kit Super capable and never let us down and I wouldn't hesitate to jump in it and drive to anywhere in the country, completely reliable . Photos available on request. Located in Telford Shropshire £1900 ono
  4. So it looks like high bird shoots will be in great demand for the next 5 years then after that they will have to just produce low birds so that steel can still do its job. I suspect when shooting with steel birds will need to be so low it might not even feel sporting based on previous experience of lead. A nail in the coffin of High Bird Shooting and goodbye to the contribution to the economy from it, I wonder how many overseas shooter will keep returning to shoot when the High Birds are out of range of Steel / non toxic shot. Just wait clay shooters will be forced onto steel next.
  5. A sorry state of affairs We should be ashamed and embarrassed.
  6. Any recommendations for good quality rubber matts to put in my truck ? Flimsy cheap matts are easy to buy but that's not what am after. TIA
  7. Great motors and very very capable. Just about to advertise mine
  8. Not used them myself but out of interest what shot size were you using ? I`ve always used 6`s for my rough shoot but through December i`ve not felt that the size 6 shot has been as effective, could be shot placement but I dont think it is and that`s across a few brands. I think I will be using up my 6`s and moving to 5`s. ATB
  9. I want Fury to win but he`s not the fighter he was, so am going to be putting a tenner on Wilder to win. I dont think Wilder will look to open up that eyebrow he will just land a devastating blow on Fury who wont take it again. Fury needs to drop his coach and get back under his dads wing if he wants to carry on boxing. That`s just my over view of it though.
  10. Happy to split. £45 posted for both or £22.50 each now
  11. Hi, I have checked my chokes and they are standard Invector chokes. 



    1. salop sniper

      salop sniper

      Hi Westley am happy sell a single choke. 

      How's £30 via tracked and insured post sound ? 



    2. Westley


      Hi Matt,

      I am so sorry, but, I bought a new Briley mod. choke from Chris Potter this morning, otherwise I would have bought from you. I paid £26 for a new choke and because I also bought a choke for my 12 bore 725, I got free P & P. Sorry about that, but I needed the 12 bore choke for this weekend. Good luck with your sale,

      Best wishes,


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