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  1. A sorry state of affairs , but , perfectly true 👍.
  2. I look at that pic and thought , what's TT done now ? 😜.
  3. Told you it was rubbish . I'll send you my address 😄. It looks fantastic in the earlier pics , yet manages to look even more fantastic in the outdoor pics 👍.
  4. Ditchman will be along in one moment, and will take care of your order 😁.
  5. It's one of the things that I find quite worrying as a driver . It only started a few years ago , but I see it several times every day now.
  6. We have a gentle little stream in our woodland , I often get in it to wash at the end of a sweaty day on the chainsaw , but , it can often rain higher up the mountain , and the gentle little stream , turns into a raging torrent, that would wash a car away . You can sometimes hear the huge boulders being rolled along when it's raging. I'm with you on that one . I've always been one to push my luck , but that bridge would give me jelly legs.
  7. I knew it was just tongue in cheek Chris 👍. Some cyclists and horse riders , are a real menace on the road though, and in all honesty , I'm surprised that the accident figures aren't even higher. Road manners and common sense appear to have rapidly vanished over the last few years . I don't think that driving skill levels have dropped , I think that attitudes have changed . I think that the whole of society has changed , and poor road use is just one of the side effects . I see examples of it daily , when another driver makes a mistake , and instead of just holding up an apologetic hand , they'll shout abuse at me for their mistake . I see drivers treating red lights as advisory , they'll slow down or stop , and then carry on through the red light when the road is clear . The red light issue appears to be mainly Eastern European drivers , and as I've never driven ( or even visited )in another country , I can only assume that this is the way that things are done in their own country. Edited to add. Maybe I'm just over sensitive, as I'm a hgv driver , and very aware of how badly pedestrians and cars fare against lorries.
  8. I shall say nothing more , than his worshipful master ditchman, always cuts his ginger into squares . I shall be drawn no further on the matter.
  9. I know that this might not go down well , but I can't see any problem at all( from a drivers point of view) . I already give way to pedestrians at junctions , and always give plenty of space to cyclists and horses . It's just , good road manners , and common sense. On the plus side , it might enable the prosecution of the gangs of idiot Road users that seems to be growing daily . Driving skills , and ,road manners , seem to have vanished over the last few years .
  10. Pretty shabby , best if you just hurry up and get it finished, then send it to me and I'll bin it for you 😁. Your sticks are works of art , each one a masterpiece 👍.
  11. Sir you cheapen the debate with your true facts 😁.
  12. It's not a secret society , it's a society with secrets 🙈🙉🙊.
  13. Nice day out . Those eels are awesome 👌.
  14. The world is a poorer place for his passing . His music has helped me through some very difficult times in my life , and , given me some great times on the karaoke. RIP Meatloaf.
  15. The women or the undercrackers?.
  16. Now that's the face of a man that knows where he's hidden the ginger .
  17. To be honest , I quite admire that . He must have clothing companies fighting to give him free clothes , yet he prefers repairing his old clothes , rather than wasting the old ones.
  18. I see what you did there 😁. I look at the lives of the rich and famous , and it makes me glad that I'm a binman. All of that , money , fame , education , yet they still behave like the cast of shameless. The only difference is that they wear more expensive clothes.
  19. I would never be so common as to throw my undercrackers at nigel . I fold mine neatly, and post them to him in a discreet brown envelope 😁. You're always the first one to mention the ginger . Freud would be rubbing his chin and nodding right now 😁.
  20. I've heard stories of horse women throwing their knickers at him as he shoes their horses , and who can blame them .❤
  21. Historians will still be trying to disect the whole sorry pantomime in hundreds of years time .
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