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  1. DAVE . we need a picture of ditchies face , while he's pulling a big tick 😊
  2. Purely out of interest . Do we have any pw pet shop owners ?. If we do , it might be an idea to give them the heads up about hamster clients .😁 Just imagine how it would look on your gurt big telly 😄
  3. I believe that the complications usually occur , due to the hamsters hanging on really tight 🥴. I must say that it is most noble of you to offer your services free of charge for a pigeonwatch brother , but might I suggest that you video the extraction , purely in the name of medical progress, and the pw wattsap group. Thankyou David, but my hamster is a gerbil 😁.
  4. That's me out then . I can't tie my laces without my back popping out.😁
  5. Give birth to a dead otter 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 Ditchman will put you right on the hamstering business. If you'll take my advice , you'll never ever Google anything that he gently pushes in your direction . One thing is for sure . You'll never be able to look a hamster in the eye , ever again . Oh the shame 🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒.
  6. If its to save the life of , manthing , ditchman , or , the hamster family , then he's good to go 👍.
  7. Don't laugh , they'll be calling you when it all goes terribly wrong , and they need a doctor with very long fingers that knows how to keep schtum 😄
  8. I can hear ditchman getting his bicycle clips polished , he'll be on the way shortly . He's gonna get you all cidered up , and give you a right old hamstering , yessir you're gonna wish you'd just asked for the ginger.😯 The best advice I can give you , is get plenty of ice ready , and try to sleep on your front for a few nights 👍.
  9. That's the one 😄😄😄
  10. Oh no , just why did you have to mention the moles . He'll spend the rest of the day in a sherry and smoked kippers fueled rage now 😳 😁
  11. I reckon the ditchmeister will go with . Aaaamster be gone boi 😁
  12. Thankyou for you generous words Jeremy. It would have been nice if you could have slipped bronzed addonis in there though 😄 . You're more than welcome to come whenever you want mate , and when you've been out with me a few times , and I've shown you around , you'll be able to pop over on your own.👍
  13. I used to have some excellent bags of blacks on this farm . I'd watch them , then really hit them hard , then leave them alone again for a while , but , the farmers lad shoots now , and that extra bit of attention has really educated them. Using moderated guns has definitely helped a little bit on this occasion I think .
  14. This is no time to show fear . The future of the world population of hamsters is in your hands 🐹 🐹 🐹 🐹 🐹.
  15. Quick update . Went this morning, but only had half a dozen birds and a bonus squirrel. The birds are now giving the maize clamp a very wide birth. My home made moderator is improving with use , and on overhead birds , I can hear the shot hitting the bird .
  16. Don't be a wood snob . Dry it well , and burn it hot 👍.
  17. Yep , those Wright brothers didn't expect others to do their testing . I'm sure you'll be fine . Just test it on its lowest setting, so that it doesn't pull your kidneys out 😁.
  18. A man of your calibre shouldn't be watching TV. no sir , a man of you calibre should be in his shed , designing a automatic hamster removal implement .
  19. We really need to have a pigeon watch whip round , and buy him a shed . The way things are going he'll be watching coronation Street and eastenders by the end of the year.☹
  20. Yep 😄 Evening nev. We played it a bit differently today mate . Jeremy set up with about a dozen crow deeks , on the field that had been slurried yesterday . He shot until 8.30 ish with the husher , then a few hours with his 12g semi . Their wasn't loads of birds about ( apart from that huge Flock that appears and disappears) , but enough birds decoyed to keep it interesting for him ( I watched him pull off a couple of cracking shots) . I can't honestly remember how many he picked up , but I think he had 15 or 20 . I started in the same place as yesterday , with six crow deeks , and then later I moved to the back of the calf pen , where you started yesterday . It was a very mixed bag for me today . I finished with around 12 blacks , 4 pigeons, 3 magpies , 2 rabbits , and a rat. The highlight of the day , was sitting on the tailgate of my car eating a sandwich, when a young hare came to within two feet of me , looked at me for a few seconds , then hopped off. It really made my day 🙂. It was a pleasure to meet Jeremy. He's a very nice guy , and he has been invited back whenever he wants.
  21. We have loads of agency loaders at work . They have little or no rights , and get treated abysmally by management. Since brexit , and then covid , more permanent jobs , with better pay , are slowly starting to appear. The decent workers are slowly but surely disappearing as they move to those jobs. I'm far from any kind of employment or political expert , but brexit does seem to be starting to work , with more and better jobs becoming available. It's not so good for greedy bosses that pay poor wages at the moment , but I suppose that things will eventually level up for them too .
  22. Best of luck to them trying to find agency staff to drive trains , we can't even find enough agency staff to load bin lorries.
  23. Thankyou nev. You're very welcome to come over whenever you fancy it mate .
  24. He's been a grumpy old man for the last 40 years 😄
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