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  1. salop sniper

    Ford Fiesta Eco Boost

    Looks like a Zetec Fiesta instead then !
  2. salop sniper

    What to wear for informal syndicate?

    Our DIY shoot is in formal and I wear a cheap pair of Moleskins, cheap check shirt and NGO tie, also wear a cap and a green Gillet (unbranded). Footwear either wellys or boots. I wouldn't wear camo or jeans. I believe no matter how big or small the day you should make some effort and respect the game and the land.
  3. Neate, out of curiosity where do you get the bangers from as I haven't seen them sold over here in the UK for years. Last time I saw some was in France.
  4. salop sniper

    Which disposable razor?

    DE razor user here DE89 from Edwin Jagger and TOBS cream. No blood or paper here just a cold rinse and an alum block to close pours and its antibacterial !
  5. salop sniper

    Ford Fiesta Eco Boost

    We are still looking. What is noticeable is the poor condition cars are in generally, can no one look after anything.😨 The Mrs drives 4 mile journeys 4 times a day. It's a killer for a diesel and our diesel golf isn't remotely warmed up in this short distance and rarely will she exceed 45mph. Am just anti: Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat and Vauxhall. Hate them all. So a petrol with 110bhp min is what we want and also the car must take our dog box for our dogs. ATB Matt
  6. salop sniper

    Gamebore Super Competition - 20Bore Cartridges.

    No longer for sale
  7. salop sniper

    Gamebore Super Competition - 20Bore Cartridges.

    £55 anyone ?
  8. salop sniper

    Back bored 12bore - Fibre Game Cartridge.

    Both my barrels are stamped 18.7 in my B525.
  9. salop sniper

    Back bored 12bore - Fibre Game Cartridge.

    Browning B525 sporter 30" MC invector plus here. Teague 3/8 in both barrels. TIA
  10. Right it's well established that in a back bored gun fibre wads don't seal aswell as plastic wads. But which fibre game cartridges give the best gas seal? From what I've read the worse the gas seal the worse the pattern! Or is this not true? So dispel the gas seal / pattern results and or which cartridges seal the best! TIA
  11. salop sniper

    Browning 20 bore invector chokes

    If you want any Half's I have a pair of Teague's and a Teague choke key that I am selling 👍
  12. I have 300 of these now surplus to my requirements. 24gram Fibre 8`s £60 Anyone buying will need to show their SGC. Post code: TF4
  13. salop sniper

    Ford Fiesta Eco Boost

    Folks does anyone have one? The wife really wants one now that our (her) motor needs replacing. We went and looked at a VW Polo as I am a die hard VW fan, but I have to admit that VW failed to impress ! TIA Matt
  14. salop sniper

    Pigeon Watch Poloshirts

    I would have one in XL, Green or black what ever makes the order easier !
  15. salop sniper

    Midland game fair

    I haven't been for five years now, its rubbish IMO unless you want over priced clothing, fudge, hot tubs, antiques or a kids fair. I love 15minutes from it and have been going for approximately 25years, but not anymore. But this is just my opinion. I only go to the shooting show in February now. ATB Matt