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  1. The sensas stuff has gone to peejay , but the coat is still up for grabs πŸ‘.
  2. Hiya guys . It's taken longer than expected, but here's another waterproof fishing suit. .the suit is sensas bib and brace , with matching fleece , and matching waterproof coat . The size is large , and all zips and fasteners are in good working order , and it's been washed. Second , is a Preston innovations waterproof jacket , and the size is medium . It's been in the washing machine, but could do with a good scrub , to get it really clean. As stated , the items are free , but I'd like the postal costs covered . Approx Β£10 for the suit , and , Β£5 for the coat , but could vary a couple of quid either way . We have more to come in the future , but time to sort them out is a little hard to come by. Drop me a pm if you're interested.
  3. Yep , I'd heard that you'd left dna samples in a few sheep πŸ˜…
  4. I'm sure that if you send me the dimensions of your new phone , her good self will make you a new cover nev . Sssshhh don't tell anyone. We've been given tablets to use in the trucks at work , I have to get my head of IT ( the little ginger kid that loads the truck) to deal with . If he ever turns up late for work , I'm stuffed .
  5. mel b3

    Job advice

    We all have different priorities , and a different outlook on life . 25 years ago , money was my motivation, and I was earning around three times more than I earn now . I got plenty of job satisfaction , and I was loving life (in fact , I was really kicking the xxxx out of it) , but , life can take some funny old turns, and these days , job security without stress and worry , is my motivation. Lots of people take the risk , and make the jump . Some of them will have made the right choice ( for them) and will love it , but others will have jumped from the frying pan , into the fire. The question to ask yourself , is , what is your priority? , job satisfaction ?, or , security ?.
  6. Your clearly don't understand how the whole system works sir . They don't get promoted on , skills experience, knowledge , and ability to do the job that they're paid for . Your idea would be far superior πŸ‘.
  7. Mine is sitting in my log store 😳.
  8. It's too late for that dave , he's already done the interview that made him look as guilty as hell mate πŸ‘.
  9. He'll be trawling the internet for pictures of men in mankinis , to add to his huge personal collection πŸ˜….
  10. Don't blame me , dave started it πŸ˜†
  11. I've just remembered what a furry is . I think my brain must have blocked it out πŸ˜…
  12. I'm not sure if I really want to know πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  13. Where you put it ???, I think I must have been looking at the wrong kind of furry .
  14. I've just googled it , by your standards it wasn't too bad at all πŸ‘.
  15. If I Google it , will the police confiscate my computer πŸ˜…
  16. I know its not your usual thing dave , but you could try a pic of a woman please 😊
  17. I did hear that you give freely to all comersπŸ‘. Your boss will catch you one of these days . Sneaking into work to search the net for naked men every weekend must be costing the company a fortune . We appreciate your efforts though mate , and we know how hard it must be (snigger) thankyouπŸ‘.
  18. Thankyou for the link Gordon. I'm already sorted for Dewalt chargers , as for some reason I've already bought four of them with other tools and spare batteries , but the batteries in the link are perfect . I bought a pure sinewave (sp) inverter a couple of years ago , and it allows me to recharge power tools from the solar power system that I put together at our woodland . With a few extra 5Ah batteries, I'll be able to work all day up there , and recharge overnight πŸ‘. Don't panic mate , I'd already got you penciled in as the motorcycle cop , with the big droopy moustache, tight leather trousers , and ray bans πŸ‘. I knew that I could rely on you to have a semi naked man at your fingertips πŸ˜…πŸ‘.
  19. That's brilliant Gordon , thank you . that's the exact type of information i was hoping for . I've been using portable drills/drivers for years , but I'm a relative newbie to other portable power tools , but , I'm quickly becoming a very big fan.
  20. I hope that this isn't too much of a personal question, so please just ignore me if it is . Did his mom leave because of your son's diagnosis? . Thankyou for your generous words again guys , but it really was just pure dumb luck that things went so well . We're trying to sort another shooting day for next saturday , just as long as the weather holds . It'll be a bit more of a practise session this time , as he's asked to come (proper shooting ) . It'll be gun safety again ,then a bit of time on targets ( I've got some rabbit silhouettes ) , then a walk around the woodland with an empty gun (more safety) , then a bit of time on balloon targets , filled with flour .
  21. I should really stop posting this drivel as I'm warping my own mind . All i can think about now , is dave sporting a big droopy moustache, and dressed as one of the village people πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  22. One for each leg then . Your gonna look fabulous 🎠.
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