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  1. That's an American tractor - not a bike! :yp:
  2. After having a relatively bad accident 4-5years ago while with a reputable firm (privilege) and seeing how it didnt seem to matter at all, they were a joke and barely fought the chav muppet that run up the back of me at all - I now go for the cheapest bit of paper that gets me legal for the road. At the time of the accident I had loan cars turn up that were not from the insurance company - which they claimed was because they pass on the accident details for statistics. I also presented video evidence to show me driving in front of the chav that hit me two miles away from the accident site (as he claimed I reversed out of a driveway in to the front of him) and they were still not fighting as hard as they should of. They will all try to shaft you so you're better sorting it yourself with your own brief if it all goes bad. I had a stone fall off a tractor trailer Nd wipe out my cars front bumper one morning and again the insurance company basically said "there's not a lot we can do" Get the minimum and just do the same as most people do - deny everything and claim ignorance.. Bitter about it?....you bet! Regards, Gixer
  3. It's them trying to get their prescription money back huh?
  4. I was renewing my insurance on compare the market and found the cheapest quote to be swinton - I clicked the "buy now" link and was greeted with the below message about being outside the UK (which I am not) So I then called the number - at the end of the call I noticed that the quote had increased by £10 - this was as the girl "glossed" over the figure at 100mph - I asked her to stop and repeat the figure and then questioned why it was £10 more expensive - she said it was the admin charge - I explained that I had only called because of the error message I recieved - she commented that it didn't matter and that because she had checked all details they needed the additional £10 - I told her to stop and that I wouldn't be going on with the policy....she explained that as I had agreed to the quote (prior to her mentioning the higher figure) and given the card details that I would be held to this as the £10 is mentioned in the small print (as per below screenshot) - I had a minor hissy fit and asked to speak to someone higher up so... Eventually after the usual "i'll talk to my supervisor" the charge was removed but it just shows that if you didn't take care you could get blagged for £10 due to thier web problem - not really cricket! watch yourself! One good point is I saves 26% on my car insurance and 20% on my bike insurance!! Regards, Gixer
  5. gixer1

    PPI calls

    I keep getting a weekly call from an automated PPI message on my personal mobile - is there any way to stop this as it is driving me nuts the number is 01256 802805. I have never had PPI or anything like that so it's obviously a scatter gun call approach. Regards, gixer
  6. gixer1


    Disgraceful on live animals! What's the point if its all done for you on a computer! And they way they "sneak up" behind the boulder - what's the need to do that at 800 yards? The reason most stalking shots are taken under 200 yards is that most stalkers/hunters prefer to "stalk" in unnoticed. Why not just legalise the use of mortars on wildlife... :blink:
  7. They're not in Scotland you fool!
  8. Wonder if we could build one out of parts cheaper than buying it?
  9. So where can these be bought UD?
  10. you'd feel bad if he really did!
  11. Another good suggestion but a long drive, the cuillin hills hotel is nice.
  12. Perfect, Go online and check out these places - Piperdam golf and leisure resort - nice cabins with hot tubs and health spa, swimming, golf etc- .http://www.piperdam.com/ Loch Tay - http://www.lochtay-vacations.co.uk/ For hotels try ballater, breamar or Banchory, all nice locations with beautiful scenery and a good base for exploring the surrounding areas. Perth is also beautiful - loch rannoch hotel - http://www.macdonaldhotels.co.uk/our-hotels/macdonald-loch-rannoch-hotel/ And finally fort William - go along the Caledonian canal route all the way up to Inverness and look round Loch Ness. Hope this helps my friend. Regards, Gixer
  13. Where are you based?
  14. They do make shotguns! Think they made double rifles too...
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