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  1. It must be really embarrassing having a nonce uncle that the whole world knows about 😳.
  2. I'm starting to feel quite sorry for him . He just seems lost.
  3. i first met my good lady , when i was working as a doorman at a nightclub and vodka bar , she was the manager , and was in charge of mixing the speciality vodkas . they were made by mixing industrial strength (cheap and nasty) vodka , with flavoured syrups , and food colourings . they were mixed in old plastic coke bottles , then decanted into fancy glass bottles , and given a posh name , they were then sold to drunk people , at massively over inflated prices. knowing the reality , sort of took the shine off it for me.
  4. only spandit can reveal the secret
  5. That can't be answered without giving the game away 😊.
  6. Gordon was way closer . I would have thought that with your engineering skills and knowledge, and your general interest in preserves , you would have sussed it straight awayπŸ‘.
  7. You're closer than ditchman πŸ‘.
  8. I'll give you a clue Simon. Think marmalade πŸ‘.
  9. I just didn't want to spoil the surprise for you 😊
  10. I know exactly what it is , they have one a the black Country museum . I'll drop you a pm.πŸ‘
  11. mel b3


    Long covid isn't great . I'm still struggling a bit with breathing and palpitations, and a general lack of energy, but nothing I can't live with . My sister is a bit worse , and ended up back in hospital a few weeks ago(lung damage from covid pneumonia ) . A few of the guys at work still have a bit of a covid hangover as well , and one of the lads had a collapsed lung a couple of weeks ago . All things considered though , we're much better off than many thousands of others. It's good that you'll be getting a bit of time to yourself now . A walk in the fresh air , with a gun , is
  12. mel b3


    Everything's tickety boo here thanks. How's life been treating you while you've been away ?. I've missed your covid facts and updates . You're the only medical professional that makes any sense 😊.
  13. I watched it . Octopus , crab , lobster . By the time it had finished i was starving . I'd would have been happy just to have the tentacle that the shark ate 😊.
  14. That's a right old chunk of wood πŸ‘.
  15. Thankyou for the endorsement nev , but lin doesn't make cartridge belts. A finished belt can be bought for less than lin has to pay for materials. I must be honest though ,the ones she has made are very nice.
  16. It's worth every penny of Β£50.00 , but for a friend of the family , I would probably charge Β£25.00 . If they know their stuff , they'll be more than happy at that price.
  17. Octopus is by far my favourite sushi πŸ‘ .
  18. mel b3


    Very nice to see you back πŸ‘.
  19. I reckon they could be right . I had a Jack Russell for 17 years , and he was always in a bad mood . He was probably suffering from some kind disorder , that was all my fault for calling him a dirty little xxxxxxx when he piddled on the carpet .
  20. I have to take my hat off to you Yvonne. That's a good bit of graft by anyone's standardsπŸ‘.
  21. This is the best advice . I've known a few guys in a similar position over the years . It's never been a problem for them , and being , honest , open , and , upfront , is the way it should be done.πŸ‘.
  22. That's how I got the bite marks 😑😳
  23. thats the last time i listen to your advice , ive got a crick in my neck now
  24. Send him a post op pic . The ol fella will be chuffed to bits 😊
  25. Another random thought. How did nevs delicious breakfast get to your swap op ?😲 Bu bu bu but I did think he meant it 😒😒😒
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